Published on 7 May 2010

None of the above

Perhaps I was right first time round – this did prove to be thus far the “none of the above” election.

At 2.30 am that’s what it looks like with 112 seats declared. The XFactor – Nick Clegg – denied a great electoral romp.

Labour heavily swung against, losing seats but not as many as the exit poll suggested – Tories not winning as many as forecast – and the Lib Dems no progress whatever.

I’m just watching Lib Dem Lembit Opik losing his seat in Montgomeryshire by a huge swing. The Tories suddenly have two seats in Wales.

The story of the night: no Lib Dem surge.

Crumbs…we woz wrong!

I’m to bed. Tomorrow is another day! Or is it today?!

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  1. Yasir Dharsi says:

    Jon, my friends and I were so outraged about people not being able to vote we set up a site:

    Democracy means you should be able to cast your vote – so if you couldn’t http://WWW.ICOULDNTVOTE.COM #countmyvote

  2. alex says:

    A long newsnight for JON snow;
    I remebr in 2005 on the day opf the 7/7 London bombings, Jon Snow must ahve been so bloody jet lagged coming back from Africa, and then was at Gleneagles, and then had an unexpected late night news edition discisuuing the enormous eventsw of the day; What an emotional toll; Then when there was a news at noon edition, hew as in by noon discussing events with Krishana;

    He must ahve been on full adrenaline and be very physcially and neentally hardy;

    If Jon likes cycling, so much, like me, it doesn’t surpise me he prefers loose fitting boxers; There’s enough impact on his gentotoal region without wearing tight fitting constricted bvriefs that cause pain; He must have adapted very naturally; Boxers were always popular amongst he older gerneation like Kenenth Wiliams int h Carry on films; They only became popular for the younger ones to waer themn after the Nick Kamen strip add; They shoudl renaact that with Jon NSow stripping!. Please read the nes in his undies before his retirmeent.

    1. Margaretbj says:

      Oh for goodness sake do you have to.! In actual fact cycling does cause gonadal damage and when couples who are finding it difficult to conceive the advice to the male partner is refrain..(from cycling)

      I find Jon very attractive , but hey! let me keep my fantasy.

  3. brit_in_canada says:

    i’m on tenderhooks here in ontario-am wondering what the future holds for my home. wish i could be there-wish the best to the ppl who are living it.

  4. Claire Nahmad says:

    I am surprised that there has been no Lib Dem surge, Jon (and especially that they have just lost one of their safest seats!), but it does still look as if we’re heading for a hung parliament. Good news if that is so – the markets are responding favourably, which is unexpected. The shambles at polling stations in many areas is a shock – all those people forming orderly queues out in the rain, and then being turned away! This doesn’t feel like Britain at all, and there are bound to be legal challenges, but I don’t think they will ultimately change the outcome. It’s all making Nick Clegg look a bit frothy at the moment – he never should have said he thought the old age pension was £30 a week!

  5. adrian clarke says:

    I have been up all night and a bit tired for blogging , so only a quickie ,I think the results so far show that the country no longer wants Gordon Brown,It hasnt endorsed the Liberals either .Yet although they have had a good night , it still hasnt endorsed the Tories .I need to have a sleep and a rethink

  6. Pete says:

    The results across the country just go to show that the TV debates have failed to ‘presidentialise’ the campaign as you feared. The big winner, Clegg, failed to turn his success into votes, let alone seats. We have seen results differing wildly from the national swing (Carlisle, Redcar, Montgomeryshire and many more) and not all of these can be attributed to cheeky girl related issues.

    We have missed out on the local campaign thanks to the focus on the debates. This was an election fought out on the streets, not the living rooms. Now time to see whether our parliament (and the swathes of brand new MPs) can deliver a successful government, where party rule has failed.

  7. anniexf says:

    We got Dromey. Need I say more? I just couldn’t bring myself to vote Conservative to stop him. As I said before, I voted in hope, not expectation, & ended up disappointed.

  8. Margaretbj says:

    I might seem again to be looking at things sideways , but in actual fact have been observing a flow in society and patterns of behaviour for 40 years or more.

    This is by no means scientific and really for my own observation .It shows people have a propensity to do things a certain cause and effect.

    I am for instance stuck in a cycle where I am raised up and at my best put down again and again.a cycle of use and abuse dismissed by those who won’t see there is a fourth and a fifth way.

    Similarly voting patterns go round and round with more and more mutations as cultures bring their own ideology to the table BUT we must take heed of the fact that this is a state, a state for the poor, the rich, the ill, the out of work, the great businesses and corridors of power. We are nothing without our foundations.

    If we struggle and lose jobs in the midst of austerity will the university who trained you or you give you benefits NO it is the STATE who will help you survive .. These private concerns try and pull the carpet away from under peoples feet when the going gets tough. I have been forced to make it on my own ( if you see the paradox.). life is not good.

  9. Kevin Smith says:

    Delightful irony in Sheffield, where Nick Clegg has his constituency. On the city council its Lib Dem 41 and Lab 40 with Greens 2 and Orger 1 so here it’s the Lib Dems who will have to court minority support.

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