Published on 8 May 2012

A marathon achievement by Claire Lomas

Five years ago Claire Lomas was a top-rated event jumper. But one day her horse bolted and she smashed into a tree. She was left paralysed from the chest down. She would never walk again. Except she has.

Today she finally crossed the marathon finishing line outside Buckingham Palace, having walked the route over 16 days in a bionic suit.

She cannot walk naturally, but with enormous physical effort and coordination she is able to tip her upper body so that her legs connect with powered support in her trousers and enable her, with crutches, to walk.

She managed a mile and a half a day. It was a staggering achievement, and I had the huge privilege of going down to the Mall to talk with her. You will be inspired and uplifted by what she told me.

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  1. Moonbeach says:

    She truly is Wonder Woman.

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