14 Sep 2012

What's in a mammary gland?

Well if you are lucky, and a nursing mother, baby’s milk. If you are a creep, creeping about in the bushes with a long lens making your living from society’s unending prurience – a lot or a little cash.

No nation on earth bares its all as happily as the French, and were it warmer in Blighty no doubt we would compete. So it’s revealed that in the warm climes of Provence, Kate does so too. But what possible satisfaction is met by paying good money for a French magazine to look at what is hers?

Kate’s been ill-served by old fashioned palace staff who have got into a tizzy about this French photographic disclosure, so potentially stoking the commercial value of these valueless photos. She and her husband would be well-advised to ignore the publication altogether.

So why haven’t I ignored their publication? Because it exposes in us that strange obsession with other people’s “bits”. Harry’s bottom, Kate’s breasts. I confess I don’t lie awake worrying about either. I do worry about any system that pays people to train their lenses – be they iPhones or Nikons – on other people’s privacy. Damn those who publish invaded privacy. Do we really live such dull lives? In our wired up, connected age, we should fight to protect our privacy; our private time with each other; the private places where we leave the public rat race, whoever we are.

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