25 Jul 2014

Leaving Gaza and 'a terrible catalogue of devastation'

A temporary ceasefire in the conflict allows Jon Snow and other journalists to leave Gaza’s deserted streets by bus.

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  1. Deirdre Shaw says:

    Since the BBC lost all credibility as the broadcaster of record, we must be truly grateful that Channel 4 is still committed to going to these desperately troubled areas and giving us glimpses through its cameras and investigative journalism into the realities. We must hope that they will never be cowed by governments, domestic or foreign, from trying to report the truth. The wagers of war, terror and oppression do not want the world to see these images and hear these reports. The only ways these conflicts can be resolved is by the world being exposed to them and making judgements based on what is really happening. Thank you Channel 4.

    1. Lorna says:

      Well done Channel 4 for your honest and fearless reporting on the murderous activities in Gaza

    2. Sue Hart says:

      Could not have put it better myself Deidre. I have stopped watching the BBC coverage of Gaza. It makes me angry and ashamed to be a citizen of a country that has such a corporation that can peddle such bias.Channel 4 are to be highly commended for shining a light into the murkiness of such terrible ‘journalism’ of the BBC.

    3. Zaid Ali says:

      Totally agree with you.. lovely and honest channel.

    4. Tehseen Zafar says:

      Since my faith in the media has been restored fractionally by your comment I will seek to watch your channel for what I would say the whole of true mankind require is the simple truth. We need a window of expression as yourselves and I am hopeful that one day if you achieve your objective then the world will certainly achieve theirs, the truth.

    5. SD YNASS says:

      Jon Snow is a true hero, has balls of steal and a heart of gold! Thank you sir for revealing the truth to the world!

      1. Alan Wood says:

        Are you nuts!!. What part of the interview between the Israili ambassador and Jon Snow did he not understand?
        Fact. Hamas want to quote “wipe Israel off the face of the Earth”

        Fact Hamas is a terrorist organisation, no other nation on Earth would put up with what Isreael is facing.

        Jon Snow and his cronies do not seem to grasp the fact that nothing will stop Hamas short of a pre eptive nuclear strike. Maybe that is what they need

      2. Jim byrne says:

        Yawn you can not defend the indefensible full stop .

      3. Terry says:

        True journalism. Let me ask a question. If Hamas had the rocket power that israel had would they obleterate israel. Would they subdue them or utterly destroy them. As them if Israel should even exist.

    6. Ian Game says:

      You are absolutely correct, I too gave up on the BBC some years back but it is galling that we all having to pay for their cowardly approach with our licence fees.

      1. Mary Duvivie says:

        Do we have to pay??? We are led to believe we pay because BBC is completely independent and provides unbiased and fair coverage of the news. If they are pedalling propaganda for any organisation then that must exempt us, surely.

    7. Nassir Hussain says:

      I second that. Shame on the BBC. And to think we are forced to pay for them.

    8. Umer Malik says:

      Couldn’t have put it better myself Dierdre.

      Thank you Channel 4 and Jon Snow for your honest accounts of what is exactly happening in Gaza.

      BBC has become shameless and their pathetic efforts to not report factually is an absolute disgrace.

      Keep up the great work C4!

    9. tony bond says:

      C4 is reporting the effects of Israel’s disgraceful bombardment of the Gaza strip.
      However, as a C4 news viewer since its inception, I am sorely disappointed with the decline in quality over the last 3 to 4 years. Jon Snow shouting down the Mamas spokesman he was supposed to be interviewing, his failure to tackle the Israelis equivalence between Hamas’s firwork rockets and Israel’s deadly ordnance; these are just two examples of a complacency which has crept in to C4 news values, alongside its obsession with trying to get people to “apologise” on air. Forget the trivial and the futile, ask shorter questions and pay the Palestinians the courtesy of allowing their spokespeople to speak. You inflict enough of Mark Regev and his ilk on us every night.

    10. leon simmons says:

      If Hamas stops firing rockets and digging tunnels innocent civilians won’t be killed–simple innit???

      1. Terry says:

        Well put. It’s not rocket science. Until the Hamas or the palestinian people LOVE THEIR CHILDREN MORE THAN THEY HATE ISRAEL THERE WILL BE NO PEACE.

  2. Haji30 says:

    Just wanted to say a big thank you to all that went out to Gaza to report back to us and risked they life’s by doing so.

  3. kate buffery says:

    He’s done us proud.

  4. Michael Altman says:

    I have become increasingly angry and frustrated at Channel 4’s coverage of the current Gaza conflict.
    So called facts presented by Jon Snow have been shown to be fabricated lies shortly afterwards with no attempt at apologising to the public.
    The death of a Gazan teenager dressed in a green t-shirt has already been shown to have emanated from Pallywood as well as the Israeli rocket hitting a UN school actually having been a Hamas rocket which fell short.
    Jon and his associates should be hanging their heads in shame!!!

    1. m khan says:

      Funny how ids has just admitted it bombed the un school , u think isarali gov never tell lies get ur facts right

      1. Michael Altman says:

        Could you please repost your post in English.
        Could not understand a single word of what you are trying to say!!!!

      2. Jamie Bowden says:

        Don’t be such a pompous oaf Mr Altman. Most intelligent people will be able to understand M. Khan’s sentiment even if he does not have the same impeccable grasp of English you seem to have. Your own subjective intolerance clearly comes across in your own words ‘pallywood’ etc If you want to put a view put it but don’t troll others who have the same legitimate right to comment as you, even if English is not their first language. .

      3. Michael Altman says:

        The salient points that I was trying to make in my post are as follows:
        The Gazan teenager supposedly killed by an Israeli sniper is fabricated Pallywood lies which have already been proven to be untrue.
        He is actually alive and well.
        For this Channel 4 should apologise unreservedly.
        I am a reserve army officer who has unfortunately seen action and can easily recognise lies when I see them.
        The man was apparently shot twice but miraculously does not bleed!!!
        As for the claim that an Israeli missile hit a Gazan hospital causing numerous casualties is yet another blatant lie aired by Channel 4.
        An Italian journalist who has since left Gaza has stated catagorically that these casualties were in fact caused by an errant Hamas missile.
        He also stated that journalists are regularily threatened by Hamas if they do not toe their chosen line .
        Trust that this clarifies the situation.

    2. Ricki says:

      Thank you Michael for putting this so eloquently. These Palestinians animals are responsible for this horrible tragedy. It is irresponsible reporting on Channel 4’s part. It’s quite simple. Israel wants peace. Hamas wants to destroy Israel.

    3. Brendan Devenney says:

      “Michael Altman”, please provide evidence for your claims.

      “He said, she said” doesn’t cut it.

      Why the HELL would anyone HAVE to stage an assassination in the midst of the carnage there??

      And claiming that Hamas somehow “controls” the media coverage… I suppose the images of dead children, mass destruction of infrastructure and tears of journalists, the UN refugee spokesperson and medics are fake too?

      You’re a desperate little man with a desperate little story to sell.

      1. Michael Altman says:

        Let’s make one thing clear.
        I owe absolutely nothing to you or to anyone else who has the gall to call me a desperate little man with a desperate little story.
        I do not care what you think as it will not exactly ruin my life.
        Start learning some manners before you dare to address me.
        You could start off by looking up what Colonel Richard Kemp has to say on the actions of Hamas in Gaza.


      2. Brendan Devenney says:


        Still no links to your claims? As I said, “stories”.

        And yes, maybe it was an emotional response from me but I’ve seen hundreds of unfounded claims and desperate reaching to excuse the murder of nearly 400 kids, so forgive my “bad manners”

      3. Jamie Bowden says:

        Brendan – Mr Altman can’t provide you any evidence to support his view about the killing of the “man in the green shirt” because I suspect even he knows that none exists. A former IDF soldier has taken testimony from soldiers who were with the sniper at the time of the shooting and said the man was killed for crossing an ‘imaginary red line’ – they acknowledged he was NOT a threat to them. – see link below. Not quite the “Pallywood” lie that Mr Altman would desperately like us all to believe.


      4. Michael Altman says:

        Let’s get one thing perfectly clear.
        I do not really care what you or Margaret think about what is going on in Gaza.
        Feel free to believe whatever you want.
        The truth is out there if you really want to find it.
        Even Jon Snow has apparently apologised on his Twitter account for showing pictures of wounded and dead children which he claimed were from Gaza but were in fact from Syria.
        An Italian journalist who reported from Gaza during the conflict reported that many children killed and maimed in a UNWRA school by an Israeli missile were in fact killed by a misfiring Hamas rocket which hit the school.
        He also reported that Hamas regularily threatens foreign journalists from telling the truth as to what really happens there and that he did not feel safe to report on this until he had actually left Gaza.
        Colonel Richard Kemp who was the British commander in Afghanistan states that Israel is the most morale army in the world when it comes to preventing civilian deaths and that Hamas strives to maximise them in order to make Israel look bad.
        I also trust that you are outraged by the number of civilian deaths in Syria which currently stand at close to 200,000.
        Around 15,000 of these are children.
        And don’t forget Iraq, Afghanistan and Egypt to mention just three countries where children are being killed every single day.

        As I have no desire to prolong this discussion with you, I now consider this closed.
        Good luck.

      5. Brendan Devenney says:


        Still no link to the sniper incident. I know why.

        As for the Italian journalist, why is he the ONLY one to claim this? How did he know it was a “Hamas misfired rocket”?
        I don’t rule this out as a POSSIBILITY but the fact that you can sashay over the bodies of the other 400-450 children’s bodies to point the finger at one “controversial” incident reported through hearsay speaks volumes!

        As for the claims that Hamas threatens journalists, WHY? And HOW?

        All I know is that according to IDF boasts, 25% of “targets” were alleged “rocket launch sites”. Basic maths tells us, even if we take the ILLEGAL targeting of infrastructure in to account (which is a direct attack on civilians), that 75% of IDF “targets” HAD TO BE civilians. I mean, what other targets are there if they aren’t rocket launch sites, infrastructure and the houses of alleged Hamas FAMILIES?

        The IDF have no morals Michael. And to quote a Colonel in the British army as a reference to the IDF’s moral standards given the British army’s track record in the ME? He can keep it.

  5. Nayala Rehmat says:

    Thank you channel 4 for your unbiased n balanced reporting on the Palestine Israel conflict July 2014. Since much of UK broadcast n paper media seems to be biased n reporting has been very poor, my husband and I have been relying on channel 4 news to hear about what’s happening, Jon Snow n David Miller reporting has been excellent and I thank you.

  6. umm ayesha says:

    Thank you so much Channel4 for keeping us posted with the truth.

  7. fatima says:

    I was very happy with channel4 coverage of Gaza , in fact , i lost hope with western media and i only watch Arab media covering Gaza disaster , my husband called me and told me channel4 is going to prove you wrong , and i was shocked to See Jon snow taking such risks and reporting from Gaza . pictures spoke for themselves . brilliant .. thank you Channel four , thank you Jon snow and Lindsey Hilsum , we love you .

  8. Irene Crow says:

    Agreed. Channel 4 asks the questions we are all shouting at the TV and has consistently shown that it is serious about searching out facts. Great team, all power to you.

  9. Nabila says:

    Thank you Jon Snow for your humane and touching outreach to exposing the truth about the current situation in Gaza. This is a reality rarely told on mainstream UK television news, but you have brought this important narrative to a British public in a touching way. Thank you for your sincerity and commitment to your profession by maintaining such passion and high standards in your work.

    You are a true gentleman and rare journalist.

  10. Kosar says:

    You are true heroes for risking your lives for the truth .
    I have since boycotted the BBC and switched to channel 4.
    You have the support and prayers of the public as well as the Palestinian population..

  11. lenin chigbundu says:

    I find Jon Snow’s incisive examination and discursive narrative a reassuring break from what could be obtained from other media.

    i wish him many more years of cutting edge journalism to come. Channel Four should have gotten online long ago and never lost their podium to Al Jazeara; no wonder they lost some key personnel to this cutting edge media media hegemon.

  12. william says:

    This world is sometimes a sickening place to live. The people disgusting, callous and cruel.

  13. popsy robinson says:

    Jon Snow is one of the best journalists on this earth today – and Channel 4 is also the best, especially because they recognise this – thank god to the both of you for bringing us the truth!

  14. Abdul-Majid says:

    Thank you for personally going out there and then broadcasting to the world a view that many media corporations try so hard to deny or skew.
    Bless you for interviewing the Israeli spokespeople and not succumbing to their blatant lies and propaganda but actually questioning them and putting them on the spot.
    How refreshing to see that they do not get everything their own way no matter how hard they scheme.
    Please keep up the pressure because the pressure upon the Palestinians is consistent, merciless and covers all aspects of their lives and sadly their deaths too.
    If Palestine’s suffering disappears from our news reports we must remember the injustice will not disappear.

  15. Rezaul Karim says:

    Ch4 news- Thank you for objective reporting. BBC needs to learn real journalism…. Can I pay you the licence fee that I used to pay to the BBC!

  16. Luca Biason says:

    What is happening here Jon?


    Is anyone looking into this other aspect of this atrocity?

    Take care,

  17. Luca Biason says:

    Dear Jon,

    One of the many questions flowing among different rhetorics and media campaigns has centred over what defines ‘terrorism’

    Sarcastically, we could say that a definition of ‘terrorism’ is what has marvellously managed to bridge the gap between East and West, for once.

    ‘Terrorism’ is anything that provides the given government with the tools to engage in an illegal war. We had in with the invasion of Iraq, we witness it nowadays with the expansion of the state of Israel in Gaza, Lindsey Hilsum will surely remember how the Chinese used it in 2008 to justify their national security ‘measures’ both in Xinjiang and Tibet. They actually went as far as describing the Tibetans as terrorists: a terrorist monk…now that’s quite something to behold.

    ‘Terrorism’ seems to be whatever will work to win hearts and minds and divert the attention from the reality of events to manufactured fears.


  18. Mark Hammond says:

    Well said Deidre Shaw. Time and time again the BBC has shown itself to be a government controlled propaganda machine, it is a great pity more of the population have not recognised this. Thank you Channel 4.

  19. Rema Ali says:

    Thank you John, you have shown bravery, courage and honesty where others have not. I am so disappointed with BBC that i dont watch a single programme on it anymore. Its nice to see a journalist who does their job without cowing in to the establishment. All the reports you presented have been heartbreaking. Please please keep up the good work.

  20. Stuart says:

    Fantastic reporting by C4 on this awful crisis. Passionate and forthright stuff and Jon Snow has proven once again that he is a titan of journalism.

  21. Michael Moore says:

    I very much agree with the statement of Deirdre Shaw about the lack of credibility of the BBC. It is taken me many years to realise that the BBC is part of the establishment. Their lack of critical edge is a disgrace. They presume that you simply provide both sides versions and then make no critical comment about the validity of these views.
    Some very simple but non-controversial examples. They allow Goverment sources to blame Labour (where some blame is due) for the Financial crisis without mentioning the world recession of 2008 as well as the World leaders praising Gordon Brown for the handling of the crisis, (not that I am a supporter of him!)
    At other times they will say state a Bank of England of prediction of economic growth without stating they these predictions are invariably incorrect!
    Channel 4 News is far superior with clear commitment, passion and backed by some evidence that the presenters have managed to do some proper research.

  22. taleb says:

    We are forever indebted to your courage and determination to tell the truth.

  23. AK HASHMI says:

    Peace be upon you Snow Blog, Hope your effort make change in the mind of other about Israel. You truly doing Heroic job. Keep it up. God Bless You. Ameen

  24. aini says:

    Thank you Channel 4 for bringing us the truth- BBC , CNN, New York times etc etc , have lost their sense of responsibility and their one duty towards the world: Showing the truth. Thank you for assuming the mantle

  25. Conor Mc Nally says:

    The BBC is a disgrace. I will NEVER pay for a tv licence again! The BBC is no longer watched in my house. Absolute joke of an organisation.

  26. Afshan Aslam says:

    I second what has been said so accurately by Deirdre Shaw..it’s about time that the world was told the truth and not manipulated by the media into towing a political line disregarding the suffering of humanity. How many atrocities have to be committed for humanity to learn that oppression and genocide must never happen again? It seems this time that the blood of the Palestinian people is cheaper than water. I applaud Channel 4 for its fair coverage; for asking the questions others daren’t/won’t ask, for providing a simple window into what is happening on the ground and allowing us to make up our own minds. And more than this, for not being bullied into silence as so many other news outlets have, or for selling out for some political/economical motive. This has not gone unnoticed and is applauded by so many. Thank you.

  27. Eve says:

    I could not agree more! Well said. Channel4 have done an amazing job on the Gaza issue. Jon snow did us all proud

  28. Rehla says:

    I have so much respect for channel four news and to each journalist reporting in gaza telling the truth to the world who want to know the truth (not to those who follow BBC) I am sure there are thousands who feel the way I do BBC is sham and bias channel I shall never view their channels every again,
    May you all be rewarded for your efforts for bringing the truth out,
    With your truthful reports let’s just hope the uk government will stand up to their jobs and make a stop to this genocide innocent life’s are being taken, Israel should be punished! Thank
    You channel 4 applauds to your courage applauds to your reporting

  29. Paul Miller says:

    Re channel 4 news. What happened to the video of Jon Snow’s very good report made after his return to the main studio in the UK. It was available 4 hours ago. It was really great journalism. Well done channel 4 news.

    It was called ‘A tribute to the children of Gaza by Jon Snow’. Although harrowing I felt it needed to be shared which I did, I shared it on my Facebook wall. Now, when I try to watch it the link is no longer available. I can not find it anywhere. What happened man? Will it be available again? Did Jon say something wrong. I thought he was very honest. Please, please, reply. Thank you.

    I have sent this message to http://www.channel4.com

  30. Asma Jabeen says:

    I really respect you for being in mainstream media and showing people the TRUE state of Gaza. I hope they don’t find a way to take away your voice as they have with many others who have dared to stand up for humanity. Thank you

  31. Waqas says:

    Thank you C4news, Thank you Jon Snow, Jonathan Miller and the entire team. The product of your contributions will outlive us.
    Inspirational work.

  32. Nishat Riaz says:

    Completely agree with the deirdre’s comment. Well done channel4 and Jon Snow for reporting what is going on on the streets of Gaza. In a world populated with hundreds of news channels and immediate reporting it amazes me that only a handful are reporting true, honest journalism. Thank you for being one of those channels and i hope making people understand the human suffering that is going on. The innocent only suffer in war – fact!!

  33. Zia Ahmed says:

    Well done Jon snow and C4. Finally some real unbiased journalism that portrays to the viewer who the real victims are. Long live channel 4.

  34. Robert Choi says:

    Jon Snow said in his report :” … american financed missiles brought down the rockets fired from Gaza …”

    Where there are american $’s, there are wars.

    Military Industrial Beast in Uncle Sam’s country makes billions of green bucks you know.

  35. lamia says:

    Thank you Jon Snow all the respect

  36. Mabrouk says:

    I have always known that Jon Snow is one of the few true gentlemen in the world of journalism, honest, truthful and unbiased…
    Please remain a light of truth in the darkness of lies, deceit and bias that prevail on he world of journalism…
    For top coverage , watch Aljazeera Arabic and English.

  37. Raza says:

    Exceptional journalism from Jon and the team, integrity which we do not see from mainstream news outlets, boycott the bbc and refuse to pay your license fee I say.

  38. Geneer says:

    I was lucky to meet Jon Snow when he was lecturing in my home town. I told him that he was a personal hero, and that I felt that, whilst he was consummate professional as a Journalist, his innate humanity shone through.

    So thank you John, for your truly unbiased reporting in Gaza, and for having the heart to simply say what you see, without fear of offending powerful lobby groups.

    And Kudos also to Channel 4 for allowing Jon to speak so eloquently.

  39. Ali Raza says:

    It is heartbreaking to see this tragedy with the whole world watching. I have read several articles which suggest that Israel had known that the tunnels existed and were well aware of the fact that the guys responsible for the abduction and killing of the three boys were the Hamas Hebron faction which were known to not follow the mainstream Hammas command. I suppose this is where the concept of disproportionate response comes in. A bunch of nutters who decided to take things into their own hands and commit murder does justify a response but not one of this scale.

    The reason for entering Gaza and searching the houses was to find the bodies of the boys. This is how the Israeli public was made to believe that the discovery of the tunnels was “new”. Israel wants Hamas out completely and this brings me to another article which talks about other states involved (near and far) that are working to achieve this goal. I guess the promise to the colluders was that it can be done with surgical strikes, a lie which can’t even be given another thought.

    Well done to Channel 4, I truly had lost hope in the media channels.

  40. muj says:

    Thank you Mr Snow for risking your life to bring the truth to us. Shame on you bbc

  41. Mary Duvivie says:

    Thank you John for informing people. Frightening that those relying on BBC for news will be totally ignorant of the facts and the horror. Please let people know about Palestine Solidarity Campaign. There are MASSIVE marches in London last 2 Saturdays but BBC not reporting.

  42. prak says:

    To: John Snow,

    One of your strongest followers “totally” disgusted by you allowing Jake-Wilsom-?? to get away with “spouting” rubbish about Gaza. And that from one the most experiences “almost” in the same category as Jeremy Paxman. He would never allowed anyone to get away with it.
    He said “undemocratic” – you know that Hamas was democratically elected
    He said ” islamic terrorist” [or something to that effect]……when you are caged in an open air prison, at the mercy of what Isreal allows you to have…I suppose you think it is fair to sit, do notthing and rot?
    I could have debated it more professionally – with facts – not what is bandied about by the Israel lobby – most western governments who are too scared to say – boo to Isreal. For a taste of it……look into archive and see what happened to Cherie Blair!

  43. Ali Morgan says:

    Thank you John and team for powerful and honest journalism, illuminating this historic injustice.
    There is one issue I would really like you to put clearly to the Israelis and explain to audiences: That most of the 1.8 million people in Gaza are refugees who were violently forced from their homes along with 85% of the indigenous Palestinian population in 1947/8 and since, by European colonial settlers, and herded into Gaza whilst the settlers stole their country – in the same way that the Native Americans were herded onto reservations. And that those refugees, who have been mercilessly oppressed and terrorised ever since, have an inalienable right under UN Resolution 194 and subsequent reaffirmations of this right, to return to their homes in what is now Israel – resolutions that have been violated by Israel for nearly 70 years.

    So whilst Israel has the right to exist and defend it’s citizens, the people of Gaza and many more in the West Bank and elsewhere have the right to exist as citizens within Israel. How can Israel criticise Hamas for alleged breaches of ceasefires they were not party to agreeing, when Israel has ignored International law for seven decades? How can the Israel and the West criticise Palestinians for supporting Hamas, even its violent resistance, when it was violent Israeli terrorism that produced Hamas, and when the International community has consistently failed to uphold international law and protect the Palestinian refugees from the much greater Israeli violence and injustice against them?

    One of the things that galls me most about the BBC coverage is seeing their reporter standing with the coast line of Tel Aviv behind. The spot where the reporter stands must be in or near Jaffa – an beautiful Arab town that the Israelis have turned into a twee tourist attraction with information boards that never mention the Palestinians – the people who built it and lived there until and the Israeli militias brutally expelled them to live as miserable prisoners in Gaza.

    1. Phil Portus says:

      You have expressed this awful situation very concisely and accurately. Neither Hamas or Israel should be murdering civilians including innocent children. I applaud Jon Snow and C4 news team reporting from Gaza and the hard hitting interviewing with Israeli spokespeople. In my opinion Jon and team don’t refer back to the various Israeli violent, aggressive and illegal occupations of Palestinian land since 1947 which has created the violent killing force of Hamas. Why doesn’t the media keep reminding people of the illegal nature of Israel and Zionist actions against Palestinians.

  44. Brendan Devenney says:

    Jon, thanks for all you’ve done these past few days in getting a message across to millions on air that people have been shouting online for weeks.

    I would propose that Channel 4 and/or yourself concentrate on the fact that the entire premise for the slaughter was based on a lie. That what brought the Israeli public to heel in jackboot fashion in calling for Arab blood was the kidnapping of the three Israeli settlers. It has been ADMITTED that Hamas was NOT involved in this. During the “search”, when Netanyahu already knew the three settlers had died, 9 Palestinians (including of course kids) were murdered by the IDF. Hundreds of Palestinians kidnapped and tortured (who had previously been released under the 2012 ceasefire deal), culminating in the now forgotten West Bank 17 year old who was forced to drink petrol and burned alive.

    All of this at a time when Israel had broken the already disminutive 2012 truce with further land stolen, more Palestinian deaths (including the two teenagers shot by IDF snipers caught on camera) and even tighter restrictions on movement.

    Hamas showed great restraint in the face of this provocation. Fatah had even recognized this more moderate stance and joined forces with Hamas. This was the REAL reason for the current massacre.

    The forgotten lie which allowed Israel launch their attacks MUST be aired.

  45. Maya says:

    Thank you for bringing us the news from Gaza Channel 4. I feel traumatised seeing children trapped inside what has clearly become an open-air prison and then bombed day and night by Israel. It is heartbreaking. It is a war on innocent civilians and if you are not outraged and horrified by the number of children dying in Gaza then you surely must be a psychopath.

  46. Eril Scott says:

    Many Israel soldiers fighting hold dual citizenship – mostly holding USA passports! But UK Muslims can not go and fight in Palestine but US Jewish citizens can!!!!

  47. Margaret Saunders says:

    Well Mr Michael Oren in Scotland we have an expression when we don’t want to take responsibility for our own actions – ‘ a big boy came along and made me do it’…..Is Hamas such a ‘big boy’ that it forces Israel into such actions? And as my mother used to say when, as children, we tried to blame a sibling for starting a (physical) argument: two wrongs NEVER make a right. So how about trying another way by behaving as mature adults and TAlKING to the other side. You can’t wiggly out by calling Hamas medieval and uneducated – we don’t bomb other places to bits for that – we pour money into education and training. All that is happening from this conflict is that you are creating even more people who will fight and die for Palestine….a self-fulfilling prophesy in the making if ever there was one and causing even more problems for future Israelis.

  48. SteveHG says:

    “DF’s Gaza assault is to control Palestinian gas, avert Israeli energy crisis
    Israel’s defence minister has confirmed that military plans to ‘uproot Hamas’ are about dominating Gaza’s gas reserves”


    I am concerned that this aspect of the current atrocities in Gaza is not being covered by the media.

    Israel pull out of Gaza in 2005 and massive reserves of gas are discovered off the coast of Gaza in 2010 and now Israel seem determined to make Gaza uninhabitable, is this really just a co-incidence

  49. roger says:

    It is now 30th and i just saw Jon tear into the Hamas spokesman, making the point that the rockets were just goads so the Israel would attack civilians, you could sense Jon’s anger at the man’s acceptance of dead children as a propaganda weapon .
    Nobody can say Jon doesn’t know the whole gastly history of this struggle.

  50. Maria Macipe says:

    The covering of the Gaza crisis by channel 4 is breathtaking. I empathize with Jon Snow’s frustration regarding the disproportion of the use of force. We don’t have all facts, neither the answers but it is not that difficult to identify the weak and the innocent and be outraged on their behalf

  51. A Khadim says:

    I commend all the journalists at Channel 4 on their reporting. I watched an interview today by Jon Snow with Alistair Burt MP today. The point always seems to come down to: Israel will need to resolve the blockade diplomatically but only after Hamas stops firing rockets. I would like to see someone point to the West Bank and ask these 2 questions:

    1) What has withholding clean water, basic utilities, food, and trade, have to do with security or Hamas firing rockets?

    2) Why, if rocket-fire is Israel’s only pre-condition for Gaza, they have NO rockets coming out of the West Bank, yet still have more than 500 Israeli military checkpoints and barriers continued to hinder Palestinians’ access to workplaces, schools and hospitals in the West Bank, thousands of Palestinian farmers separated from their land and water sources, and the continued construction of settlements increased, and the movement restrictions compelling some 200,000 Palestinians from 70 villages to take detours between two to five times longer than the direct route to reach the closest city, undermining their access to basic services. WHAT INCENTIVE IS THERE FOR HAMAS WHEN THEY LOOK ACROSS AT THE WEST BANK WHO HAVE COMPLIED WITH THE AGREEMENTS WITH ISRAEL SO FAR??? AND LOOKING AT ISRAEL’S ACTIONS OR INACTION IN THE WEST BANK, WHY SHOULD PALESTINIANS OR THE REST OF THE WORLD INCLUDING OUR GOVERNMENT BELIEVE THEM? IS ISRAEL’S TO END ROCKET FIRE SIMPLY TO RESTORE THE STATUS QUO TERRITORIALLY WHICH SUITS THEM?

  52. Kas says:

    Israel has just called 16000 reservist to join and continue the onslaught in Gaza and at this same time comes news of this ceasefire?….. I think that this 72 Hour Ceasefire is just another time buying tactic used by the Zionist regime so that they can prepare the 16000 reservist for a more brutal operation. They have done it so many times it is obvious and shouldn’t be ignored.

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