2 Nov 2016

Six grizzly days to go: will it be the 'criminal' or the 'bully'?

Every day throws up the crisis facing each candidate. The polls are all over the place. We appear in short to be in uncharted waters in a contest that is pitching a rogue billionaire against a woman who is portrayed even by some Democrats as far too close to the bankers on Wall Street.


Wall Street is an issue that stalks this election. Many economists, and a good number of politicians, believe the Glass-Steagall Act (which prevented banks from dabbling in investment banking, and much else) was ripped up by President Bill Clinton in 1999 and should be put back in place to prevent banks becoming far too big, and dangerously powerful within the economic system.

Neither Trump nor Clinton want to touch the issue. Many fear there is another banking crisis in the pipeline. Mrs Clinton’s critics see her as far too close to Wall Street financiers from whom she’s extracted large donations for the controversial Clinton Foundation.

This year’s Wells Fargo scandal in September could prove just a taster of what’s to come. Some 5,000 employees were fired after the bank was found to have established 2 million fake accounts. They were fined $185 million and the boss walked out with a nine figure pay-off.

Be warned, Mrs Clinton has had a dreadful week. Mr Trump has had a same old, same old, week. Turnout is going to be critical. There is an uncomfortable truth: it remains possible that Mr Trump can win. Mrs Clinton has the qualifications for the Presidency. The question now is how far her exposed flaws are bad enough to neutralise her fitness for the job.

So here we are wrestling in the mire. Mrs Clinton calls Trump a bully. Mr Trump calls Mrs Clinton a criminal. Six grizzly days to go!

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