4 Nov 2009

Gritting teeth over dentistry costs

I am of an age when I am forced to consult a dentist.

Yes a pre-fluoride, baby bulge babe I need my teeth fixed. Fillings, like buses, seem to take an age to materialise and suddenly appear all at once.

I had two to see to this week. My NHS dentist has retired since my last consultation – can I find another? Not a chance. So what do I do?

I go to the nearest dental entity I can find, and satisfactory it is – until I pay the bill: £250 for two fillings! AND he informs me I need two more doing – indeed he’s done much more.

My new dentist, lovely man that he is, is a man with a plan. To be truthful, a plan of straightening fillings, strengthening, and, forget five gold rings, FOUR gold caps.

Total price not unadjacent to more than several thousand pounds. I’m going for a total head transplant – cheaper.

But seriously, “free at the point of delivery’, what has happened to NHS dentistry? Has this vital division of our beloved NHS been allow very privately to go private?

Have you ever met a poor dentist? Is my dental experience a London affair? Is there a thriving NHS practice in Barrow-in Furness? Do pigs fly? Is the Pope a Catholic? Bring me my NHS dentist and my arrows of desire! My bow of burnished gold is very soon going to be my very expensively secured row of gold caps.

You think the ties are bright? Wait till you see the teeth!


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