21 Apr 2009

Greenspan's right – this recession is pants

UnderpantsFirst it was ties, then taxis. Now we’re on to underpants. No, nothing to do with Paxo’s gussets. Everything to do with the observations of former Fed chairman Alan Greenspan’s observation.

I refer you to the excellent Huffington Post (it’s a site I tend to visit regularly, but my attention today was drawn by a Twitter from Kris Jones, for which many thanks). Huffington reveals that Greenspan had a theory that the tighter the underpants, the worse the outlook for the economy.


The flaw in this particular information is that Mr Greenspan himself was been found somewhat wanting in his larger analysis of the economic world over which he presided for so long.

As for Greenspan’s own underpants, I’m no authority. But I suspect he may be a saggy Y-fronts operative – or even someone who mixes with the Paxo gussetry.

For myself, I shall stick to my excellent fitting boxer short (Boden mail order).



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  1. Mike Hind says:

    I suspect Greenspan’s a Tanga Brief kind of guy.

    Gordon Brown anyone? Actually, I’d rather not think about it…

  2. Britt_W says:

    Boden mail order’s boxer shorts seem to provide a colour range wide enough to match your ties, Jon. No further comment.

  3. Pete says:

    I wish I could afford to spend £13 on a pair or pants

  4. Nathan harris says:

    I clicked on the Boden link where Jon Snow claims he bought his loose undershorts. They cost 39 quid for a pack of 3. Isn’t that a little extravagant, even if ewhr is earning a decent salary? Couple of washes and the elastic goes, especially since he probably needs to change his undies several times a day as he’s covered in sweat when he gets to and from work on his bike! He’s such a boaster and attention seeker, but nonetheless turns me on no end.

  5. Nathan harris says:

    He shopuld read the news wearing them. No doubt in the days when he sat behind a desk, one would be none the wiser if he had no trousers on under it.

    In 2005, Jon Snow wore the same pinstripe suit for two months, implying he only alternated his undershorts, socks and tie every day. Attention seeker.

    1. Ulla says:

      Ah, come on Nathan, it’s just 4 fun! Yeah, the Boden Boxer Shorts are pretty funky and probably too expensive for most people to afford. Maybe that’s why they are loose.

  6. acko says:

    i wonder how many male politicians wear knickers. ive got a picture of jon in his shorts, not boxers though. just naked in his beach shorts

  7. Dennis Junior says:

    Thanks for the information….

    1. Dennis Junior says:

      But, it’s just too much information.

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