23 Feb 2009

Gongs agogo for ITN at the White House

I am going to eat my hat. My good friend and colleague Dai Baker, our cameraman editor in Washington, has just scooped a White House News Photographers Award.

It’s the fourth time he’s done it in five years. But this year he also won the editing award for a fabulous little piece we did on the day of the inauguration in which we spoke with the myriad sorts of people arriving to watch Obama being sworn in (see above).

And guess what? Mr Baker and my other colleague, Chris Shlemon, who also won an editing award, get to go to the Oval Office next month to shake the hand of the president. In all, ITN won five categories in the WHNPA, and Dai went on to claim the photographer of the year title.

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  1. Ray Turner says:

    Surprised (and disappointed) nobody has posted here yet to offer their congratulations. It’s a worthy award that I hope will help Channel 4 in all sorts of ways. Do these awards help you get better access to the corridors of power, perhaps as a one of the more trusted/respected News crews ?

    Anyway Well done chaps. I really like those “little pieces” on Channel 4.

    Can we also have a “little piece” of Jon eating his hat please ?

  2. Liz M says:

    I think you should have put some sort of condiment on the hat. It looked less than tasty! And as Ray said, we should all be congratulating these guys on their excellent awards. Loved the inauguration vox pops film.

  3. Peter Nolan says:


  4. Asia Mahmood says:

    To the Channel 4 News team –

    I wanted to express my gratitude to you for all the time and effort put into delivering such unbiased news and delivering excellent interviews. I think it is fantastic that the news reporters are able to ask just the right questions to elicit the answers needed to be known by the public, which I haven’t seen reporters on other channels do.

    I have grown up watching Channel 4 News with Jon Snow at seven o’clock and you have never failed to deliver. All your work is much appreciated.

    Warm regards

  5. Maria Silvia says:


    I love you John!!!! Well… not literally,

  6. C. Muirhead says:

    Well done and Congratulations also to ITN. I remember seeing the piece and, as I was following the story during the day, it became clear that you had found the best way to make the listener feel how it was to be around Capitol Hill at that special hour. Thank you for letting us in on those special moments.

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