23 Apr 2009

Getting knotted for a night with Paxo

Ties, ties, tiesI’m just kitting myself out for a curious task. Tonight I am the MC for The Media Society, who are going to give Paxo a lifetime’s achievement award.

Mr Paxman is known for his fine stuffings. Indeed, the climax of the evening will be provided by the former home secretary, Michael Howard, who found himself the recipient of the same question delivered no fewer than 12 times.

So I’ve had to find myself the right tie. Fortunately, today was one of those days when a box with 50 of them arrived from the maker (see below). I chose my five and slipped a cheque into the box and gave it back to the driver who brought it.

But who is adequate to the task of toasting Paxo? I shall be assisted by some who have worked with and for him – not least by my own editor, Jim Gray, who has had the unique experience of working with both of us.

And I have heard rumour that Rory Bremner has been seen snouting about in the Newsnight studio.

The evening’s doings will be posted on the Media Society website.

Jon Snow's ties



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4 reader comments

  1. Michael Donnelly says:

    Lifetime achievement?! Where’s your award Mr.Snow?

    Sure, Paxman gives a rousing defence when up against a politician on a late evening news show… but when did he last report from inside Gaza with such admirable reporting as yourself Jon?

    Plus I bet he hasn’t done an nctj exam in the past ten years to make him worthy of a media award.

  2. Keith temperton says:

    Please involve me in any tie sale… I’ll pay a premium and donate the difference to the charitable suggestion of your preference.


    Keith Temperton

    1. Dennis Junior says:

      2nd to the Motion about the tie sale….

  3. Sam Parker says:

    Hi John! Enjoying the blog. Do you remember two star-struck reporters from Newcastle University interviewing you about a month ago before you gave your talk at Northumbria University? Thanks for such an interesting ten minutes. All the best.


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