24 Sep 2009

Get ready for Fourplay

Block yer ears. Shut yer eyes. Krishnan and I and our able friend Mara Carlyle, are in preparation for tonight’s Newsroom’s Got Talent competition (no danger of any of us winning – we’re just ensuring that we can actually appear at all at Vinopolis in the Borough Market).

It’s a contest between the BBC, Sky, al-Jazeera, ITV, Channel 4 and Uncle Tom Cobbley, in which every one of us is going to make an idiot of ourselves – wait till you see my wig! All in the cause of Leonard Cheshire Homes and Helen House Hospice.

There will be video of the performance on our website, come Friday. Beyond what you see, we’ll be performing with our band, Fourplay.


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  1. Britt_W says:

    Looking forward to finally get some Fourplay! Been wanting to hear the group ever since I heard you mentioning it in a Have I Got news For You, many years ago now.

    We had an annual, very public, show at the school I used to teach at, back in Sweden. Run (mostly) by our incredibly creative pupils, us teacher’s were still allowed one slot, where we could make idiots of ourselves as much as we wanted. And we wanted! Still can’t believe I sang solo in “Eye of the Tiger” with our group – in mega high heels and tiger leggings!

    The best of luck tomorrow night! Wish I could be there!!

  2. margaret brandreth- jones says:

    Who are the four for play? Sounds a bit saucy to me all these whigs and things.

    Out of my league being a mere simpleton with a fools rhetoric .ENJOY

  3. phil dicks says:

    Good luck, top causes.
    “Newsroom’s Got Talent” – nice title. How about “Newsnight’s Got No Talent”?
    Unless you you think Kirsty Wark’s groovy.
    Well, do you? We need to know.

  4. margaret brandreth- jones says:

    Re photograph at Vinopolis.The beautiful one in the middle reminds me of Fiona Bruce. The one standing to her left reminds me of 007 attempting to look like 001. The one standing to her right is a media whiz in disguise.

    News brought to you here from Poorpolis.
    Heartbreaking isn’t it ?

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