6 Oct 2009

Familiar faces from DC in Manchester

Here’s rather sweet aside from the rain stricken wastes of Manchester.

Last night I ran into David Cameron and his crew, amongst whom was a protection officer from Greater Manchester.

I had met him before. Ivan is one of the longest serving black police officers in the region, 20 years in the force. My earlier meeting? On D Street in Washington DC a few hours before the inauguration of America’s first black President, Barak Obama.

Ivan had spotted me that January day from across the street and ran over to say hello.

“I have come to witness it for my children,” he said. “I want to be able to tell them, I was there.”

I marvelled then that such a man would travel all that way for such an experience and felt the action marked him out as someone special.

And so he proved, now deployed to protect a man who might or might not one day lead his own country. How the world turns.

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4 reader comments

  1. gjc says:

    Hope the usher enjoyed the film…

  2. Sue says:

    The fact that he rushed across the street to say hello to you shows that he has a keen judgment of character and can appreciate top quality broadcast journalism.
    Today Manchester is indeed rain-stricken!

  3. margaret brandreth- jones says:

    Ha dto go to M&S though and as been said the retailers are the biggest private sector tat there is. So my savings go, to keep off the rain and help the economy.

  4. Alan Talbot says:

    Once again the Tories or rather the neo new labourites are targeting the same victims of their economic policies-teachers,nurses,social workers local government workers etc. What we do not hear as they tell us we are all in it that they, the politicians are now going to cut their salaries, their expenses, their lavish pensions or their golden “good bye handouts” and truely share with us all. Nor do I hear much about real and just taxation of those who have managed to creat this economic crisis.

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