26 Mar 2009

Daniel Hannan, YouTubed into the public gaze

In political life there’s little more obscure than being stuck away in the European parliament.

But one British MEP has broken cover, courtesy of YouTube and his own brazen speechifying in front of Gordon Brown.

What is interesting is that the conventional media more or less missed Daniel Hannan’s contribution.

But with Gordon Brown shifting uncomfortably in his chair on the podium, having given a speech about being in the heart of Europe – which everybody covered – Hannan got up and gave him both barrels.

It was a splurge of counter charge, faulting Brown at every turn in crisp, public school delivery. By any test, it is indeed a performance.

You can watch the studio discussion featuring Daniel Hannan and Derek Draper, plus last night’s report on Daniel Hannan’s speech to the European Parliament, by clicking here.

For a word cloud analysis of Daniel Hannan’s and Gordon Brown’s speeches to the European Parliament, click here.

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