19 Feb 2009

Congratulations! You and I own another bank

Yes, it’s official, we are in charge of Lloyds Banking Group, aka Lloyds TSB HBOS.

In fact we didn’t know it. But we’ve had it since 13 October last year.

According to a release that lands on our desks this morning, the Office of National Statistics has deemed that both RBS (which we already knew we owned) and the new Lloyds will be “classified in the public sector”.

You’ll have to check in to Channel 4 News tonight to see what that means for our public debt…

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  1. Charles Budd says:

    If I bank with Lloyds – what does that mean for me? I own part of my bank? By the way, do you have any footage of Sky News using a lego helicopter to explain last night’s crash?

  2. Jeffrey Lam says:

    I remember being congratulated on buying a house for the first time several years back. That was a scary experience. Buying Lloyds TSB HBOS seems so much easier…

  3. Gareth Herd says:

    Fantastic ! I have just about had enough of this corrupt economic system.
    And this government hiding the truth, just like any other would.

  4. Tina Louise says:

    It is just becoming so much gobbldygook with facts and figures that seem so far removed from daily life.

    It is as if all about is a sea of crumbling facades that expose ruin beneath that has clearly been festering for the longest time.

    What shall we do with this news? Where do we go with these revelations and how do we get the government to make sense and relevance?


  5. ant says:

    Sorry, Digby Jones, George Buckley and Jon Snow, I don’t accept your statements that the no-one forsaw the banking crisis and everything happened much faster than anyone could have expected.
    A financial adviser friend of mine was advising many of us we were likely to have a financial crisis worse that the ’30’s depression over 2 years ago. The signs were there if anyone took the trouble to look. I sold my shares in HBOS and Bradford & Bingley Xmas 2006 !
    I’m astonished how long it’s taken to unfold.

    1. Jeffrey Lam says:

      I agree with you Ant, but what I think Jon Snow is referring to here is that we didn’t know that we owned Lloyds Banking Group, not that we didn’t foresee the banking crisis.
      I cashed in my FTSE tracker ISA Autumn 2006, but I didn’t have that much in it anyway.

  6. Dennis Junior says:

    In my earlier remarks:
    Mr. Sandford is yet been charged and he has all the rights afforded to him in the criminal courts system until he, has been found guilty…

  7. Dolores Burton says:

    I would like to know why it is that the RBS and Lloyds TSB are still advertising if they don’t have money and are in fact using our money to do so and not bother asking?

    Today I noticed the big RBS ad in the rugby grounds – that does not come cheap! Should this not be stopped as unnecesary expense? We all know the RBS already no need to advertise.

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