23 Jun 2010

Coke canned!!

He was, according to my informant, in a car being driven by one Rev Al Miller – en route to the US Embassy in Kingston. Yes, the appropriately named Dudus Coke has been caught at a road block in Jamaica. Most had written him off suspecting he had fled to Latin America from whence – the police say – cameth his coke.

Coke stands accused of a morass of drug dealing crimes in the US and looks as if he’ll be deported to stand trial there. But in the meantime the strong allegation is that he has compromised the government of Jamaica allegedly funding the ruling party itself.

The prime minister went to amazing lengths to try to block his extradition before having to apologise to his people for deploying state funds to hire an American firm to fight the deportation that side of the water.

Coke’s case highlights yet again the terrible dynamic so many developing countries are caught in. Standing at the cross-roads between production and consumption, the Caribbean mimics West Africa in its rancid dependence upon drug cartels for corrupt advancement.

It’s a gathering disaster that the ‘North’ simply will not face. As I reported more than two decades ago when based in the US, the power in American politics wielded by the illegal drug industry knows few bounds. It is reportedly, according to UN estimates, a multi hundred billion dollar business. So it is in Europe too.

The crime, misery, corruption, social distortion, and the rest, questions the entire approach of the ‘Northern powers’ to illegal drugs. From Afghanistan and Pakistan, to Colombia and Bolivia, and beyond wars continue, centred on drug cultivation.

Is it time to send for Smith Kline Beacham, Roche, and the rest and ask them to take the entire industry over? In other words, IS there another way?

Should Dudus Coke go down as the man who eventually broke the taboo that continues to surround any question of ever readdressing the global menace of illegal drugs?

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  1. Margaretbj says:

    Money corrupts, full stop.
    New sentence;coke kills.
    Opiates ;kill pain.

    A good income for Jamaica held in the wrong hands for corrupt intention.;power without a moral imperative.

    Two new entrances……One as you said letting drug companies, rigorously monitored ,take over the whole lot.

    Two, reducing social demand by fighting the people with billions who down the importance of addiction and campaigning with the young to ensure they avoid recreational drugs.

    Supply and demand as with any other industry is at the heart of the success of this wicked corruption where greed stifles a nation into societal narcolepsy.

  2. adz says:

    My opinion is that illegal drugs should be made legally controlled & most importantly clean substances.
    Think of the money governments would generate from control? It would not mean more dependency infact totally the opposite. The problem is that many of these countries already make lots of money from keeping them illegal probably more than if they made them legal. The U.S. is one of the countries earning the most from illegality, probably at the top of the list. Funny how it resembles the alcohol prohibition isn’t it?
    The love of power is annihilating the power love.
    adzmundo The Venus Project, ZM & CND

  3. Jim Flavin says:

    The way to re- dress the power of the Illegal drug barons is to legalise the drugs that are now Illegal- and that according to a C4 prog . of about 2-3 years ago casued less deaths by a factor of 400 than Alcohol and Tobacco . But every illegal drug death is higlighted – while the reverse is the case for Alcohol – which is still allowed to advertise . The Ultimate insult came [ for me ] when a Irish Football manger was inteviewd alongside two banners – one say -” Drug Free Zone ” the other an ad for an Alcohol drink . The worst news these drug barons could get is that their source of income is gone – and they face unemployment . The ”war on Drugs” has been well and truly lost . Its time to face some facts .

  4. peter miller says:

    Doesn’t surprise me. Coke’s mafia has been bank rolling the Jamaican Labour party. Perhaps there ought to be a Worldwide drugs decriminalization amnesty with unknown unknowable consequences. In a predictable way Coke will probably meet with a fatal accident or miraculous escape.

  5. akamrburns says:

    Of course there is another way! Prohibition didn’t work in the thirties and it doesn’t work today. Until we legalize drugs the problem will continue to grow.

  6. John Smith says:

    Ah drugs, another contentious issue. Is the moral imperative to bannish the scourge determined by the severity of the impact of the drug? Is the impossibility of bannishing this evil due to it’s being inextricably linked to another source of evil, the love of money?
    If one goes for legalisation will the state end up better off in terms of tax revenues on the industry and less policing costs, or will the cost of treating addicts outweigh those benefits? Presumably some dealers will end up on the dole etc.
    It is a vexatious issue but one that society as a whole needs to make a choice about – to continue as is or to legalise.
    Do the Scandanavian countries provide any pointers on this issue?

  7. Tom Wright says:

    There’s no difference between legal and illegal drugs except the law and public attitude.

    Yes, illegal drugs can be damaging. So can alcohol, tobacco, prescription pain killers, anti-deppressants, chemotherapy and countless other legal drugs. In fact all drugs have side effects.

    Drug consumption is, like it or not, normal human behaviour. Criminalising the suppy chain puts guns and knives on the street and creates a black market – the damage from which outweighs by an enormous distance the low number of dead ravers and schizophrenic potheads.

    The herd mentality of the media drives me nuts. When the government relaxes regulation they raise an outcry. When the governments tightens it then they are ignoring their scientific advisers – and you raise an outcry.

    1. Margaretbj says:

      When one sees a whole generation in a town ruined by these so called ‘normal drugs’ it makes me wonder how people have been brought up Caeffine is stimulant, so are endorphs ,naturally occuring substances, but the difference is that the community of drug abusers will not accept that they havn’t got any control and are feeding the mafia.

      There are degrees of addiction . A properly controlled environment , by qualified clinicians is the only place these drugs should be used .

      No leeway on this one …stop the continuation of feeble attitudes which excuse coke consumption..Ban recreational use.

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