19 Nov 2012

A call for the 'flattening of all Gaza'

In a time of conflict and trauma somewhere else in the world, many of us turn to the media in that area to search out public attitudes to what is happening. In Israel one turns to the Jerusalem Post for a mainstream conservative view. One turns to Haraatz for a minority more liberal view.

So it was, in the midst of the devastating bombardment of Gaza, that I found my way to a prominent front-page article by Gilad Sharon in the Jerusalem Post, and this extraordinary demand: “We need to flatten entire neighbourhoods in Gaza. Flatten all of Gaza. The Americans didn’t stop with Hiroshima – the Japanese weren’t surrendering fast enough, so they hit Nagasaki, too”.

But who is Gilad Sharon? Is he a journalist, a pundit, a politician? He proves to be the son of the former hardline prime minister of Israel, Ariel Sharon. Sharon is still alive six years after a massive stroke drove him from power to his present persistent vegetative state.

It was Sharon who was blamed indirectly by the official Israeli Kahan Commission for the massacre of between 800 and 3,500 Palestinian refugees (depending whose numbers you believe) in the Sabra and Shatila camps during the war with Lebanon in 1982. But it was Sharon too who forced the 9,500 Israeli settlers to leave Gaza.

Sharon remains a vast figure in Israel’s history. A warrior leader, he had a vision for Israel that consolidated the country behind its current borders,  eventually conceivably leaving the West Bank just as he had evacuated Gaza.

He was bitterly criticised and challenged by today’s prime minister Netanyahu. He has seen hundreds of thousands of new settlers set up home in the occupied West Bank over the last decade. These have resulted in settlements that have rendered the possibility of a ‘two state’ peace solution all but dead.

Sharon’s military record as a general from the 1948 war that led to the establishment of Israel, to Suez, and the Six Day War, still render him a national Israeli hero, even as he lies incommunicado.

Hence an utterance from his son, who claimed (in the New York Times in October 2011) to be able to “communicate” with his father, carries more weight than any old Gilad Sharon might carry. That the article appears in a mainstream Israeli newspaper like the Jerusalem Post gives it added weight.

Amid the continuing exchanges of violence, however ill-balanced, ultimately the international community that brought about the formal existence of Israel has let down Israelis and Palestinians alike. History will judge the Oslo process a period of time wasting.

The military and financial indulgence of factions across the Middle East by key international players has fueled extremism on all sides. The ingredients for a wider, even more devastating conflict are in place. An Israeli ground war, if it proceeds, is in danger of infecting every country in the region. Bloodied Syria, tottering Jordan, tense Lebanon, emerging Egypt, are all hugely vulnerable.

Hence what appears to be a mainstream tolerated call for the annihilation of an entire people is itself a grim warning as to just how far matters have gone.

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  1. Natan Slifkin says:

    If you were to be at all familiar with Israelis, you’d know that the vast majority simply desires to be left alone and to live in peace. And certainly the overwhelming majority would be opposed to the annihilation of an entire people. Sharon’s view is very much that of the minority – and even his position is not the result of any innate ill-will towards Gazans, but simply trying to figure out a way to be left in peace. On the other hand, the idea of annihilating all of Israel is the fundamental ideology of Hamas and the majority of Palestinians. Strangely, this article makes no mention of that.

    1. Vargas78 says:

      The ‘annihalation of all Israel’ hasnt always meant the annihalation of all jews in the region but the annihalation of Israel as a state. Although it’s true that many extreme Hamas supporters would like to see all the jewish people pushed away to the sea, or eliminated. And recent current events will likely have unfortunately have strengthened this extreme view.

      My position is that the formation of Israel was a big mistake, after WW2 they should have been given the option to live in the new de-nazified europe or a country of their choice, but not go to Palestine on the justification of ancient history. But Israel is there now, it has lasted and is established as a nation state and Hamas and islamists need to realise it’s not going to go away.

    2. Philip says:

      I guess that if the Israelis hadn’t treated the Palestinians as they have since 1967 – notably the settlements, economic blockades & treating them as less than second class citizens in lands to which they have an equal right – there might be fewer Palestinians supporting Hamas. Nevertheless, I doubt very much whether most Palestinians wish to continue to live as they have – either during the miliary exchanges which are occurring today or during the “cold war” the rest of the time. I guess they want peace too – and would be prepared to live with an Israel that didn’t keep turning out of their homes & land to build their own settlements, without any pretence of legality. Under previous Israeli leadership, the prospect of Israel making some sacrifices in order to do a peace deal could have achieved success – but every bomb that falls, every bullet that kills (generally an innocent civilian – on both sides) hardens attitudes & will mean generations to come will still face insecurity, the prospect of sudden death from the skies or by a suicide bomber. It’s the classic prisoners’ dilemma – only in this case neither side is prepared to show some good fiath.

    3. Charlie says:

      Jon Snow is a War MONGER and anti Israel wishing for Egypt to start a War with Israel “As stated on Chanel 4 News this evening” . Hamas started firing on Israel and has done so for many Years, if someone started firing Rockets at you “what would you do” Israel is now surrounded by Islamic Governments. If we do not support PEACE . Jon Snows WAR will be our HISTORY. Do not believe Chanel 4’s News all Propaganda. Islam has OIL and is wanting this to Brain wash and make people believe, Hamas is not the cause of this Trouble. Just look around the World who is causing the trouble around the World “Islam” No excuse Jon Snow ? Inciting a War !

      1. Ben says:

        It is not Hamas that is occupying Israeli land but the other way round and if you had been in an open prison for 50 years suffering as the Palestinians have you would throwing a rocket or two yourself put your self in their shoes and then answer the question.

      2. Kris says:

        Ah the old “what would you do?” argument again. Recent history can answer that for you. The IRA carried out bombing campaigns in London, and what we certainly did NOT do is go around destroying the homes of IRA suspects. Yes the British Armed Forces did some very questionable things during that conflict, but pummelling a helpless population? Nope. Using flechette weapons in densely populated areas? Also nope.

      3. shaz khan says:

        long live js for the Truth

    4. Anna says:

      Israel has more money, power, and weaponry. Palestinians are the weaker minority, oppressed, they have their basic human rights taken away by Israel. If that is not enough to make someone angry, I don’t know what is!

      Israel cannot be the aggressor and do bad things, and then not expect people to hate them or oppose them.

    5. Carol says:

      Funny you should say that, as you honestly believe now that you have blown to bits homes, churches, mosques, access to the most basic facilities, whole families, the victims that are left behind are going to leave you alone.

      You have left them NOTHING to lose, and unbearable pain

      Sharon’s views are far from the minority other wise these ruthless men would never be elected, his dad was elected after he was convicted of crimes against humanity in the Hague, while the opposition was an academic, these are exactly the kind of people Israeli’s want to represent them.

      What’s happening today in Gaza happened before each and every election in the last 20 years, it’s the election campaign aimed at the blood thirsty supporters.

    6. chris elam says:

      If you were a Palestinian today, you would believe that the entire population of Israel wanted you all dead, so is it any wonder that they such hatred towards a neighbour whose sole aim is to crush their dignity and life force?
      Palestine could do without Hamas, Israel could do without the present govt,
      Open dialogue between peace loving, visonarys is now the only way forward, but it seems the situation in Gaza is stuck in reverse,

    7. vicki says:

      Do you wish the Palestinians to be left in peace? Do you wish they had their land back? No you don’t do you? You want the right for YOU to live in peace… In 1948 you took dominant control of those lands after the persecution of your people and given that power you abuse another people. ..kill them, take away their rights, and fence them in… how quickly you forgot… today is YOUR judgement on earth and people are watching in despair at your power and cruelties… war crimes… The victims who became the oppressors…. It is clear proof that religion corrupts and as an atheist I am amazed that anyone could do this to another person in the name of a sky fairy…. adults take responsibility for themselves and Israelis refuse to do that…. The sympathy people had for you after WW2 is being obliterated with every bomb you drop

    8. john says:

      I agree with Israel they have to remove Hammas and the rockets completely. What did we do in Britain when rockets and bombs were dropped on us for 5 years? – Bomber Harris flattened Dresden, Cologne etc. How do we expect a democratic nation like Israel to tolerate bombs raining down on their towns and cities by a terrorist group for more than 5 years?? There has to be collateral damage, caused by Hammas when they fire rockets from Schools and Kindergartens?? Shame on Hammas they must be blamed and shame on us for tolerating them!

      1. Arch9enius says:

        ‘Bomber’ Harris was wrong. Most Brits nowdays will tell you he was wrong, with the benefit of not having had Nazi bombs fall on them. He wasted munitions, aircraft and aircrews lives on indiscriminate bombing for.. revenge? a desire to see Germany obliterated? Eventually he was removed and bombing returned to industrial targets, though of course this was still hardly ‘surgical’ from 5 miles up with iron bombs.

  2. Sumaiya says:

    Hello Mr Snow.

    I have always been impressed with your impartiality.I am in Pakistan and cannot keep uptodate with channel 4’s news.However,I was wondering if you have had any recent interview with Mark Regev?

  3. nuffbombing says:

    Yes, get Mark Regev on again.

    At least he depicts Israel as it really is. He should be put out in the middle of Sesame Street too. Mark Regev would let all the kids know what kind of place Israel is, using the language of the Israeli government.

    1. musasabi-j says:

      “We need to flatten entire neighbourhoods in Gaza. Flatten all of Gaza. The Americans didn’t stop with Hiroshima – the Japanese weren’t surrendering fast enough, so they hit Nagasaki, too”.

      So, Gilad Sharon believes the Japanese are to blame for the tragedies of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. He thinks that Americans did what should be done. Yes? Japanese are bad guys and therefore deserve the two a-bombs. Yes? I happen to be a Japanese and do believe that those who took my country into the war with the West were wrong or not wise enough to realise that there were no chances at all to win the wars. But that does not mean to say that Americans were right not to stop at Hiroshima!

  4. Wilhemina Bothwell says:

    Dear Jon
    I would be delighted to hear an alternative way of solving the problem of rockets raining down on Israeli populations for years. Please don’t suggest ‘negotiations’. Neither Hamas nor Fatah want ‘peace’.They have said so. They want complete anhilation of Israel and Jews.
    (Note another video today: “From the Palestinian people to the Zionists: We’ve missed the suicide attacks. Expect us soon at bus stations and in cafés.” [Al-Aqsa TV (Fatah), Nov. 18, 2012]
    It’s very sad..but it is not good being starry eyed over people driven by an ideology that is stronger than death – even self-induced deaths of their own children by sending them out to be suicide bombers. Nothing excuses that.

    1. Carol says:

      Dear Wilhemina, I would love to suggest an alternative way of dealing with the situation and believe it or not, work in many countries, give every single person, regardless of their religeon, colour, race a chance to live with exactly the same most basic human rights, nothing more, nothing less.

      Israel is not only doing serious damage to the Palestinians, to their neighbors, but to the word democracy, as a person living in a democratic country, I would never want to be compared to Israel.

      They are also doing a lot of damage to humanity, 50 years ago it might have been ok to flex some muscles, but in today’s day and age, we use brains, fairness, equality, see the bigger picture and protect the weak and vulnerable, did you hear Obama’s speech yesterday? this is why millions of people all around the world are out right now protesting, not because we have nothing to do.

      it’s actually freezing in most places but it’s great to see that there are still people who know what is right and what is wrong.

  5. omar says:

    Natan, typically you are being completely hypocritical. How convenient of you to claim all the Israeli’s want is to be left alone whilst stating the Palestinians are a murderous mob. Commiting genocide, and firing rockets out of sheer desperation from having your homes and families taken away from you are two very different things.

  6. MarkW says:


    if you interview Israeli spokesmen again, would you ask:

    – are all journalists targets? (isn’t this illegal?)
    – are police targets? Doesn’t a population of 1.6 million require an effective police force in order to function?
    – why destroy the houses of parliamentarians, government, police?
    – will Gazans be allowed to rebuild their destroyed infrastructure?
    (electricity, water treatment etc.)
    – why are exports banned from Gaza?

    Also, can you force them to admit that lulls on 8th and 12th November were both broken by Israel in a deliberate act of provocation?

    Best wishes to Alex T. He had a narrow escape in Libya.

  7. Mark says:

    I find this sensationalist and misrepresentative of the general “zeitgeist” in Israel with regards their Palestinian neighbours. As a previous commentator observed, most Israelis simply want to be left in peace; Ariel Sharon’s unilateral disengagement plan was an olive branch towards achieving that aim and yet Hamas has repeatedly exploited this favour by using Gaza as a base from which to attack Israel. This has been going on more or less ever since disengagement, which as it turns out is completely reflective of the positions, about faces, lies and general cowardly approach the Palestinians take in their desire for an independent state; living in peace, side-by-side with their neighbour in a two state solution couldn’t be further from their minds.

    What this situation completely proves that any advancement, any giving up of position from the Israeli side as a means of promoting peace and goodwill will simply be sidelined and the Palestinians will continue with their voiced and well known aim of complete annhilation of the Jewish state. They now have a colleague in the guise of the Muslim Brotherhood Egyptian President, Morsi who wants Jerusalem to be the capital of the Islamic Caliphate.

    There are left-wingers, centrist and right-wingers in every political system – Israel is no exception; obviously Gilad Sharon is taking a right-wing standpoint on this issue but this isn’t reflective of what most Israelis want.

    1. Carol says:

      Hello Mark

      What sensationalist and misrepresentative of the general “zeitgeist” in Israel with regards their Palestinian neighbors.

      Actions speak louder than words, to say the most Israeli’s want to live in peace, when 85% are happy to blow up Gaza just doesn’t make any sense, do you have any idea what your own government is doing right now across your borders? what your neighbors are going through? How many dead children and elderly?

      What stopped you from getting peace over the last 65 years? or peaceful leaders? If you want peace, you’ll pick peaceful leaders, you’ll start talks, negotiations, discussions you don’t blow them to bits and expect us to believe you want peace, what is your definition of peace?

      You might have moved out of Gaza, but you’ve left them nothing to exist, how long is the redicolous list of banned products? how can they feed themselves or have roofs over their head? what about the wall? how can they get access to their land? how many women gave birth on check points? kids didn’t make it to school, if they did, they were actually shot while sitting in their class, do you honestly think we’re so naive we have no idea what really been going on?

      ‘The Palestinians will continue with their voiced and well known aim of complete annhilation of the Jewish state.’ are you supportive of a Palestinian state? did you respect or started a dialog with their elected leaders?

      You picked leaders who were convicted in the Hague of crimes against humanity, leaders who slaughtered their families and bulldozed their homes, what would you do if you were in their position?

      ‘Gilad Sharon is taking a right-wing standpoint on this issue but this isn’t reflective of what most Israelis want’. what do most Israelis want? what have they done about it? unless you can prove otherwise, GS is the image we have of Israel, that and the dead Palestinian children, bombed homes, phosphoric across Gaza, F16.

  8. goodnessme says:

    Natan should be a hasbara troll. Seriously. Sounds just like one.

  9. suzan Elawoor-Khan says:

    My entire family are all in Gaza, my own mother is in Gaza… they have been and still till moment bombarded indiscriminately since Wednesday up to now by the Israeli Army…. Yesterday they bombed an ordinary home in Gaza… (Eldalow family) they are my neighbours… from the same area where I was born and brought up…they killed indiscriminately the entire family kids, men , women… everyone… and what the Israel army said today… well it was a mistake!!…how many mistakes Israel needs to do and kill innocent Palestinian people indiscriminately before the International community and the USA stop taking the side of Israel and in fact encouraging Israel to kill more Palestinians…how many???? … I live in London now, and watching my own mother, family, friends and neighbours are all bombed and one by one killed in horrific unjust scary ways when they have nowhere to hid or to escape the way the Israeli people do…please help me to save my mother, family , friends and all my nation from Israel bombing… please help me … I am feeling so hopeless… helpless…. And have no idea what to do to prevent more of the Israel crimes against my people in Gaza… I do not know what to do…I do not know what to do….

    1. Wilhemina Bothwell says:

      The answer is to get your people to stop firing rockets indiscriminately into Israel. They did NOT steal you land/homes or anything else – history tell the truth and the victim mentality is becoming boring to say the least.

      1. Ali Browning says:

        have some compassion lady

  10. Wilhemina Bothwell says:

    Hamas to Israelis:

    We “love death more than you love life” -Hamas TV to Israelis:
    We “love death more than you love life” and also today: “The price will be high, Sons of Zion…
    All of Palestine is ours.
    There is nothing here for you but death”

    Their mantra never changes. How can we feel sympathy for their murderous lies?

  11. Y.S. says:

    The survival of the Palestinian people is at risk now.
    In peace talks between PA and Israel, Israel asks for more from the the Palestinians who have nothing more to give.
    In Gaza they have no respect for human life only if its an Israeli.
    Nothing has been learnt from world war 2 and the holocaust. SAD.

  12. Liron says:

    Mr Snow,
    Mr Sharon doesn’t represent the people in Israel. I wish this will never happen, I wish for peace.

  13. Donald Grewar says:

    Mr Snow, you have a privileged and responsible job working as a Television news presenter which you should respect. This evening you came across as a warmonger hell bent on inflaming the situation by trying to draw Egypt into the conflict with Israel. You are not a man of peace but a lover of war. Shame on you.

  14. maybe another time says:

    Maybe someone at channel 4 is in need of moderation? It took many lives and years for Israel and Egypt to stop fighting. Yet Chnnel 4 promotes, live on air the resumption of aggression? This is unbelievabl

    1. Mani says:
  15. angus mcdonagh says:

    Hello Jon,
    During your interview of the Egyptian commentor tonight you appeared to ask why the Egyptian Airforce was not bombing Israel. Is this correct?

  16. Tanya Mo says:

    Mr Snow, you have such a powerful position of influence every night. So much could be gained, so many people saved, helped and influenced by what you choose to broadcast. By dedicating such valuable air time to the peace makers, conciliators, the wise, the enlightened – those that have lifted themselves above the pathetic catch 22 scenario that the Palestinians and the Israelis find themselves in today. From both sides you could emphasise the positive forces, and start to bring a little light and hope to the many viewers you influence. And yet what did you choose to do tonight on the main news? You find the most right wing opinion of the crisis from Israel and give him valuable air time (and you justify it on the website by some garbled excuse that he is the son of a comatosed Sharon – I mean really!) – and yet knowing that this is an extreme minority view in Israel – you cause ‘mischief’ by inviting him on so you can confront him, (how righteous of you) thereby stoking up the flames of anger even further. What a waste, how cruel to the bereaved, and what a pity – at such a time when there is so much terror and suffering. Of course you could find ridiculous extremists from both sides – everyone knows what the extreme agenda has to say about the annihilation of Israel and even the Jews. At times like this, there is an urgent need for the wisest amongst us to put our egos aside and truly find ways to calm the emotions and help save lives, by weeding out from wherever you can find them, the messages of hope and reconciliation.

    1. Carol says:

      Tanya, as much as I appreciate what you’re trying to say, I have to support Snow’s decision to interview Mr Sharon, this problem has been for over 60 years, unless we actually get the relevant people to be as clear and precise of how they think, here in the UK, we have absolutely no idea who’s actually keeping this situation volatile for so long.

      You might think this man is a minority, however, his dad was elected and represented Israel, he didn’t get there through minority vote but a majority, neither are Netanyahu’s, these are not people who want peace, the only peace they want is of the land.

      The situation is already inflamed, there are more than 130 dead and 1000 injured, Mr Snow cannot always interview your polished politicians, but as a responsible journalist, he actually got the most honest interview I’ve ever seen.

      Over the last 65 years, thousands of people have been killed, this was not the 1st or the last operation but usually access to information is monitored, the interview with Mr Sharon was brilliant because he wasn’t prepared, he said things as they are, he didn’t expect Mr Snow to have read his article, every question came as a surprise, if anything, I believe all journalists should aim to get such an interview.

      1. tony says:

        Hello, just to say it’s refreshing to come across your viewpoint on the Israeli/ Palestinian conflict, plenty of people and news reports comment on the immediate situation but very few discuss the reasons why this bloody mess is actually happening.
        I find it crazy when the fighing erupted once again how so much importance is given to the killing of 1 citizen of Israel and yet hundreds of Palestinians can be wiped out and no-one bats an eyelid, talk about a second-class people, good to see someone talking sense.

  17. Anna says:

    Flatten all of Gaza???!!! Are you serious? Those are innocent people. Children! An 11 month old baby was killed by an Israeli bomb. The Israeli government is heartless…absolutely heartless and power hungry. And Sharon’s comments show what a black heart he has…just like his comatose father.

  18. Anne Muker says:

    With 12,150 people per square mile, how can terrorists be stationed in an unpopulated area? I’m not buying Israel’s line that civilians are human shields and their deaths are all the fault of Hamas.

  19. Zinc says:

    The partisan approach people take to the Israel palestine conflict forces people to ignore certain facts – facts like both sides aren’t prepared to do what it takes to find peace for their citizens. I think what Israel are doing currently is inexcusable and when you indiscriminately murder children as a state while labelling Hamas a terrorist group for indiscriminately bombing your side of the boreder you’ve basically labelled yourselves as terrorists.

    That Sharon article is a great example of the more extreme attitudes either side of the border – this man is now so twisted mentally he has two levels of innocent civilians worked around a similar concept to racism – of course the Israeli innocent civilians are the TRUE innocents according to him so presumably the children that get flattened in his dream of Gaza’s destruction are fair game – any adult who thinks like this is in my opinion, evil.

  20. Ghulam Muhammed says:

    It is wrong to blame US for Hiroshima and Nagasaki. In fact, American Jews were in the forefront of making the bomb and using it on Japan. The rest of American public had no say. So at this juncture it is more relevant to give due weight to the words and intents of Gilad Sharon and his followers. However, he must realise that threatened end of Ghaza is not the end of Muslim world.

  21. Dahlia says:

    The young Sharon is clearly a truth teller. He offers us a genuine glimpse into the murderous Israeli psychosis, and the message to be drawn is obvious. It is now time to admit that we cannot grasp the Israeli collective psychosis and fascination with violence and death without a deep understanding of Jewish culture, Jewish supremacy and Jewish tribalism.

  22. Ghulam Muhammed says:

    If US is for peace in Israel-Palestinian face-off, it must give the same defensive weapons to Hamas as it has given to Israel. With Gazan ‘Iron-dom’. both sides will be neutralised to a great extent. In another alternative, Hamas can procure those defensive rockets, from the same sources, that has provided them with attack rockets.

  23. Luke says:

    No, nobody is serious about that except a few extremists – if the rockets being fired into Israel stop and it stays that way then this humanitarian disaster ends – it really is that simple…

    1. Danny says:

      Yes, Luke, but not the 45 year old illegal occupation of Palestinian land, illegal wall, continuing breaches of Internationational and Human Rights law, etc, etc, etc.

    2. Y.S. says:

      Cannot use airport.
      Cannot use seaport or catch fish from the sea.
      Cannot import / export.
      Just accept the house and land you owned is stolen forever.
      Accept subjugation.
      Then you can have peace.
      Remember accepting subugation like in world war 2 led to the holocaust and the gas chambers.

  24. Mani says:

    The Warsaw Ghetto…. Gaza…. Hitler….Sharon
    plus ca change


  25. Gary says:

    Jon’s goading of the Egyptian foreign ministry spokeswoman on C4 News last night was unbefitting of the programme’s normally sound journalism. To suggest that Egypt should support Gaza by making some military intervention against the Israelis was as ludicrous as it was irresponsible.

  26. marzipan says:

    as an indonesiancitizen i regret everyday i have lived that i did not realise the pain my govt put the Timorese people through… i pray Israel finally wakes up and sees the truth… you are an occupying power… as an occupied people, Palestinians will fight back… anyone in their position would….

  27. Tanya Mo says:

    So you see Mr Snow – Anna’s comments straight after mine above illustrate my point exactly!

    Shame on you!

  28. Prince says:

    An honest journalist who isn’t afraid to challenge extremism is to be applauded. The son of the ‘Butcher of Beirut & Shatila’ and countless other genocidal escapades mirrors the same extremist sentiments. Every once in a while, despite the Israeli media machine pretending he facade of ‘victims’ you get the real extremist face seep through. Gilad, thank you for showing the face that Hamas see of your country, the one to which they respond with actions. Rockets firing should stop, but sending Jet fighters, tanks and missiles on innocent women and children? You call that ‘defending’ yourself? Interesting…Bin Laden called 9/11 the very same thing. Well done to John Snow for journalistic integrity and genuine thorough research. Stand your ground my friend, we need more journalists like you!

  29. Tanyo Mo says:

    Carol, can you hear yourself?

    You say of Gilad Sharon: “…his dad was elected and represented Israel, he didn’t get there through minority vote but a majority, neither are Netanyahu’s, these are not people who want peace, the only peace they want is of the land”.

    Gilad Sharon says: “The residents of Gaza are not innocent, they elected Hamas. The Gazans aren’t hostages; they chose this freely, and must live with the consequences.”

    You sound just like him! This is what Snow produces with his incendiary device and demonstrates precisely why he should be wise and responsible. Selective journalism designed to heighten tension and anger breeds indoctrinated thinking – good guys and bad guys – us and them. Simple, black and white.

    People are people. They have all the same angers, fears and emotions. We are not in their shoes and have no idea how we would react or behave in similar circumstances. You have no idea that ‘the only peace they want is the land’. In all the time I have traveled in the middle east I have consistently met decent and kind people on both sides – all caught up in a circumstance they cannot control – and every single one I met wants peace. In the height of fear people might scream out in anger but I didn’t meet anyone who wants to flatten the other, that approves of summary public executions or blowing up buses. The moderates and peace makers are there on both sides and that is who Snow should seek out and expose to you. Maybe then you too would not think like Gilad Sharon.

    1. Carol says:

      Tanyo mo, I have no idea how did you come to compare me to Gilad Sharon, but surely when 85 – 9o% of a population cannot see anything wrong with an invasion against defenseless trapped population and support military actions, then I am entitled to think that these people have crossed the lines of humanity.

      As for me believing all they want is a piece of the land, simply because the previous week, straight after the American election, they’ve announced the building of 1000s of new settlement, also because if you actually look at the 1967 map and what’s left of it, you’ll be naive not to see what’s been going on, which is the only obsticle to any peaceful solution or a viable Palestinian state.

      But what’s the alternative? maybe 65 years ago war was the in thing, I don’t know as I wasn’t born then, NOT today, not any more, we live in a civilized world that we all have to find a way of getting along with one another, talking, working together, regardless of what religion, colour or race, we all have people who upset us, but I don’t expect my government to go and blow them up, kill their children, am I missing something here?

      Israel wants everyone on this planet to believe that it is the only democracy in the Middle East, and as such, I would take from that that 85-90% is a good indication of what Israeli people want, think and feel, are you saying that during your visit, you did not meet or see any of the 85-90% of these people.

      For things to change (long overdue), each and every Israeli should make sure that who ever is representing them know exactly what they want, if they want peaceful leaders, then they vote for peaceful leaders who’ll do nothing but work on building relationships and bridges, the whole world will help them.

      This morning on fb there was a simple picture saying good morning from Palestine, within hours they had thousands of people sending good morning from every single corner of this planet, places you never knew existed, they were just happy to wake up after a night without bombing.

      I was referring to what Gilad Sharon and the 85-90% population of Israel who created what took place right in front of our eyes, that’s more than enough for me to form an opinion, that’s not them or us, black or white, the only black or white here is the action Israel took and the dead and injured people.

      1. shaz khan says:

        A very good message for the viewers :)

  30. Plato says:

    It is time NATO relieved Gaza before the population turn to Islamic State?

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