Published on 21 Nov 2012

Bus bombing in Tel Aviv as diplomatic efforts continue

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Good evening. Jon here with tonight’s headlines. 

Bus bombing in Tel Aviv as diplomatic efforts continue

Just as people were talking about a ceasefire between Israel and the Palestinians in Gaza, a bomb explodes on a bus in Tel Aviv and 21 are injured. There is an immediate bombardment of Gaza – a stadium, bridges, and other infrastructure are destroyed. US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is on the ground in Israel and the diplomatic effort for a ceasefire continues. Chief Correspondent Alex Thomson is in Gaza. Our reporter in the field Inigo Gilmore is at the scene of the bomb blast in Tel Aviv.


Fijian-born soldier who served in the British army will not be deported

The Fijian-born soldier who served in the British army in Iraq and Afghanistan and who was in the process of becoming a British citizen is not to be deported as a result of a minor assault charge. Indeed, the UK Border Agency is to make a significant pledge in the future to never deport another Commonwealth soldier who has served with British forces in such circumstances.


Eastern Congo killings

Congolese rebels have seized the city of Goma in the east, together with another significant town, Sake. M23 militia led by General Bosco Ntaganda – an indicted war criminal – met no resistance from either the United Nations or the Congolese army. Despite Congo having the second biggest UN peacekeeping force in the world, UN troops seem to have been incapable of interfering with the course of events. Foreign Affairs Correspondent Jonathan Rugman is reporting.


‘Thousands’ of child sex exploitation cases unearthed

In Britain, the Children’s Commissioner has issued a report on child exploitation. He describes some 16,500 adolescents at risk and chronicles widespread grooming. It is a shocking report and we have some very disturbing interviews with young people who have suffered at the hands of gangs whose central aim was the recruitment and exploitation of young girls and boys. Home Affairs Correspondent Simon Israel has the details.


Archbishop: Church less credible after women bishop vote

Political Correspondent Michael Crick is out trying to make sense of the Church of England Synod’s vote on women bishops. The rejection has caused dismay inside and outside the church. The outgoing Archbishop of Canterbury, Dr Rowan Williams, said that a solution must be found rapidly if the church is not to suffer grievous harm from the vote.


Angela Merkel unplugged

Political Editor Gary Gibbon is in Germany ahead of the European summit tomorrow. He looks at who Chancellor Angela Merkel really is – an intriguing portrait at 7 on 4.


Chelsea and Roberto Di Matteo ‘part company’

Finally, Roberto Di Matteo has become the ninth Chelsea manager to leave in less than nine years following last night’s defeat. Sports Correspondent Keme Nzerem explores the tension between the oligarchy, the ball, and the net.


In goal tonight on Channel 4 News, I am joined by Cathy Newman and beware: we are a team and we score goals from our own goal line.



One British pound = US$ 1.594 or euros 1.243
The FTSE closed up 0.18 per cent to 5,758.


Generally dry with clear spells in the east. Clouding over from the west, with strengthening winds before outbreaks of rain move into the west later on, turning heavy for Northern Ireland and western Scotland.
Rain spreading slowly eastwards, turning very heavy in places, before clearing Northern Ireland, then Scotland later. Very windy with gales or severe gales in many areas.

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3 reader comments

  1. kevin wilson says:

    Why do we keep on pumping millions into europe when the books have never been written off??…where is all the money going…the truth is no one knows!!

  2. margaret brandreth-jones says:

    I have blogged on C4 snow blog for many years now, putting my own,perhaps rather inferior perspective on the news. To be fully informed about all world issues would require constant attention to research and analysis on all topics.This in the main for the blogger/ commenter would be impossible, as we have are own lives and careers.I am typical of those who think about the inhumanity in the world ( but lack knowledge), react to it emotionally,but feel impotent to rectify any of the problems. This lack of knowledge of the finer points of world politics does not make my type any the less involved in the problems created by governments or vigilante groups ,either in an emotional or social way. It affects us all.From this position it is therefore of the upmost importance that the news seen and heard is accurate and not sensationalised; not that it needs to be sensationalised as the horrors are self evident. My views are just as important as all who react to certain aspects of life .We all play a part in the extremes of life and those who make a living out of others suffering are privileged, not essentially superior to the lives they are entering and showing on TV. The acts of maleficance displayed to us are in my opinion inferior to good,yet if we consider the young children in the Israel / Palestine conflict in Gaza being taught how to use rifles and witness killings ,is it surprising that wickedness is perpetuated?

    As we think about the new Archbishop appointed and various churches hierarchical systems , I feel that it is important not to discard historical / biblical text whether the chapters were written in a figurative manner or otherwise. The bible has been around long enough for people to illicit what is good and heartfully written and text which is based on violence of the time.This text should not be used wilfully and pedantically to give a counter argument for its peaceful theosophy. The simple message ‘Thou shalt not kill’ and the word is God and God is love, should indicate the overall intention of the religiously minded of the times.This is simple stuff , but it reigns higher in the world than all the evil created by those who misuse these basic messages for their own power.

  3. mic says:

    I can’t find a relevant blog for teh energy issue of fuel prices; Maybe it was covered by faisal;

    Wonder if Jon Snow would diclose if he has given his 200 winter fule entitlement to charity or someone more needy?.

    He probably spends 200 quid on socks and undeshorts. ,. if his suits cost 800 quid.
    How much did his nike cost

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