25 Jul 2014

Gaza is not just about them, it's about us, too

She lay in my arms. Just weeks old, a tiny baby. Her Palestinian father had just handed her to me at the infernal steel border building at the exit of Gaza into Israel. She did not cry. She just looked at me with her beady, dark eyes.

Her father was trying both to open her pram, and steady his wounded wife in her wheel chair. Their luggage was scattered at the final entry gate as if just thrown through it.

We shared no common language, it had just seemed inevitable that as the only other able-bodied human in this absurd transit room, I should care for the baby.

I know not their story, nor how, alone seemingly, they were the only Palestinians, in that brief half-hour of Israeli aerial ceasefire, to have been allowed across.

But holding this girl baby connected me again to the wardfuls of small children so brutally smashed by this odious war. Connected me too to the ever-present reality that the average age in Gaza is 17 and that a quarter of a million are children are, like the babe in my arms, small children.

I could see the young Israeli IDF guards peering at me through the steel room’s bullet-proof glass. They were the same women who, from another glass window, had barked commands at me though a very public address system.

“Feet apart!” they said. “Turn! No, not that way – the other!” Then, in the next of five steel security rooms I passed through – each with a red or green light to tell me to stop or go – a male security guard up in the same complex above me shouted “Take your shirt off – right off. Now throw it on the floor… Pick it up, now ring it like it was wet” (it was wet, soaked in sweat).

From entering the steel complex until I reach the final steel clearing room where I held the baby, I was never spoken to face to face, nor did I see another human beyond those who barked the commands through the bullet-proof windows high above me.

Finally, even a little reluctantly, I handed my little bundle of humanity back to her father. At that point, the nicest of Israelis, a British-born captain greeted me by name and then moved straight to the aid of the arriving Palestinians.

My own bags came through, my lightweight laptop lying askew with the screen open on top of them. The people behind the glass had had it for fully half an hour.

As I waited for my camera crew and waved goodbye to my Palestinian family, I pressed the laptop on. There was my familiar screen saver but suddenly imposed over by a sequence of pretty black and yellow tartan-like barcodes and a wide top-to-bottom stripe of white, edged with vertical coloured lines.

When I remonstrated later with the senior Israeli military PR officer, he didn’t deny that “they” had probably done it. He added: “You never know, it may all go away.” It hasn’t.

Relatives of Palestinians mourn outside a hospital morgue in the northern Gaza Strip

Palestinians mourn relatives killed in an attack on a UN-run school in Gaza

Nor has Gaza’s agony, which deepened with the UN school attack as I was crossing. I feel guilty in leaving, and for the first time in my reporting life, scarred, deeply scarred by what I have seen, some of it too terrible to put on the screen.

It is accentuated by suddenly being within sumptuously appointed Israel. Accentuated by the absolute absence of anything that indicates that this bloody war rages a few miles away. A war that the UN stated yesterday has reduced 55 per cent of  Gaza’s diminutive land to a no-go area.

Go tell that to the children playing in the dusty streets or the families forced out of  shelters like the UN school compound, to forage for food beneath shells and missiles.

In and out of an Israeli transit hotel for a few hours in Ashkelon, an hour from the steel crossing-point from Gaza, there were three half-hearted air raid warnings. Some people run, but most just get on with what they are doing.

They are relatively safe today because  Israel is the most heavily fortified country on earth. The brilliant Israeli-invented, American-financed shield is all but fool-proof; the border fortifications, the intelligence, beyond anything else anywhere.

This brilliant people is devoting itself to a permanent and ever-intensifying expenditure to secure a circumstance in which there will never be a deal with the Palestinians. That’s what it looks like, that is what you see. It may not be true.

The pressure not to go on this way is both internationally and domestically a minority pursuit.

Smoke rises from the Gaza Strip after an Israeli air strike

Smoke rises from the Gaza Strip after an Israeli air strike

Leaving Israel and beleaguered Gaza far below me, I lay back in my BA seat headed for London. I donned my headphones and listened to Bach’s heavenly violin concerto in E major, and wept, as I rarely have as an adult.

I wept for two peoples with remarkable similarities. Two peoples of extraordinary gifts and ability. Two peoples living in an area far smaller than England, one of which besieges the other, both of which target each other’s civilians.

This is humankind’s most grievous cancer, for its cells infect conflicts in every corner of the world. We fail as humankind if we do not devise a coming-together. Our leaders, as a vast priority, have to try and try again to use every mechanism in our rare animal capacity – our considerable intellects – to bring these peoples to resolution whatever the cost.

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  1. Paul Medlicott says:

    Jon that was unbearably moving. I am probably one of perhaps millions looking on impotently and wondering where this may all end. Hamas undoubtedly have a case to answer but Israel seems (to an outsider) to have lost all sense of decency and perspective–there seems no will to find a solution, and their appalling spokespeople seem to be constantly on the edge of aggression should anyone challenge them. Israel and the Jewish nation have for many of us a deep well of goodwill–we all know their history–but that well has run dry and the time for accountability has arrived.

    1. Tanya says:

      Could not have put it better myself Paul – thank you

      1. Miss Castello says:

        I’ll second that.

    2. Ciaran says:
    3. tanja says:

      Paul – good comment, but the term ‘salespeople’ is a bit more appropriate than ‘spokespeople’.

    4. David says:

      Points well made Paul and sums up how I feel. To see small children and mothers subjected to Israeli bombardment is beyond humanity. It must stop.

    5. Monique Buckner says:

      Paul, it’s not the Jewish people who are doing this, it’s zionists and zionism which in fact has many Christian fundamentalist supporters who believe that a big war in Israel will bring back Jesus. It’s mainly (at least in the beginning in roughly 1897 when Theodor Herzl founded zionism) a secular European colonial movement. I’d like to think of Netanyahu and his fascist cronies as using Jews as human shields in order to commit his crimes against humanity, war crimes, apartheid, etc.There are so many of all faiths and no faiths who really want to see justice for the Palestinian people and full equality for them.

      1. Karl Castan says:

        People do these things isms are an excuse a justification.

      2. mark wright says:

        Monica – thanks for crucial qualification.
        Jewish vs Zionist

      3. A Jew with a View says:

        Really. Please explain then why if anti-Zionism is not the same as anti-Semitism, Jews who may even be anti-Zionists are being threatened around the world.

        For example: Anti-Jewish leaflets found on cars on NW Side (Chicago).


      4. ZER says:

        You are right indeed. People fail to realise what Zionism is about.

      5. Stem says:

        Zionism may be a problem, but when viewed within the larger scheme of things, and duplicitous American influence, it could also be seen as a symptom of more sinister design and an effective scapegoat for the only country in that regional which seems able to avoid war and conflict; Saudi Arabia. Egypt’s counter revolution, the Syrian war, Afghanistan war, Lybian war, Iraqi war and Irans next, all surround this haven of tyrants, wealth and oil. It would seem that the best villians, with each of these countries having had their own, are the ones you control, and America has a long list of these unwitting evil men and fanatical groups to act out their dirty, deadly deeds.

      6. Ophir says:

        You are so one sided that it makes it unworthy to even try to reason with you.
        The fact that you say it is Zionists and not Jews shows you have been brainwashed by Palestinian propoganda and the fact that you choose to ignore the truth in which rockets are deliberately fired from Gaza to populated aress to deliberately harm children and civilians in Israel shows that you are evil and blind.
        I realy do not know how can you live with yourself in the same house.

      7. Tollerantheart says:

        We are talking about an oppressed occupied Palestine. They face one of the most powerful brutal armies in the world. This is not about rockets or tunnels .Do not believe the propaganda In fact it is better for Israel that the rockets are fired as it gives them the excuse to annihilate the people and infrastructure .It is the belief that it is Israels God given right to own all the land and push the Palestinians out .One way or another. Genocide?

      8. Vyas Chady says:

        Yep, the Zionist Christians in USA alone are more than double the total Jewish population of Israel. Plus more are being recruited internationally.m

      9. jim owens says:

        God will extract vengeance for the killing of innocent people in palestine and jerusalem, it would be wonderful if he could smite them now. He wishes to hold fire and as a human being it is hard to accept these deaths, knowing that no government is or willing to stop the troubles, we are driven by greed and governments say whats in it for us? All we can do is pray to God to make the fighting stop.

      10. dan watland says:

        Very well written news article, but as always inaccurate comment. Our God would never kill incentives children. Like it was during the time when Jesus was here in the flesh, so is it today. Spiritual wickedness in high places is at the root. The second coming of Christ will be as the first coming the Jews are expecting. God himself will be the final judge of all things. The Jews will be hated of all nations before the prophecies are fulfilled. I do not support these actions. The nature of Almighty God is Love. He is King of the Jews and many Jews are acting on their own in the flesh, others are in prayer waiting for His return in the clouds. When God appears in the clouds, this is when the fear of God will be on all people throughout the world. We all have a freedom of will. Either believe on the name of Jesus and be save from all unrightiousness or not. Everything will have a chouce.

      11. safz1 says:

        So true . well said..

    6. Shazia Saif says:

      Amen. Well said Paul

    7. FunknJunk says:

      well said. well has run dry….

    8. Claudio says:

      Paul, well said!!!!!

    9. Mark Wright says:

      Well said Paul, thanks.

    10. abdul samad says:

      it’s so sad… “to understand who you have become you have to see who you never critisize” it’s a old bangolie saying.
      why does our government not condemn this barbarism strongly and demand sanctions against Israel? make Israel adhere to international law.

      1. Interesting Saying says:

        Abdul Samad. “to understand who you have become you have to see who you never criticize” This is a very insightful quote. Do you know how to say it in Bengali? I am trying to find the original because it is so well written. Thank you.

    11. Andrea kennedy says:

      Hasbara is the ministry for propaganda in Israel. They invest huge time, money and manpower in the all Palestinians are terrorists mantra. That Israel is the victim but so many elements of this theory just dont add up. Firstly all of Palestine is under severe occupation. Highly funded highly effective occupation. Israeli troups have access to all areas of palestine. They as a government have a confirmed history of runninh with the fox and the hounds to achieve their objectives. They also have belief that they are gods people and this is the land he has made their destiny. The casualties are not consistent with a hamas who has any power. ISRAEL has all the power and people have to start to understand this. Irsrael has totally lost the plot and needs to be saved from commiting genocide.

    12. john hudson says:

      i dont think we can even ask hamas to answer any more paul. It has been very clear for over 10 years now that Israel needs Hamas to fire the odd rocket so it has some however weak, reason to continue its ethnic cleansing of the region. Even today, Jon, you are making a brave stand but are only able to act within your own constraints. Anyone who has studied the crisis in any depth will know that Israels policy is to expand the state from the nile to the euphrates, and is only doing so at this relatively slow pace to allow time for its propaganda arms to continue to ensure that they are not portrayed poorly in their genocide. In this perhaps they are failing, but our media outlets are best at turning outrage into apathy. Jon, what are you going to do now? Now that you have seen the beast in all its rage and hatred? I remember an interview that you did with russel brand; a person who is usinghis fame to clearly express what we all have been thinking. this modern world is the bloodiest and most barbaric that has ever been. your only counter argument was “whats the alternative”? and even that was only an argument of apathy. Surely the only answer in the context of our individual inability toeffect change is to make sure that we individually clearly stand opposing oppression in word and deed so that we know that we did what we could and kept our dignity while the world powers vied in taking the dignity of the weak. I salute you for being the only journalist willing to do that on mainstream, but still we know that in doing so you are providing the mainstream with a licence to bark “balanced reporting” in the same way israel barks “defending against rockets”

    13. Irfan says:

      Well said Paul, religion has no part to play in this war. Humanity comes before religion and it’s clear for all to see the super intelligent sophistiacted Israelis (not Jews) have lost touch with humanity.

    14. Geoff Langridge says:

      Well said, and speaks for, perhaps, millions of us who feel outraged yet impotent at the atrocities we are witnessing.

    15. Ruchira Patel says:

      A deeply heartfelt thank you to Jon Snow and the entire Channel 4 News reporting team, for keeping us informed on these terrible events.
      I strongly advise you to seek medical help to deal with the horrors you have witnessed.
      The mental health of the traumatised victims in this conflict is secondary to their struggle to live. I wonder about the mental scars of the children who have witnessed such atrocities.

    16. Ivan says:

      I have a very good friend who is a senior UK diplomat, and as apart of a fact finding mission was sent to Palestine a few years ago. When I ask him-why do you guys just sit back and do nothing about this carnage? He replied, this can all stop tomorrow if the US says to Israel to stop. However, he says, they will not and thus Israel can do whatever it wants and no one (his actual words) can stop them.

      1. Monique Buckner says:

        It’s true, Ivan. It’s the US who fund Israel and arm it in order to have a proxy state in the Middle East. However, I don’t believe there is nothing we can all do. Palestinian civil society, perhaps inspired by the success of South Africa to end apartheid, called for boycott, divestment and sanctions against Israel. Israel (and no doubt the US) is funneling huge amounts of money to try and counter this chosen form of resistance. The two countries are genuinely worried about the growing success of the boycott (also known as BDS).

        So what we can all do: check the label to see if it’s made in Israel and don’t buy it. Complain to the store manager about stocking products like SodaStream, settlement figs and herbs, etc. Here’s a small list, but always read the label or ask shop assistants if you aren’t sure:


      2. kt o'connor says:

        Israel is set up like a nut. Smashing the nut is not an option. Cracking the nut is not an option. Baking the nut is though. Disinvest. Boycott. Embargo.

      3. RichardU says:

        Sanctions on the Russians but not a whisper about Israel. The facts speak for themselves.

    17. Adam Waterhouse says:

      The current bombing of Gaza is just one of countless acts of attempted politicide that Israel carries out against the Palestinian people. The majority of them go unrecognised outside of those of us who are following this issue the whole time through web-sites such as Mondoweiss and The Electronic Intifada. The term politicide was coined by the Israeli Sociologist Barach Kimmerling in his book ‘Politicide: Ariel Sharon’s War Against the Palestinians’ and is defined by him as “a process that has, as its ultimate goal, the dissolutionof the Palestinians’ existence as a legitimate social, political, and economic entity.”

      When Netanyahu said that Mamoud Abbas had to choose between creating a unity government with Hamas or peace he was making a threat and what is happening now is the fulfillment of it. The kidnap and murder of the teens was just a pre-text. For a further explanation of this see this interview with Max Blumenthal on Russia Today:


      If you care about what is happening to the Palestinians and recognise it as wrong please consider joining Palestine Solidarity Campaign: http://www.palestinecampaign.org

      We desperately need people throughout the world to make the move from passive sympathy for the Palestinian cause to active and practial support for the Palestinian rights in order to gain the ‘critical mass’ that we need in order to actually make a difference to what is happening on the ground.

    18. David says:
    19. Robbie says:

      Whenever I see that Regev man blasting his propaganda I remember him denying the use of White Phosphorous, even while it was falling from the sky over his shoulder on live TV.

      Israel is officially indefensible, regardless of the history of the Jewish people.

      The suggestion that the abused often become the abusers has never been more obvious than it is right now.

    20. Kate Phillips says:

      Unbearably moving –I cannot think of a more appropriate description.

    21. Bill Finn says:

      I was hugely grateful to Jon Snow for his reporting and his interview with the Israeli foreign minister he stood up where the BBC had failed miserably in its policy of “balanced reporting “.

      I am sure I am not alone in the shame and anger I have in our elected politicians on all sides for their failure to speak out due their fear of upsetting our American “allies”. By their failure to make a stand they are complicit in what is being done. The BBC are wholly biased as demonstrated by Andrew Marr as he failed to interview Milliband today properly on is views on Gaza and yet another UK politician was allowed to get off the hook. Fortunately C4 news does permit proper aggressive interviewing and some holding of Israeli spokes people to account as they try to defend the indefensible and insult our intelligence.

      Israel have used all their credits and sympathy up as they have proved themselves to be willing to act like fascists in the their land grab & treatment of the Palestinians as less than human and I have now reached the stage where I hope redress will come.

      The days of them getting away with accusing all who disagree with them as anti-Semitic I think is finally ending.

    22. Ootsli Gootsli says:

      Accountability Paul? should we be accountable to who? to you? to Britain? to the USA?
      to the UN?

      During WW2 when tens of thousands of Jews per day were going up in smoke, prominent Jewish leaders begged the allies to drop a bomb on the crematoriums. Not asking to save them just hold back the rate, even that was too much to oblige.

      Now you probably think oh there they go again going to play the holocaust card well truth is, we’re not. We’re just saying having learnt the hard way that the only way to survive is to fend for yourself this is what we are doing now.

      1. Geraldine Guest says:

        You say you have the need to look after yourselves . That is ok but you have a very powerful ally the U S . The Palestinians have no such luck. They have no rights and are powerless to face one of the strongest armies in the world The Holocaust was bad but why would anyone inflict so much pain and hardship to say nothing of the killing of innocent children even when they take shelter in UN schools which the UN had told the Israeli army no less than 17 times that they were there. Ethnic cleansing ……

    23. donaka says:

      Well put Paul. I would add two wrongs don’t make a right. The well is definately dry and Israel needs to realise that it can no longer rely on the guilt factor from ww2. Shame on you.

    24. Jed Dmochowski says:

      Our first duty as human beings is to care for the welfare of others. Once we recognise the value of peoples’ right to a culture then the mechanism which safeguards our respect for it, and its continuity, is the courage to see beyond our own defensive strategies as individuals and members of established groups. The source of such a sfaeguard is always the courage and will to recognise, both privately and publicly, our shared humanity. And even when we ourselves might have suffered unspeakable trauma, it is our acknowledgement of other’s rights that elevates the meaning of our suffering.

    25. Diana says:

      think what happends if Israel is inventing all to take all from PALESTINES ?

    26. Zvi Benari says:

      I am sorry to read your slanted article. Gaza is run by dictatorial terrorists who use child labor (as they admit) to build terror tunnels into Israel (no, not to get supplies, as Israel trucks in supplies to Gaza via 2 main gates, rather to murder children and anyone else).
      Israel’s 1st army casualty was a soldier killed by FRIENDLY fire, so don’t think that even the Israeli army can pin point just Hamas terrorists.
      Hamas rejoices in the death of Israeli citizens while Israel expresses regret at the loss of innocent lives of Gazans.
      To equate the two sides is naïve and beneath the level of a good journalist.
      Admittedly, Israelis are not the most polite (Brits are very polite), but the Brits are statistically and historically fairly anti-Semitic at times (not all of course, but a surprisingly high %) and the basis is discrimination and prejudice, not logical analysis of events.
      Britain has joined the US in fighting terror.
      If you saw the dead and mutilated children that effort causes sometimes, what would you say ?
      Should that stop the anti-terrorist effort ?
      Britain is not bordered on virtually all sides (+ Iran) by those who wish to destroy her.
      You may think that Israel is not in danger because of the Iron Dome, but the iron dome doesn’t stop tunnels or stabbing or cars driving over citizens or axes.
      Britain “occupies” northern Ireland and is not negotiating to give it back.
      I hope you think about these things and don’t let the horrors of war turn everything into moral equivalents.
      Despite military mistakes that Israel openly admits, I very strongly believe that Israel does not TARGET civilians – it is not in Israel’s interest to have such bad press. Note, Hamas did not apologize for or investigate ANY targeting of civilians, in fact it’s what they want … terror.

    27. Ellis says:

      My understanding is that there is no border dispute, between Israel and Gaza, there are no settlements in Gaza and no occupation.  I also understand that if the people of Gaza were to declare an end of hostilities with Israel tomorrow, remove all military weapons from Gaza and establish normal relations with Israel, the border with Israel could be immediately opened, a port and airport could start to be built and Gaza could be as developed as Turkey in 5 years and aspire to be like Singapore in 20 years.  All this could start happening tomorrow and the lives of 1.5m Gazans would be transformed to prosperity and wellbeing. I wish someone would ask Jon to ask his friends why this can’t happen now?

  2. sam says:

    … I think i represent the large majority of people when i say this….we have the greatest of respect for you.. You went into, what was nothing less than, a concentration camp at immense personal risk to your own life… Just so we the british public could see the truth about what was happening. A big thankyou to yourself and Jonathan Miller and Channel four for brining us the truth.

    1. ariana says:

      Could not have put it better myself.

    2. Riad says:

      I agree Sam.
      What Paul has done to show the World the stark reality of this asymmetrical siege at great personal risk is more than any of the major news networks have done.
      The BBC, CNN, NBC et al refuse to show the facts as they happen without applying the Israeli spin to it.

  3. Alex Braden says:

    Thank you Jon, beautifully written but incredibly depressing. We have been following from a distance via our various staff and other contacts in Israel and Palestine. Our Israeli friends are more and more worried about the extremist and racist groups forming within Israel. Many are horrified where the community has come to….

    We totally support your call for action NOW. We are supposed to be an organisation for reconciliation but somehow I feel a strong urge to knock heads together!!

    1. Jason Bowles says:

      Alex is referring to Encompass Trust. As a charity founded by Alex and his family as a result of their son Daniel being killed in the 2002 Bali bombings, we create dialogue between young people from six countries including Israel and Palestine. Our programmes have a shocking relevance at this time more than ever http://www.encompasstrust.org/message-board-of-peace/

      1. Eric Appleby says:

        Visitors to this blog may appreciate the heartfelt poem posted on the Encompass message board by Amit, its coordinator in Jerusalem:

        my friend,
        my dear friend,
        what happened to you
        you used to be so lovely and full of dreams,
        you used to call this land the holy land and there’s nothing holy in watering it with blood,
        you used to be so much more creative, if you can create bombs and war strategies surely you can create peace, if you can dig death tunnels surely you can dig your way out of this,
        if you can believe in your strength to carry the heavy losses, surely you can believe that under the hard skin of your enemy there is a beating heart like yours,
        what happened to you, my dear friend, that you covered yourself with fear and hate, show me where it hurts, so i can kiss you there, and remind you that whatever illness your heart caught, there is nothing you cannot overcome, whatever horror scenarios and memories keeps you shivering in the shadows, greater are the wings that hope will give you,
        rise from this war, my friend, awake from your nightmare,
        you have proven yourself to have such powers and bravery to stand in front of your enemy, now use them to cleanse the enemy within, now use them to be free from fear,
        if you are who you say you are, my friend, and you are,
        please stop hiding
        if you want to be a light to the rest of the world,
        well, my friend, it is time to shine.

  4. Donna Bella says:

    bless you for your humanity and your truth, massive respect

  5. Karima says:

    Thank you Jon for your blog articles on Palestine, they are very,very moving. We need more journalists like you who have compassion and intelligence. God bless you. You must have seen some awful scenes in Gaza. This world that we live in has lost its sanity. It seems to be an act of genocide. And you are so right that Palestinians and Israelis are similar. Muslims pretty much believe the Jewish prophets.

    My heart bleeds for all the innocent civilians who have died, most of them children. The United Nations needs to grow a spine and ACT.

    Once again, thank you Jon for being you, and for sharing the truth with the world. We are grateful

    Kindest regards,

    1. Gareth Glynn says:

      Karima; I totally agree with almost all you say, except ‘The United Nations needs to grow a spine and ACT.’

      Since 1947 Israel – with US support – has ignored numerous UN resolutions on Palestine. The major powers have ensured that the only UN agreements that get implemented are ones that support their own aims. So the UN has been neutered and cannot effectively do what it was set up for.

      To their shame many ‘liberal’ governments like the UK have stood on the sidelines, not wanting to upset the US. The situation worsened under Bush and Blair and now Obama seems to lack the will to use his power to bring back international justice.

      1. Lynn says:

        Gareth… I don’t understand what you’re talking about because it isn’t really based on any historical facts.

        You say that Israel – with US support – has ignored numerous UN resolutions on Palestine since 1947. What are you talking about? Name the resolutions.

        Ignoring your alternate reality, you have to understand that Israel was actually created after World War ONE not as a ‘pity gift’ after World War Two. Yes, Israel was founded when the Ottoman Empire was defeated in 1918 not after the Nazi Holocaust in 1945.

        The Partition Plan adopted by the United Nations on November 29th 1947 was accepted by the Jews, and rejected by the Arabs. REJECTED by the Arabs. Basically Gareth, what the hell are YOU talking about?

      2. Mike says:
      3. Daithi says:

        I don’t know what history books you have been reading but Israel did not come into existence until 1947. After 1918 the Sypes-Picot agreement of 1916 split the Turkish Empire provinces between the British and the French (see http://www.jewishvirtuallibrary.org/jsource/History/sykes_pico.html) for a map. The British had Palestine and they split that into TransJjroan and Palestine (Transjordan became the Kingdom of Jordan) but the remainder stayed as Palestine until 1947 and NOT ‘Israel’.

        To me, the only lesson that seems to have been learnt from the Holocaust is how to drive people you don’t like into a ghetto and then try to exterminate them

      4. Nigel says:

        Yes, you are correct, Israel have ignored the UN for many years and despite complete US backing, also ignore Obama’s call to cease building in the occupied territories.
        I am hoping the EU will come together and ban exports to Israel.
        Admittedly, Israel would buy goods and produce elsewhere but at least it would help our conscience.
        In the US the Jewish lobby is so strong it is said they can remove any president over time. Somehow I believe it as the news and information channels show incredible bias in reports from the region.

      5. Lynne says:

        With you all the way, Gareth!

  6. Shaheen Pathan says:

    Thank you for sharing this beautifully truthful piece.

    I’m glad to hear you are coming back to London safely but sad that you are leaving Gaza behind.

    I agree that both Palestine and Israel need a solution to live happily with each other. But firstly we need ceasefire right now.

    Thank you so much once again.

  7. Bushrah says:

    Heart-breaking what our fellow Palestinians are going through!
    Good to see the truth written openly by someone who has a voice! Keep going Jon Snow!
    #freegaza #freepalestine

  8. Robert Graham says:

    I once heard a wonderful discussion on Radio 3 on this subject. The participants were an Israeli and a Palestinian, each of whom chaired an organisation dedicated to trying to find peace and understanding with the other side. They agreed first of all that anyone who thought all the right and justice was on one side did not understand the situation. They also agreed that 96% or so of each population would give a lot for peace and a secure future for their children. Each side has fanatics who have too much power to drive the conflict and who are very good at manipulating the population. So much of the debate is about whether you support the Palestinians or the Israelis. I would say if you are human you must sympathise with the Palestinian population but that does not mean you have to agree with their leaders. Why does Hamas launch bombs which cannot achieve their aim of destroying Israeli civilians, knowing that the outcome will be more dead Palestinians? They might as well murder their own population. Why is the money for these expensive bombs not used to promote education and jobs in Gaza? How can you negotiate with Israelis who believe God gave them Judaea and Samaria and perhaps much else?

    1. Monique Buckner says:

      This is not a story of a misunderstanding between equal sides. There is a historical context in which Palestinians lost their country, Palestine, and their territory has been steadily shrinking ever since due to settlement expansion and land grabs. The Palestinians were ethnically cleansed in a genocide from December 1947 which has been creeping along to this day.

      Gaza has been under a 7/8 year brutal blockade by Israel that many international legal experts agree is collective punishment and illegal. I appreciate your wish for peace, but you need to understand the problem more deeply and what is at the root cause of it before you can hope for peace and justice and before you can even claim that an occupied people have leaders with ‘too much power’. The Palestinian people for all intents and purposes are virtually powerless and most certainly lack the financial, military and political support of the world’s only superpower (unlike Israel which enjoys impunity and political cover from the US and the UN).

      Some charge that Israel controls the US but it’s essentially the US which uses Israel as a proxy in the Middle East and the Palestinians are the population paying the price for US imperialism in the region, which began as European, specifically British imperialsim, after the Ottoman Empire fell.

      As for Gaza, I agree that rockets, if aimed at civilians (whether Israeli or Palestinian) constitutes a war crime. Over 10 years, 29 Israelis have ever died from Gazan rockets compared to hundreds of Palestinian children, men and women in just recent days. I am not exaggerating. I wonder how many people actually know this fact?


      Remember: the rockets from Gaza are right now being used by the government of Israel as a justification for genocide.

      Gazans, even if they do not think the rockets are very effective, say that this is the only time the world pays their plight any attention. It’s tragic that the only time people look at Gaza is when their children are being blown to bits by the Israeli army, navy and airforce combined.

      You can criticise Hamas for ‘not investing in education or jobs’- but they can’t- they’re under a blockade and have no money even for government salaries. After Hamas was elected, for instance, all financial assistance stopped going to Gaza because Israel wanted it so. It’s also up to Israel what is imported into the Gaza Strip and what gets exported (see Israeli organisation ‘Gisha’ for detailed statistics).

      At one point, Israel did not allow in books or children’s crayons so for all the money in the world, Gazan children couldn’t have a normal education. Israel keeps bombing their schools, which are already overcrowded from previous bombings that destroyed schools that could not be rebuilt because, yes, Israel did not allow concrete into Gaza. I really could go on about the inhuman conditions this people is subjected to. South Africa during apartheid did the same with subjugating a people while making sure they did not reach similar human development. It’s carefully planned and executed. And it’s called apartheid.

      I just want to mention that it is actually quite offensive to say that they ‘may as well be murdering their own people’. Tell that to a Palestinian in Gaza who has lost his whole family to an Israeli bomb or a woman who was carrying her baby while holding a white flag when an Israeli sniper shot her baby in her arms. Could you say the same for Jews in the ghetto who had the courage to fight back? Would you say to their descendants that ‘they may as well have murdered themselves’? Is this how we are conditioned to think of Palestinian lives? That they may as well murder themselves if they have the dignity and immense courage to fight their oppression? No, Robert, ISRAEL is doing a perfectly fine job of genocide without need for western apologies.

      Palestinians have a legal right to resistance, even armed. That Israel is slaughtering them should not be blamed on the victims who have a right to resist and defend themselves (funny how this right isn’t invoked for Palestinians).

      As others have observed before me, there can be no peace without justice and who of us has the right to be telling Palestinians otherwise? Aren’t we all equal and deserving of our rights? Isn’t this why they are called inalienable? That programme on BBC3 sounds appalling. It was liberal fluff that painted a dangerous picture of a false reality because the Palestinians really do have international law (land, refugee rights, right to freedom of movement, etc) on their side. That this BBC3 programme tried to dilute Israel’s very real moral and legal responsibilities as occupier and aggressor is appalling. But, as so many are now protesting, the BBC is pretty appalling in its ‘coverage’ of the occupation.

      1. Fairouz says:

        Dear Monique,
        Thank you, you said it all!!

      2. Minnie says:

        That comment literally restored my faith in (some of) humanity.
        Thank you.

      3. katy kay says:

        Thank you, thank you, thank you, can’t say it adequately or enough times. You pulled so many threads together, expressed what it has now taken me about 10 pages of streaming writing, was trying to edit, get it down to an essence like yours…..well, think I could be 100+ before I accomplished what you have done with beauty, skill, compassion when appropriate, and facts/historical and present, on the ground, real-time stuff.

        Is is ok to share your reply here, crediting you? Do you have a website or facebook/twitter page?

        Thanks again. You truly are a light in the dark with this piece.

      4. Aiysha says:

        Thank you Monique Buckner, you echo my sentiments. To think having a ceasefire will solve everything is naive. Israel has a master plan and they will not cease to impinge on the existence of Palestine until it is no more. Not one politician or the UN have questioned vigorously enough the settler programmes and illegal occupation of an ever dwindling state. How can we expect the Palestinians to now put down their rocks and homemade rockets when far too much sulphur and artillery has rained down on them. Real peace can only be achieved when Israel is brought to account and recompenses for every vile act carried it has carried out since the start of it existence. We cannot regurgitate the notion that israelis are victims when clearly they are not. We can all see through the lies our cowardice leaders present in the media

      5. Bob says:

        Monique, you are absolutely right in your assessment of the history and the current situation. Well said.
        Thank you


      6. WOB says:

        What total BS! If this WERE a genocide by Israel, there would tens of thousands of Palestinians dead, not hundreds. Why are you so blind? Israeli forces are taking unparalleled actions to try and prevent civilian casualties. Tell Hamas to stop storing rockets in basements of schools … to stop taking up fighting positions in homes and residences. They are cowards who use Palestinians as shields, caring not how many die, just as long as Israel is portrayed as the villain. We all know who the dogs are … Hamas!

      7. Emma says:

        I applaud you for such a detailed honest report of the true life in Gaza, details of which the media fails to tell the world. Well said!

      8. Isabel Henriques says:

        Dear Monique, your comment is very accurate and very well written. Thank you, I appreciate it.

      9. Jacqui O'Malley says:

        Monique, that is the most intelligent and definitive summing up I have seen written down. Given that the Israelis and their supporters are brainwashed against the Palestinians from birth, your summary is a very useful weapon against arguments and sudo justifications thrown down by these people. If you don’t mind I may quote your words.

      10. Saera Sulthana says:

        Thanks so much.
        Your emotions seem endless and full of meaning.
        Your correct other jounalists should read this and ponder, they hold a great trust, we all have trusts and the misfortunes that befall us is because of not fulfilling those trusts.
        Many people don’t cry and society is full of desire, violence even young children spend hours playing war games, how do we expect how heart to remain alive?
        Thus we see in the uk, mothers who kill there children, starve their children, mercy is dieing from a mother how can it be possible? It’s because we are so involved in this worldly materlistic life and are so selfish.
        Truth is these are all signs of day of judgement. We ourselves need to take heed.

      11. mair says:

        You have the audacity to refer to a historical context when just about everything you’ve written here is lie and regurgitated propaganda invented by the leftist thugs of the PLO and their communist sympathisers. This entire thread, including the words of the blog poster, weeping Jon Snow, are proof that facts are sacrificed to prose by the media, and the large majority of the public can be emotionally manipulated by tales like this such that they will never actually seek the truth or question events.

      12. Des.Clark says:

        I see your name is Mair.a very good Scots name.Your seem to be alone in your view.a deluded view..If Hamas did not exist Israel would surely invent them.The reality is that the abused has become the abuser.

      13. David Bakewell says:

        Thank you for your contributions – particularly contextual information, about the set-up of Israel, Monique. I have signed and shared too.

      14. Nova says:

        This is very well said. Very enlightening. Thank you.

      15. A Meki says:

        So many sad truths in your message. Thank you for taking the time to explain the reality of the Palestinian plight.

      16. James says:

        Thank you truthfully well said.
        Every time there us an attempt at peace negotiations there always seens to be an ill timed Israeli announcement of yet another settlement to be constructed. What kind if message is that to send to the Pakestninian negotiators thst you are serious about a peace agreement . This is standard operating procedure for the Israeli’s fir they have never been serious about having any lasting peace. Once they have grabbed/ stolen all the land what will there be left to negotiate?!!
        Systematically over decades the Israeli government has demolished historic Palestinian villages erasing their long history and renaming them with new Israeli names. The end gushes seems to be a systematic eradication of a people and a culture! The cry that Pakestine was a land without a people has always been a false invention of the aggressor and occupier , Israel.
        James Sugden

      17. rick says:

        “There is a historical context in which Palestinians lost their country”

        What country is that they lost? The area was ruled by Turks and then more recently by Britain. The 1930’s was the first time that the idea had been formed that an Arab sovereign state within Israel’s boundaries had ever been formally proposed. And this was only in reaction to growing sentiment of creating a Jewish sovereign state which was officially legitimized in the Balfour Declaration in 1917 which was fully rejected by Arabs living in Israel in 1918.

        Up until 1947, a two state solution was proposed but rejected by Arab leaders which ultimately led to the West Bank being assigned as part of Jordan. At that point was the first time any of Israel was under Arab sovereign rulership in our modern age. When the land was conquered in 67 by Israel, the initial forming of the PLO was the continuation of the opinion they had from 1947 that they only believed in the idea of a one state Arab sovereign solution from the Jordan River to the Mediterranean. It wasn’t until 1981 that Arafat even floated a two state solution, as the behest of Saudi backing (most likely this had to do with Ronald Reagan’s rise to power and the end of the oil shortage in the US, and subsequent push to have a greater role on the ME and OPEC).

        I am not arguing that Palestinians don’t have a claim to the land, but their claim as a country isn’t founded by them having ever had one in the past. Therefore, stating that this country was ever taken from them twists the historical context which is one of the land being controlled by first the Turks and then Britain.

      18. Nigel says:

        Rick, thanks for the history lesson but the state of Israel was only formed in 1948 so the Israeli’s have no historical claim to any land in that region.

      19. Rick says:

        Nigel, Jews didn’t just show up in 1948. There was a continuous community, albeit often small, throughout the common era.

      20. Dave says:

        Monique, I have no doubt that you are a kind and compassionate person, and if the history was as you present it, your conclusions would be 100% correct.

        But it’s not. Your version of events omits key facts that, when left out, present a picture entirely different from actual reality.

        While I do not want to spend the afternoon engaged in a debate, I will lay out several things for the readers here to consider. All I say can be independently verified from sources other than from Israel or the Jewish Community. (This, by the way is key to anyone who wants to understand this conflict–each side spins the truth so much that anyone truly seeking facts soon gets dizzy; it’s essential to find third-party sources to verify claims made in the Arab and Israeli press.)

        One: Your post asserts a colonialist, expansionist policy in Israel. This argument conflates a political point of view held by some with the national policy. It also flies in the face of actual historical fact. The 1948 war happened because on May 15, 1948, the Palestinians and the Arab nations refused to accept the UN partition plan and declared war on a nation less than a day old. The Israelis won terrority and the Palestinians were displaced. A tragedy, but at whose hands? If, as you and other posters here contend that we are bound by UN resolutions (Israel has been condemned here for ignoring UN resolutions) then certainly the rejection of the UN partition is an even bigger problem.

        When this happened, Egypt occupied Gaza and Jordan occupied the West Bank. They built the refugee camps and they put up the machine gun emplacements. And they kept the Palestinians in those conditions for 19 years. And nobody complained.

        In 1964–three years before Israelis occupied Gaza or the West Bank, and before Israelis were in East Jerusalem–the Khartoum Conference issued a statement that said there would be no recognition of Israel, no negotiations, and no peace. That same year, the PLO was founded. Three years before the occupation.

        Two: After the 1967 war, the Israelis tried to return the land won in the war, b

        . At the conclusion of the 1967 war, the Isra

      21. Dave says:

        Monique, I have no doubt that you are a kind and compassionate person, and if the history was as you present it, your conclusions would be 100% correct.

        But it’s not. Your version of events omits key facts that, when left out, present a picture entirely different from actual reality.

        While I do not want to spend the afternoon engaged in a debate, I will lay out several things for the readers here to consider. All I say can be independently verified from sources other than from Israel or the Jewish Community. (This, by the way is key to anyone who wants to understand this conflict–each side spins the truth so much that anyone truly seeking facts soon gets dizzy; it’s essential to find third-party sources to verify claims made in the Arab and Israeli press.)

        One: Your post asserts a colonialist, expansionist policy in Israel. This argument conflates a political point of view held by some with the national policy. It also flies in the face of actual historical fact. The 1948 war happened because on May 15, 1948, the Palestinians and the Arab nations refused to accept the UN partition plan and declared war on a nation less than a day old. The Israelis won terrority and the Palestinians were displaced. A tragedy, but at whose hands? If, as you and other posters here contend that we are bound by UN resolutions (Israel has been condemned here for ignoring UN resolutions) then certainly the rejection of the UN partition is an even bigger problem.

        When this happened, Egypt occupied Gaza and Jordan occupied the West Bank. They built the refugee camps and they put up the machine gun emplacements. And they kept the Palestinians in those conditions for 19 years. And nobody complained.

        In 1964–three years before Israelis occupied Gaza or the West Bank, and before Israelis were in East Jerusalem–the Khartoum Conference issued a statement that said there would be no recognition of Israel, no negotiations, and no peace. That same year, the PLO was founded. Three years before the occupation.

        Two: After the 1967 war, the Israelis tried to return the land won in the war, but

        . At the conclusion of the 1967 war, the Israelis petitioned the UN to return it. Under the terms of the Khartoum Conference, the Arabs refused to talk unless the Israelis immediately returner every square meter. The Israelis proposed a return of part of it in return for demilitarization of the returned land and negotiations for the return of the rest. The Arabs refused. This is part of the UN historical record.

        Three: The Israelis have returned the Sinai not once but twice to Egypt. They withdrew from Gaza 9 years ago, and the blockade–never a complete blockade as asserted in this thread–happened after Hamas attacks on Israel from Gaza. Again, this is part of the historical record.

        Four: The assertion that Israel forbade crayons and schoolbooks is patently false, and while it makes a good talking point for Hamas propagandists, is simply untrue.

        Five: In fact, the idea that Israel has blockaded Gaza and turned it into a prison is easily refuted on several counts. First, the Israeli port into Gaza remains open to this day. It is how Hamas got the cement they used to build the bunkers and tunnels that protect their leadership while they let their people die above. Second, it is the Egyptian port that is shut tightly, after Hamas killed Egyptians (which, apparently, they did again today–four Egyptians under the age of 15 were killed by a Hamas rocket today.).

        Six: One must ask what amount of responsibility Hamas and the Palestinian People bear for the calamity that their lives have become. At every turn for the last 66 years, the Palestinians have (often at the behest of Arab countries that used them as pawns) rejected opportunity after opportunity to make peace. Whether it was ’48 or ’67 or ’03, they have allowed the hard liners to veto the type of realistic solution that would have finally resulted in the State of Palestine, independent and free, that they deserve. Olmert was willing to surrender East Jerusalem to them, which is not even what the Partition Plan stipulated.

        None of this is meant to ignore or excuse the ways in which Israeli hard liners have, in recent years, committed wrongs or made peace less possible. But during the years in which the Palestinians had their best chance–1967, in particular–the Israeli left was in charge and a deal would have happened.

        I doubt that I will convince you, and I am sure that I will be falsely accused of being a hasbara troll (I am a teacher in California, and I am most definitely not on Israel’s payroll), but I hope that someone reading this will double check my facts and maybe bring a more sophisticated and complex understanding to this then the “Zionists are bad, Palestinians are good, problem solved” babble that only serves to empower extremists on both sides and further sideline those brave enough to face their own shortcomings and pursue peace.

      22. sue says:

        Dave if as you say you are a teacher and unbiased and not on the “payroll” , you would know that the point you are trying to make is just not true. I have lived on the West Bank and visited numerous occasions and have seen and first hand the racist and discriminatory treatment of Palestinians by the Israelies . Also if you do not believe the institutional terrorism thrown upon the Palestinians in Gaza , my only suggestion is , go there and live among them and see the day to day life they endure. As a teacher and i assume learned person you really should know that the Israelies are imprisoning , torturing , starving , stealing , land and water resources and economically keeping the Palestinians down . The Palestinians have tried through peaceful protests, but to no avail because the leaders of those actions were deported, look it up. Read about the United Nations findings on treatment of Palestinians and human rights groups that are there on the ground, the abused has become the abuser and it is not humanly fair . Go to Palestine or really talk to people that live under oppression and occupation, the Palestinians are brutalized everyday by soldiers and settlers and extremist. There are good and decent Israelies who believe the Palestinians should not be treated as animals and that their lives are also worth something and should be allowed basic human rights, unfortunately they are not in the majority. Do not just think you know the real truth until you REALLY know the truth and you get there by going to Gaza or the West Bank or just read credible books on the subject. Ther have been many written but as shown with many ,many people including President Jimmy Carter , when one writes or says things against Israel they are raked over the coals until they retract their opinion and once again pledge blind allegiance to Israel. I believe in peace and that can only come from acknowledging the other sides rights not just empty rhetoric that Israeli leaders use now to blanket a whole people as terrorist and not just people that want basic human rights, Israel created Hamas , read up on that it is a fact .

      23. Noura says:

        Well done ! You said it all!

      24. Suzette Carter says:

        Monique……while your commentary sums it up quite nicely you did’nt factor in the amount of Israeli fatalities caused by other bombings that include suicide bombers and shooting sprees all connected to Hamas & their Al-Aqsa brigades. From 1989 to 2008, that number is 804.

      25. Martin A says:

        Monique hello
        Can you tell me what is it Hammas want?
        They do not want peace with Israel we can see that

      26. JOHARI BAKAR says:

        Thx Monique,what u say are all the truth n facts

      27. Aisha says:

        Thank you Monique for saying it like it is without frills. This siege is disgusting. Cannot understand how such gross war crimes can go unpunished by the international community.

    2. Gilberto says:

      If Israel truly believes they have a right to the land because of a covenant with their God, then they are mistaken.

      If they follow their own history they would realize that every time God took them out of their land it was due to misconduct. But according to the Bible he let them back in when they changed their ways and came back to serve Him. By the way, they had their full genealogical records kept intact during all this time
      It had to be kept intact because that would provide the proof from which house the Messiah would come from.

      Since the destruction of Jerusalem by the Roman Empire, through Titus, that hasn’t been the case.
      No living Jew can trace from which house/tribe they originate. Because all records were destroyed with the total destruction of Jerusalem and it’s temple, where all the genealogical records were kept.

      So for all religious purposes, the reason why they claim the land, they have no basis for this claim. God has punished them, by taking away their land, spreading them out all over the ancient world as slaves and finally taking away the proof they need to be prove they are God’s chosen people.

      Sorry for the religious insight to this horrible situation but it has to be mentioned. Because they use religion as a shield for their actions at the moment and religion doesn’t back them up.

  9. Philip Edwards says:


    There will be no solution until Israel and their paymasters the USA agree to a two-state solution, the illegal settlements are dismantled in the occupied West Bank, and Israel returns inside its legal borders. Both the USA and Israel have continuously rejected this despite UN resolutions.

    That leaves the Palestinians no alternative other than to impotently threaten destruction of their enemy – they have had almost no external support of any worth since Yasser Arafat stupidly supported the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait.

    At the present rate this can end only one way. Eventually – no matter if it takes a century or two – Israel will disintegrate under the weight and cost of continuous war. As the only nuclear power in the area I suggest they would be willing to take everyone in the Arabian Peninsula with them when that moment arrives.

    The USA could stop this dreadful historic tragedy and injustice tomorrow. All they have to do is withdraw financial and diplomatic support for Israel until they agree to a two-state solution. But the US will not do so: it has too much to lose in the Great Game.

    Meanwhile, the killing will go on.

    1. Oscar says:

      “The great game” in this instance is getting & keeping political careers in Wash DC. AIPAC matrix keeps WH & Congress parroting the Zionist hasbara line. It started with Truman & over the decades has grown like Topsy so that the US rubber-stamps anything Israel desires, funds Israel annually to tune of $3.1 Billion & additionally US has given Israel going on $1Billion for Iron Dome. Also, despite the growing impoverishment of Americans, and the better economic state in Israel, the US still underwrites Israel’s debt.

  10. Hilary Walden says:

    Thank you John and Jonathan and the Channel 4 news producers, editors and your team for your reports over the last few days. You have challenged the Israelis where no one else in the British media or government has been prepared to do so. Glad you are safe.

  11. Imad Shah says:

    Thanks for your reporting Jon; your first hand experience put laid in your blogs made me feel as if I was on the ground with you. I could share your anger and frustration; surely there are should be a solution to this. Lets hope the powers that be, found it. Inshallah!

  12. Huw says:

    Your work is much appreciated. Not only by me, but by alot of people I know whose opinion I respect.

  13. Garrett says:

    The state of Israel has a right to exist. It’s a democratic state. Most Israelis are fundamentally decent people. A criticism of Israeli government policy is NOT anti-Semitic, no more than a critique of British foreign policy is anti-Christian.

    The Israeli Defence Forces need to stop this hugely disproportionate reaction, which is not hurting Hamas, it is hurting innocent civilians.

    The Palestinian people also deserve a place to live in freedom and in peace. Most Palestinians are also fundamentally decent people. The suffering in Gaza and the seemingly endless conflict is enough to reduce anyone to tears.

    Where are the EU governments and where is their voice and influence to play a meaningful role in trying to deliver a solution to this spiral of violence?

    1. Monique Buckner says:

      Garrett: The state of Israel has a right to exist.

      No state has a ‘right’ to exist and you will not find such an idea in international law.

      Garrett: It’s a democratic state.

      An ethnocracy that has dozens of laws which discriminate based on ethnicity is not ‘democratic’. That’s apartheid.



      Garrett: Most Israelis are fundamentally decent people.

      Most Israelis, when polled, are content that the genocide in Gaza carries on.

      Violent racist speech is rampant in Israel where even academics can openly discuss raping Palestinian mothers and daughters as a ‘deterrent’ and where government officials call Palestinian children ‘little snakes’ whose homes must be destroyed so that more ‘little snakes’ cannot be bred.

      Also, the Palestinian population is openly discussed as a ‘demographic threat’. Israelis can enjoy near impunity for anything done to a Palestinian as Yesh Din details:


      I have friends in Israel who say physical assaults on left-wingers is normal on the streets. They see the rise of fascism and they are scared. Also, Israelis are openly enjoying the spectacle of Gaza being bombed. They are not hiding it from the camera crews. They take their picnics up on the hills to watch the smoke and flames.

      1. Cor Booysen says:

        Monique. I am no expert on the history and situation in Israel and Palestine. I simply read a bit to try and understand what is going on. But for some reason everyone has the tendency to pick a side and then strongly argue their case. You are a case in point. I have read many views that opposes your views with equal vigour. What is interesting to me is this tendency of us top pick sides and then fight it out. It starts with words like ‘this state has the right to exist’ and then we would have strong for or opposing views and then in the end one of us MUST be proven right. This very desire to be right is what causes wars! Whoever comes out strongly for or against Hamas or Israel is in fact simply displaying the human propensity towards war-making. Everyone of us, being put in certain circumstances have the ability to justify why we should take the lives of others…even the lives of innocent children. This is all this and all wars demonstrate. The answer does not lie in stronger arguments, proven facts, more evidence, human rights and superior moral positions. The answer has been given two thousand years ago by a man who demonstrated that he has a heart of compassion, love for all people and forgiveness against those who committed the most gravest crime against him. May we all strive to grow the same heart to truly love and treat our neighbour the way we love ourselves

      2. Anke says:

        Thank you for the detailed explanations and the websites, they are quite useful in understanding what’s going on

      3. Hettie (@fawkirkbairn) says:

        Thank you Monique for your post and the valuable links you have provided.

        I only hope that in this highly developed technological age ,where the horrifying results of atrocities can and are “shared” across the world, the younger generations will grow more aware of the truth behind the Zionist rhetoric. There are other voices being heard from within Jewish communities both condemning and challenging Zionist lies.
        I believe we can do as we did in the face of south African apartheid, boycott Israeli products and businesses which serve to prop up this regime.Petition and harass our MPs.

      4. Hettie (@fawkirkbairn) says:

        Thank you Monique for your post and the valuable links you have provided.

        I only hope that in this highly developed technological age ,where the horrifying results of atrocities can and are “shared” across the world, the younger generations will grow more aware of the truth behind the Zionist rhetoric. There are other voices being heard from within Jewish communities both condemning and challenging Zionist propaganda.
        I believe we can do as we did in the face of south African apartheid, boycott Israeli products and businesses which serve to prop up this regime. #sign petitions and keep up the pressure on our MPs.
        Once again…thank you.

      5. Conchita says:

        ‘Two peoples living in an area far smaller than England, one of which besieges the other, both of which target each other’s civilians.’

        Ah! Who besieges whom, Jon, in this one-way street (of your making)? Jon Snow over a barrel (head buried in a sand tunnel?). A most mysteriously evasive and uneven-handed statement, but one thing’s for sure: it wouldn’t cut it with the author of C4’s beloved Masters of War, who also wrote Neighborhood Bully:

        Well, the neighborhood bully, he’s just one man
        His enemies say he’s on their land
        They got him outnumbered about a million to one
        He got no place to escape to, no place to run
        He’s the neighborhood bully

        A Tweet (Pat Condell) says you are virtually Hamas’s new spokesman. But you gotta love Yigal Palmor’s Tweet about you, which whips your game-of-drones (and hectoring-and- lecturing) butt 7-1: ‘You don’t know anything Jon Snow’

        Except how to panda to Hamas propaganda, media manipulation, international emotional blackmail and (your own) bad spelling, bad logic and poor grasp of the nature of Islamist extremism.

        Most of the people raving about your wonderful journalism have Arabic names, but a good journalist actually LISTENS and is able to do two-way conversation. But you are a one-way tunnel. Palmor had very clearly already admitted the school hit could have been Israeli ‘response fire’ when you sanctimoniously accused him of having left that out of the possibilities. Now did anyone with an Arabic name point that out to you? Ironically, Al Jazeera had already suggested the hit could have been from Hamas. Perhaps Al Jazeera is more biased than C4?

      6. Marc says:

        Monique. I think you have lots all credibility. Just about everything you have said is at best inaccurate bias, and at worst delibrate abd misleading propaganda.

        Your version at to how Isreal was created as a state and comments that is had no right to exist mark you out. Anyone that doesnt beleive in a two state solution, which you don’t, should fall squarely into the extremeist box. That so many people actually beleive some of rubbish you are pedalling is worrying. Jews are as much the indigenous people of the region as anyone else that has a claim.They were on the lands thousands of years before Muslims walked the earth. Despite several ‘real’ attempts at genocide over the centuries there has remained a continuous Jewish prescence on Jerusalem and the shores of the meditaerrainan for millenia. The only exception was 1948-1967 when Jordan occupied East Jerusalem. The notion that Jews turned up in 1945 and thought it was a nice place and kicked the Arabs out is rubbish. Anyone is free to check the original Balfour declaration to see the proposed Jewish and Arab splits of Palestine and Transjordan. This was primarily based on demographics at the time and gives a good indication of population. I will leave people to make up their own minds if they can be bothered to check this out.

        As for the notion others are putting forward that Isreal is expansionist, check the facts rather than listening to the emotions of others. Look how much land Isreal has retreated back from since 1967 when it held everything from the Nile to the Jordan. Whilst I deplore settlement building in the West Bank, that is more the work of relgious nuts than Govt policy. Again, the facts are openly available. Before 2 weeks ago, no Isreali had set foot in Gaza for 9 years. Hardly an ongoing occupation.

        Another statement is that Isreal runs an apartheid regime. Someone better tell the Isreali Government about all the Arab and Muslim businesses in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem, all the sports stars, TV personaliites, soldiers, taxi drivers, restaurant owners. The list goes on. I would need to check this, but I think an Arab won Isreals version of X Factor in the past few years.

        I hear the word genocide being bandied about almost as a throwaway remark. Whilst what is happening in Gaza is a human tragedy, if it was genocide wouldn’t there be more dead in a place with a population of 1.7m? I am not making excuses for anybody, but this is not a genocide by any definition. The only people that want a genocide are Hamas. Again another fact. They dont even want to stop at Isreal, they want all Jews dead full stop. Thats genocide.

        The problem is it is almost impossible to get an unbiased view of the conflict and it underlying factors. This applies to media outlets and especially any blog or forum. Jon Snow himself was apologising a few days ago for mistakenly putting up pictures of Syrian children and claiming they were Gazan on this very blog. All I can say is I have spent time in both Isreal and the West Bank and they are populated in the main by decent people who want peace and are all frightened of the past and the future.

  14. hamida says:

    Jon you put your own life at risk to put across the truth to the nation. We salute you. #Freepalestine

  15. KK says:

    Thank you so much, Jon and your production crew, for risking your own safety to report. Your words and pictures enlighten the world. I just wish parts of the world were more enlightened.

  16. Liam Guiney says:

    How refreshing to read a piece of journalism that does not seek to blame, but sensibly questions the poor logic of using violence on civilians for political gain.

    Like the rest of the global community, I urgently wish to see the conflict end and see a peaceful long term solution sought by both sides.

  17. Amin Rahman says:

    I stopped watching mainstream news channels due to their heavy bias towards Israel but you have given us all renewed hope. Keep up the good work, Jon. What you do is invaluable.

    1. Pearl patel says:

      I too stopped watching BBC went to few protests in nw I. Am collecting donations for al Shifa hospital if u can help plz http://www.justgiving.com/gazaneed/

  18. Tom Scott says:

    Jon Snow’s humanity shines through. Great writing by a brilliant broadcaster. Channel 4 News has been superb throughout this horrible war, doing what all good journalists should be doing – telling us the truth. And Jon’s interviews with the evasive, compassionless Israeli spindoctors have been superb.

    1. amanda says:

      You have articulated exactly what I wanted to say to Jon Snow, thank you.

  19. Layla says:

    Dear Jon,

    We salute you and your team for your bravery in not only speaking truth to power but also going in and seeing the awful truth for yourselves and also showing (what you could) to the world. For this we are immensely grateful.

    We pray for peace in Palestine and wait.

  20. Sara says:

    Thank you.. That was absolutely inspiring and moving.. I was crying for those people as well.. What will happen to them now?? That is a question i ask constantly.. Thank you and your team for providing such amazing accounts of Gaza.

  21. Sigi says:

    Thank you Jon Snow because of your report on Channel yesterday I wrote to my MP

    Here is my letter

    I am writing to you about the dreadful situation in Gaza.

    • Another school was shelled last night. Many people, a lot of them children, were killed.
    see: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-middle-east-28468526

    • UN General Ban-Ki Moon said yesterday:
    “I am appalled by the news of an attack on an UNRWA school in Northern Gaza where hundreds of people had taken refuge. Many have been killed – including women and children, as well as UN staff.”

    • According to the UN 78% of the fatalities in this conflict are civilians. A third of those children http://www.ochaopt.org/documents/

    Israel might have committed war crimes and will be investigated.

    “On 23 July, the UN Human Rights Council decided to form an international commission of inquiry for alleged Israeli war crimes in Gaza (OHCHR, 23/07/2014).
    UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Navi Pillay stated there is a strong possibility that Israel is violating international humanitarian law and its principles of distinction, proportionality, and precaution, and is possibly committing war crimes (Human Rights Council 21st Special Session, 23/07/2014; OCHA, 23/07/2014)
    from: http://reliefweb.int/report/occupied-palestinian-territory/acaps-briefing-note-humanitarian-impact-operation-protective-0

    • UN Under-Secretary General Valerie Amos has repeatedly expressed her concern about the dire situation for civilians and especially children. On 16 July 2014 she said:

    “This is the third major military confrontation in Gaza in six years, and civilians have borne the brunt each time.
    They are paying the price for a collective failure to break the cycle of violence and reach a lasting political solution.”
    from: (https://docs.unocha.org/sites/dms/Documents/USG%20Amos_Statement_oPt_16July2014.pd

    • Human Rights Navi Pillay in her address to Human Rights Council 21st Special Session (Human Rights Situation in the Occupied Palestinian Territory, including East Jerusalem on the 23 July 2014) has again called for the lifting of the blockade.
    She said:

    “The current conflict and destruction comes at a time when Gaza is still recovering from repeated escalations of hostilities with Israel.The crippling effects of the Israeli blockade and other measures linked to the Israeli occupation of Gaza suppress the ability of the people to go about their daily lives and prevent them from rebuilding their lives and communities after repeated military operations.I reiterate my numerous calls for this blockade to be lifted once and for all. This latest assault has wreaked further damage to Gaza’s water and sanitation facilities. Fuel and medicine are in critically short supply, and electricity is reduced to a few hours a day, affecting ordinary households as well as compromising the ability of hospitals to treat the many injured, and to care for the most vulnerable people.”
    from: http://www.ohchr.org/EN/NewsEvents/Pages/DisplayNews.aspx?NewsID=14893&LangID=E

    • According to the United Nation Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs an estimated 1.2 million people in Gaza have no or very limited access to water or sanitation services.
    (see the latest briefing and statistics UN OCHA: http://www.ochaopt.org/documents/ocha_opt_sitrep_25_07_2014.pdf

    • 44% Of Gaza within a three kilometer wide strip were declared as a ‘No-go zone’.
    What is the impact of this on farms and food supplies? Gaza is one of the most densely populated areas in the world.

    Surround a people (1.8 million) by a wall, blockade their access to the sea, cramp them together more and more, destroy their water supplies and power stations, expose them to raw sewage …
    What is the aim of this strategy?

    You create a ghetto in which infections and diseases will spread like wild fire.

    • The impact of Israel’s strategy on its western allies – Great Britain, Europe and the US – is damaging. And this strategy is losing support:

    In a recent YouGov poll only 15% of Britons thought that the bombing of Gaza was justified, 51% opposed it.
    see: http://d25d2506sfb94s.cloudfront.net/cumulus_uploads/document/fa82741m47/YG-Archive-140721-Israel-Palestine.pdf

    The YouGov survey was done before yesterday’s killing at the UN school in northern Gaza.

    • The Guardian writes: “UN condemns shelling of UNRWA school, saying it asked IDF for time to evacuate civilians, which was not given.”

    • The Daily Mail writes: “ UN human rights chief Navi Pillay says Israel must end blockade and respect obligations as an ‘Occupying Power” see: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2702485/Israel-investigated-war-crimes-Gaza-UN-says.html

    It is in nobody’s interest accept an Israeli strategy of ‘precision bombing’ which more often than not misses the target, creates carnage and shocks the world.
    • Anger and frustration is growing too: There were already large demonstrations for in London (the Daily Mail reported 15,000 people, the organisers said 50,000 people were attending), and many other European capitals. They reflect the growing unease – right across the political spectrum.

    Israel is a small country. It is the size of Wales. It depends on its friends and their support. Everybody is aware the suffering this nation went through in its history.
    But no country is above the law.

    Also Jewish voices oppose what is being done. There is Jews for justice, Jewish voices for Peace, Jews fasting for Peace, and many smaller groups you will meet at events.

    The well-known American jewish writer and feminist Naomi Wolf wrote on her facebook:

    “I mourn genocide in Gaza because I am the granddaughter of a family half wiped out in a holocaust and I know genocide when I see it. People are asking why I am taking this ‘side’. There are no sides. I mourn all victims.

    “But every law of war and international law is being broken in the targeting of civilians in Gaza.

    “I stand with the people of Gaza exactly because things might have turned out differently if more people had stood with the Jews in Germany. I stand with the people of Gaza because no one stood with us. (…)”
    from see 24 July 2014: https://www.facebook.com/naomi.wolf.author

    Naomi’s post reached over a million people and is still being shared.

    No western democracy, and no civilized nation, can afford to stay silent in the face of indiscriminate persistent killing of civilians done by ‘our side’, by one of us.

    Ceasefire and lifting of blockades will have to happen at some stage, and better sooner than later.

    Only an immediate ceasefire and a lifting of the blockade will stop civilians dying.

    It needs to be done – in the name of our own humanity.

    Because – what is the alternative?

    Best wishes and kind regards,

    1. Rico Garofalo says:

      Thank you for sharing your letter, and subsequently a summation of just some of the events and comments made within the media for all to see here. I hope you receive a reply from your MP.

      Kind regards, Rico

    2. Claudio says:

      “Report of the United Nations Fact-Finding Mission on the Gaza Conflict in 2009”

      Full report on the War crimes committed – Israel backed by US managed to stop
      it going further. We can’t let this happen again!!!!!!!!!!


  22. Claire Macaulay says:

    I have started a Change.org petition calling for the UK supermarkets to boycott Israeli products.

    Please feel free to share it on the site

    1. Monique Buckner says:

      I’ve signed and shared. Thanks for this petition, Claire.

    2. katy kay says:

      Thanks for the petition, Claire, which I signed, shared and promoted, and added my comments/reasons for signing, however, wish my brain had been fully engaged to begin comments with: “I am a U.S. resident/citizen, having a daughter who has dual citizenship (British/U.S.), and has been living in GB for 25+ years, have asked her to join boycott/sign, and I will certainly boycott here at home NOW/until the blockade/siege is lifted and definitely will boycott while shoppng at Testo, Waitrose, etc, etc while visiting her.”

      But my brain is sick from the horror and hoping not a detriment to petition for US person to sign….all is global today, apologies to you if I shouldn’t have signed. Thank you for doing it.

      We have many good petitions going here, BDS, etc and actions, but still mainstream is still rabidly supporting Zionism, because, so far, only Democracy Now and KPFA.org radio in Berkeley, other online alternative media are showing the Palestinian side, so we are still a minority. And most are addicted to FOX Un-News, other mainstream and PBS is only very slightly better, not much at all. We carry on protesting, that is the least we can do.

    3. David Bakewell says:

      Claire, thank you for this link, I’ve signed and shared.

    4. Glynis says:

      Well done, Claire. Maybe you will also think about including products declared as made in Palestine as these are also controlled by Israel and often used as a cover for products actually made in Israel

  23. Brigid Sivill says:

    Thank you. We all feel so impotent in the face of these confusions and terrible outcomes – it has been a relief to read your blogs and watch the reporting of you and your team and wonderful Jonathon Miller too. Take care.

  24. Luqman says:

    Thank you very much Jon for your courageous and exceptional coverage of this catastrophic situation. Those people prepared to offer balanced coverage without fear or favour are increasingly few and far between. You give us hope for journalism, hope for conscience and hope for humanity.

  25. Rico Garofalo says:

    This article proved the following, Jon.

    No matter how courageous in the circumstances, no matter how highly respected as a journalist you rightly are… You are foremost, an emphatic human being.

    That capacity may (and I truly hope will) be the one trait among us all that eventually, one day, saves further blood from ever being shed.

    Thank you, Jon.

  26. Bento says:

    “This is humankind’s most grievous cancer, for its cells infect conflicts in every corner of the world. ”

    This is what I absolutely don’t like about European reporters. Who see the conflict in the middle is as a “cancer” which has to be cured – by what? Cutting it out like you cut out a malignant growth in a body?!? The text comes so emotionally – and this is also it’s problem.
    I find you also have to see the conflict in a far bigger, historically and politically, picture – in the picture of the beginning under the British mandate, the following first years of the lonely Israeli state who tried to defend its existence and the growing radicalism of islamic groups in various countries and their leaders who all have their own interests to have this soup simmering endlessly.
    To avoid inner conflicts like democratization of their own societies, to avoid moving in the end and instead fueling on and on antijudaism.

  27. Farah Nasrin says:

    Thank you so so much Jon, your whole team, and the channal 4 news producer for all your courage and integrity in reporting the truth. One day there maybe more courageous people such as yourselves. xx

    My kindest regards to you all and thank you again; god bless and keep up with the fantastic work.

  28. Michele says:

    Absolutely beautiful and moving piece. Hopefully our world leaders will find the courage to end this nightmare.

  29. Abdul says:

    Thank you John for speaking the truth
    It’s shocking how bias journalists have become and the utter silence against the Zionist nazi war mongering machine and their onslaught against a defenceless nation

  30. Colin Archer says:

    Thank you John. The more blogs like this and the more that you and others spread the information about the appalling treatment of Palestinians by the Israeli government and military, the sooner there will be a majority, not a minority, calling for the end of the brutal siege of Gaza and an end to the occupation of Palestine. Keep up your good work!!

  31. JockB says:

    Thank’s for the report Jon.

    It’s disgraceful what Israel are allowed to get away with.
    A slow burning genocide of a people and their land whilst the hypocritical western world pay lip-service but know the limits regards words. As for meaningful actions, forget it.

    Each individual could if he wanted boycott Israeli products, the bar code number that begins with “729…………”

  32. Abdullah says:

    The Reporter – Jon Left but those who blame Hamas even in Slightest terms please Advise where should the Palestinians residing in Gaza can Leave to?. This is war imposed by the zionist;s upon the Gazan;s forcefully, this is example of ethnic cleansing ,aparthied ,war crime , mass murder etc peaceful jews(zionists off course) sit on beach mocking the bombs falling on Gaza , I have no expectations from any journalist or EU or UN to save the people of Gaza but insha allah only hope & faith for me is Allah’s Help will surely make the People of Palestinian and specifically Gaza People to Triumph against this tyranny. Good article well written the writer has tried to portray reality but what use is it to people of Palestine will the land grabbing and execution of children ,women etc stop after this?

  33. Rauf says:

    Thank you so so much Jon, your whole team, and the channal 4 news producer for all your courage and integrity in reporting the truth. One day there maybe more courageous people such as yourselves. xx

    My kindest regards to you all and thank you again; god bless and keep up with the fantastic work.

  34. Ish Jhamb says:

    Thanks Jon for your honesty and compassion in reporting. Journalists should be “Professional Journalists” not whores.

    Israel and their rich Jewish stooges in USA, Canada, UK and Australia have a hammerlock on majority of politicians and businesses. They think no laws apply to them because they can fix any crime with money. Money is the biggest weapon they control.

  35. Safiya Ahmed says:

    A harrowing and personal account of this unspeakable tragedy. I pray that your heart overcomes the sorrow you have witnessed. thank you to the entire Channel 4 news team.
    This Ramadhan may Allah grant the long suffering people of Palestine the blessings and peace they deserve. As for wounded and deceased their stories will remain on our collective psyche.

  36. David says:

    God bless you, Jon.

  37. Husna says:

    Thank you Jon and Channel 4 News for the amazing reporting over the last few days. It was courageous, honest and fair which is what made Channel 4 unique. A pioneer Once again!

    Keep up the great work and to the rest of the team still in Gaza stay safe.

  38. Nadia says:

    Jon, I have the greatest of respect for you. I am shedding tears as I am writing this. it is a moving piece. THANK YOU VERY MUCH for such honest reporting. Channel for is very lucky to have you and shame on BBC for such biased journalism.

  39. Avais says:

    Thank you JON SNOW and your entire crew of channel4 for bringing out truth which was hidden behind the walls of #Gaza to the world.
    I & young generation of today seek PEACE by any means possible.
    we don’t wanna see war in #Gaza or anywhere around the globe where children, women & common men die without even knowing…what was their fault..?

  40. Aneesa says:

    I’m utterly heartbroken just reading these stories. I cannot imagine what the Palestinians continue to go through.

    Unfortunately, humanity seems only to learn of our mistakes after it is too late to do anything. The world watches the death toll rising each day, and our future generations will question why our leaders remained complicit in this genocide. In our so-called ‘modern day’, we continue to watch people having all their rights being stripped from them, scarred for life, with no help from the rest of the world. We allow this to happen whilst we sit watching in the comfort of our homes.

    It is difficult not to feel anything but cynical about the current state of humanity. We have advanced as a species only in that power and money hold priority, more and more as time passes, over the fundamental nature of compassion and love. Does humane even mean humane anymore? Is it time to challenge the way the world is run?

    Thank you, Jon, for putting yourself in harm’s way to document the realities of such a catastrophic time. Thanks to Channel 4.

    My prayers go out to all the children, their families and everyone affected by this grievous massacre. I wish peace for these people more than anything.

  41. Monique Buckner says:

    Just a few points. Israeli soldiers have a reputation from smashing up people’s equipment or stealing it. I read a tweet from a woman who had the contents of her bag stolen by the soldiers. As ‘internationals’, this is much less severe than what Palestinians are put through. My other point was that the Iron Dome does not cover the Bedouin villages and they are not permitted to build bomb shelters either.

    1. zena says:

      Thank you monique, i read most of your comments and admire you. İ am glad to know that there are still people out there lıke you and john who challenge the legality of this pointless and discriminating war. What makes me sad is that we live in a world where the rich uses its power to supress the humble and poor. İ think that every human who puts themself in the shoes of the palestinians would understand how dramatıc ıt ıs to loose a famıly memebers friends, chieldren any of us would fıght back too, armed or not, ıf necessary with bare hands. İt is time that we see and hear the cries of our brother and sisters regardless of religion or race… we are all SUPOSED to be human!

    2. zafarov says:

      The US enabled Iron Dome saves Israeli lives, which is good. The world needs to provide a similar shield for Gaza also, so the blood shedding of innocent children can be prevented.

  42. Farook says:


    Thank you for reporting the truth on the ground in Gaza and for being a voice of reason, challenge and compassion in this terrible unjust war of spin, deceit and double standards. Where the rest of the mainstream media have been silent or unashamedly bias you, Mr Miller and your C4 crewe have brought truth and prespective. Thank you, and God bless you all.

  43. Bob says:

    Dear Readers,
    Have any of you taken a tour of Syria, Iraq, Sudan, Libya, and Egypt lately? Because the anarchy in those Countries is what you advocate that we accept in Israel. Could Jon have taken his comfortable BA flight out of Syria, Iraq, Sudan, or Libya? No, because ISRAEL is the ONLY Country in this locale, that is NOT in total Chaos.
    Hamas has sworn to annihilate Israel. Instead of helping the people of Gaza, for 9 years they have amassed rockets to shoot at Israel, diverting all available funds for that purpose. You hold Hamas out as a viable partner in peace? No, Hamas, Hezbollah, Iran, Syria, and ISIS have all vowed to wipe Israel off the map. Living is a better option than peace after annihilation.

    1. Cora Blimey says:

      It has to come to an end and that requires will, which neither side have. The problem is not always with those individuals who attack and/or defend but with those who give the orders and with those who deal in propaganda. I have seen an increase in propaganda in recent years in all countries. The media is manipulated so much these days it is impossible to know what to believe but what we know for sure is that Israel has used disproportionate force and killied 100s of innocent people.

      However, Israel has it in it’s power to take a different route because it does in fact have the ability to defend itself. This in fact, and based on history, is the only route to peace – having the will to fight for it not fight against it. The one with the power must take a stance for peace not war – therein lies great bravery and courage but also it requires great honesty and from Israel I don’t think that is possible at the moment. Far too much manipulation of truth is used to encourage support that it has created a society that cannot live without hate. Even those within it that do not think like that cannot easily live side by side with hate and not be affected by it. Ask the Germans how that kind of hate changed them as a people. My husband was a German refugee and his family was torn apart by the war in Europe. Generations and generations of guilt is carried by that nation and it’s people. This is what Israel is giving it’s youth as a future – the guilt and defensiveness from mass killing. Israel is creating a psychopathy that will change that country from within and it may not be able to revert. It will destroy itself as a perceived democracy and humane people. That is very sad.

      In the mean time there are still innocent children dying from bullets and bombs. That is the only truth I can see. Young people being made to kill innocent civilians of all ages.

      Here is one of many ‘truths’ http://electronicintifada.net/content/netanyahu-government-knew-teens-were-dead-it-whipped-racist-frenzy/13533

      Who is to know the truth when neither side trust or make serious efforts to deal in the truth but Israel has a big propaganda machine backed by the west and Palestinians have a few brave journalists like Jon Snow with hurried shots and fear filled reports, which often are not shown on all our media – a 10 or 15 minute slot is all they get here – that little bit of truth is factual in that moment and it is the only honesty I can say at the moment I have any respect for.

      I hope Jon Snow recovers from seeing the atrocities he had to bear witness too.

    2. Arthur Griffiths says:

      You seem to be in a minority of one so far I suppose you think your post which is straight out of the Hasbara Handbook, makes baby killing ok does it ?

  44. Roobia says:

    May god bless you. What you are doing is amazing, you are the voice of all the Palestinians. Please don’t stop conveying their message. All the other news channels are bought by the Zionist.

  45. Shaz says:

    And so this disease of power, the usurpation and belligerent killing will go on. Thanks Jon for doing your part, because frankly not that many others are reporting the realities of Israel’s barbarism without saturating our ears with congenital lies and non nonsensical justifications.

    To know that the average age is 17 years, only adds to the utter devastation we are already witnessing. We see the obvious outer appearances of carnage, but we also ponder over the hidden damage- how will these people ever move on with the trauma placed on them? Yet I should be asking; when will Israel let them be in order to move on, and where will they move on to?

    Thank you for sharing their story and thank you for your integrity.

  46. MegHowarth says:

    Profoundly moving piece, beautifully and evocatively written. Thank you, Jon. There’s nothing to add to what’s already been said other than to agree with Rico Garofalo. I had wondered, too, about the impact on yourself and your C4 colleagues. Thank you for sharing.

  47. roland says:

    dear mr snow
    all my respect to you !
    brilliant writing with a bleeding heat – i’m moved.
    the truth never dies

  48. Robert Tubere says:

    “…both of which target each other’s civilians.” – from what I read elsewhere, the Hamas always target civilians, and that Hamas fighters always hide amongst their own civilians hoping to cause casualties to gain political mileage. Can you, Jon, verify if it is true?

    1. Monique Buckner says:

      Many human rights organisations have found Israel guilty of using human shields and I have seen recent tweets translated of survivors of the major massacre sites in Gaza- that Israeli soldiers used families as human shields. You’d think David Cameron, as a ‘friend of Israel’ would want to know the truth himself and end the speculation, but sadly, the UK abstained from voting for a UN inquiry into war crimes allegations that would have looked at human shields usage. Given that the information coming out of Gaza isn’t very favourable to Israel, I am thinking it’s little wonder that the US and UK want it covered up and forgotten about. I know at least from incidents in the West Bank and the Cast Lead massacre in 2008-2009 in Gaza that Israel used human shields on those occasions (verified by human rights groups and investigated).

      It’s an outrageous claim that Hamas hides among civilians as the members have families and live in Gaza! They can’t go anywhere. The entire Gaza Strip has been sealed off for years as Jon can verify by his complicated and unpleasant trip into and out of Gaza. Now the same could be said for Israeli soldiers who also have civilian lives and families. If they were hermetically sealed off in an area and Palestinian fighters were making the exact same claim (that soldiers were hiding amongst civilians), I think people would be quick to spot the nonsense. It’s just that we’ve been so conditioned to mistrust, even be racist towards, anyone vaguely Muslim or from the Middle East. This psychological conditioning is deliberate because we dehumanize in order to create enemies. I’m originally from South Africa and it was the exact same thing with my government keeping people in fear in order to control us.

      1. Sid Javaid says:

        @Monique I have followed your comments and to me, it seems that people like you are the only positive thing coming out of this genocide. It’s refreshing to see that there are those who are not easily fooled by the biased media and would rather stand up for truth than act like a sheep. Truth be told, they are the only hope for humanity left.
        Please accept my heartfelt gratitude.
        And thank you to JON SNOW for this article and risking his life doing his job.

  49. Roy Kilpatrick says:

    Thank you, Jon Snow, for bringing us insights to this horrendous destruction. It can hardly be called a war because it defies all rule of war and engagement and all sense of conflict, only of cruelty. I have felt with you as I watched and read your reports from Gaza, and felt how you were touched to the core. Anyone with a heart would be touched too. This with the little baby and the wanton unkindness and vandalism of border guards makes me want to cry too, but I feel I have hardly the right to do so, being too far from what you have witnessed. But I hope the little baby and her poor parents along with all the other victims feel that there’s more than one person who would be alongside them. Don’t underestimate the impact you have. To you and your team.

  50. Britt_W says:


    I don’t know what more to add, your post said it all – in an incredibly moving way. It’s on my cheeks now, that the tears fall, albeit without Bach. This insane war just have to stop.

    Thanks, Jon, for what you and the others in the C4news team are doing, without people like you, we wouldn’t get the full picture. And the world needs the full picture.

  51. Arsalan Abbasi says:

    I have never posted on anyone’s blog or newsreport, thanking them before, but after watching your reports and reading your blog and tweets, I feel compelled to do so. Whilst many in our media would choose to gloss over the reality of the situation, your honest interviews and correspondence has helped dispell the myths that others would have us believe. Thank you for your professionalism, thank you for your humanity.

  52. Naji says:

    Thank you Jon for everything that you do to show that there are still decent human beings on this earth. For your questioning the Israeli generals and their spokesmen who try to justify the unjustifiable. Who can sit in front of us and claim that Israel is acting in self defense by killing innocent men,women and children and blowing up people’s homes . It’s time you and channel 4 news woke up the world to the real face of Zionism and their callous killing machine. It’s time humanity woke up and did what is right and just.

  53. Samia Nisar says:

    Thank you for reporting the conflict in a truly honest way showing the human tragedies that are been inflicted upon a people like no other I have seen in todays world.

    How can isreal miss thier so called targets with all thier high tech killing machines….they are not missing they are hitting delibrately these targets. One mistake two mistakes lets not be niave!

    You have given me hope that some journalism still has some decency.

  54. Mary Harrell says:

    My heart breaks for what clearly is bullying the weak by a nation that my own country has armed. I do not support such obscenity. Thank you for your article.

  55. shaf islam says:

    Well done Mr Snow. You have shown the truth and not biased news. Millions have so much respect for you. Thanks channel 4 for being human.

  56. abdul says:

    Thank you for showing us the world truth. My heart crying out for peace. Looks like the world leaders are too afraid to stand up and speak the truth. Palestine people are not human beings they have been treated worst than animals yet the world leaders are silence.. shame shame on us!!!

  57. Bassem Sultan says:

    Mr. Snow,
    I too have wept to the point of not having any tears to go along with the crying. I Thank you so much for you reports and perspective on an issue very close to my heart. It is a conflict that with every bullet fired,every rocket launched and every F-16 bomb dropped they deepen the wound of both people and add another layer of cement onto the hatred wall. WE all must do whatever it takes to presuare our leaders in the west to convene an open ended emergency summit and bring all the waring parties together and say to both your jobs are to come up with a solution that will lay the ground work in establishing A one state solution
    that will garranty equality,justice and most importantly basic human rights for all the inhabtance if this holly land, and to forge a constitution that will grant equal rights to Jews,Chritsians and Muslims (Arabs/Israelis) guaranteeing the right of return for all Jews and Palestnians around the world. Establishing a justice system that is blind to your ethnic/Religous background that will enforce a single set of law for all. I know the devied is deep & painful between the two peoples and that alone should be enough for both sides to commit to and never stop untill a solution is reached that is crowned by justice liberty and freedom as a sacred right for two peoples and one Land. Think of peace, work for peace, demand peace. #jewsandarabsrefusetobeenemies

    Bassem Sultan

  58. l says:

    Thank you so much Mr Snow for all your efforts , that report was very deeply moving and sad. If it was not for you we would not know the harsh reality of what is really going on. once again thank you so much

  59. Tahmina says:

    Beautifully written Jon, respect to you for taking so much risk to do your job. Social medias are not always reliable neither are news channels like BBC. Your reports give us the glimpse of the cruelty Palestinians are suffering from. You & your team are heroes.

  60. Abbas Limbada says:

    Hi John – What an incredibly moving report. What a decent human being you are. I only wish we had people like you as our world leaders, perhaps the suffering would end.

    1. Sue says:

      I join with all these people who have thanked you. Thank you Jon. The truth and passion in your journalism pierces through the fog and sludge of bias and fence sitting that we see on other channels and newspapers. I cannot watch BBC any more. Their mediocre, couldn’t care less and biased approach is sickening. Thanks to you and your the world is able to see what is happening, however painful it is to witness.

  61. Sofiya says:

    Thank you for reporting the conflict in such a true and honest way. I have so much respect for your professionalism and courage. I do not usually comment on blogs but felt compelled to do so after reading such moving words. Thank you to Channel 4 for showing unbiased coverage.

  62. K Malinder says:

    Hello Jon

    I am 62 years old and have cried very rarely in my life but today I did.

    The reason for that is because you put into words, exactly how I feel after watching not just channel 4 but all the other media that is reporting this.

    It is sad that the USA Media and our media in the UK are watering down what is actually happening.

    Even without channel 4 we know what is happening, but it is refreshing that there are people reporting that actually care about what they are talking about as the vast majority of the people in the UK do.

    I said to the other John ( miller) the other day, please consider running for parliament so we have people who represent, at least in part, the feelings of the people in the UK.

    I am glad you are returning well and thank you for your courage.

  63. Brian Hunt says:

    Jon – your humanity and courage in reporting the atrocities inflicted on the population of Gaza puts the BBC to shame. Thanks to you and the rest of Channel 4 News for letting the facts speak for themselves.

  64. mehabub says:

    Thank you for reporting the truth
    Respect to jon & C4

  65. Anne Harper says:

    So grateful to you Jon, for going and reporting the truth about what is happening in Gaza. I am grateful that you have the ears of those who decide what makes our ‘news’. You do good and important work.

  66. Sue says:

    Give your own loved ones an extra hug Jon, you need it. Thanks for your courage to report the truth I do hope that forces do not exclude from Gaza those who tell the truth we are only a generation away from those who exposed truths of the concentration camps at the end of WW2 The fate of that generation should not be used as an excuse and dare say it a shield/justification-for present behaviour and the arrogance you have faced when you ask the hard questions.m

  67. David Cole says:

    Jon as I was reading your peace here, I could understand and feel the pain in your heart, I have been to Gaza six times over the last few years and like you each time I leave I feel that I am leaving behind those lovely people to suffer even more. always feeling guilty and wish I could do more to help them, I don’t even know if any body that I know in Gaza has been killed or not. I guess I will find out later. There’s nothing left now but to go back again and again as soon as I can to help once more. Thank you Jon for your articles. I cry and pray each day. thank you once again.

    1. Glynis says:

      You are to bve admired for your continued visits to Gaza at great personal risk

  68. Claire Bouskill says:

    very brave and moving report, thankyou for reporting things as they are, not what the establishment want us to hear

  69. George says:

    Jon, I particularly identified with your description of the check-point. As you know, the humiliation you experienced is nothing to do with the current unrest but part of the everyday experience of Palestinians not only in Gaza but also the West Bank. It is also the experience of people from all other countries trying to visit their Palestinian friends and family in Israel and the Occupied Territories. To be the victim of that routinized and domesticated hatred is to understand something about human beings that we would rather not know. To have a computer destroyed, a musical instrument damaged or money taken as you leave is all part of saying, not so nicely, please don’t try to come back. I’ve been there and I know.

  70. Wasim Ismail says:

    Thank you for reporting the conflict in such a true and honest way.

  71. john mills says:

    God bless you for that Jon Snow.

  72. Hosam says:

    Thank you Jon for a truly moving series of posts and videos over the past few days. We see these painful scenes on some Arabic channels every day but it really makes a difference when people in the West see the realities of life in Gaza and empathize with them.

    Unfortunately, humans have become so indoctrinated that they only see evil if if it supports their cause, otherwise, we ignore or worse deflect blame.

  73. Richard says:

    I agree that the killing of civilians by Israel should stop and that it is horrendous to see. Please tell me, in return, what should Hamas stop doing, and what should be done with their rockets and tunnels to Israel, the only purpose for which is to attack civilians?

    1. Zahra says:

      What would you do? It is a primitive response to a very big problem, granted, but as much as I disagree with violence, it is all they have got to try and get someone to the negotiating table. As Jon’s report demonstrates the rockets are ineffectual and not bothersome to the Israeli’s. I am sure if the Palestinians had more sophisticated weaponry, as Israel do, they would love to target Israel’s runways used by the IDF for the planes that kill indiscriminately in Gaza. They would love to have the luxury of being able to target the IDF, not civilians. Two wrongs do not make a right, I know, but I am sick of this argument on the Hamas rockets, as though it justifies the completely disproportionate response by Israel. On civilians. Oh, and the tunnels are needed to get supplies into the region too as they are completely blockaded by Egypt and Israel. You must appreciate this. It is their lifeline. I ask you again, “What would you do?”

    2. George says:

      No, the only purpose of the tunnels is not for importing weapons it’s for importing almost everything. If you have still not understood that Gaza’s land borders are closed and that its port and airport were destroyed by the Israelis almost as soon as they were built (with our money) then you have proved how biased is the reporting that you are watching, reading and listening to.

    3. Kamaal Khan says:

      Why not start with recognising them as true representative of Gaza and start talking to them. Remove restrictions on people of Gaza and acknowledge their rights.

  74. Tony Montana says:

    Hey mayn, you got cahoonas mayn, keep up the good work brudda. Free free Palestine! No kids, but they (IDF) wouldn’t listen…

  75. salma says:

    You’re a credit to your profession, and I’ve relied on you, your team and channel 4 to get the truth about what is happening in Gaza and I’m so very saddened that you are having to leave. It can’t be easy to wrench yourself away from so much suffering knowing that it’ll go on and on after you leave. I’ve cried many times watching these reports and reading the blogs, so I can’t even imagine how seeing it all first hand must have affected you. I will say this, many criticise Hamas, but they’re the only ones fighting back! Palestinians are alone, I’m especially ashamed and angered at all the Muslim and Arab countries who seem to have disappeared off the face of the planet. If we as Muslims can’t put our differences aside and unite and come to the aid of our brothers and sisters in Palestine, we have no right to blame anyone else! May Allah reward you for your efforts.

  76. Syeda says:

    Made me weep! Thanks for your account Jon, you really are a true journalist hats off to you!

  77. Cathy says:

    I don’t know if you read these comments, but to all of you at Channel 4, your reporting has been thorough and excellent. Thank you for your courage and integrity.

    All my life I have known about Israel’s oppression and mistreatment of the Palestinians, but when I tried to talk about it, even friends slapped me down as an anti-Semite. I have tried not to give up. Then, a couple of weeks ago you (Jon Snow) tweeted 2 photos of a father reacting to his dead child. It was marked with a warning that I was about to look at something upsetting. Well, I was used to ‘upsetting’ wasn’t I, (I am well used to seeing your filming with its ‘distressing images’)? It turns out that I wasn’t. The emotion and horror in that photo made me cry out and turn away. Yes, there are sights one can never unsee, and mine was only in a photograph. Something inside me snapped: such unbearable and senseless suffering. It has spurred me to act more and more, to speak out more and more – this is about human rights and compassion and peace. It’s about human beings treating others as human beings.

    That image wasn’t just a photo for you reporters – these images are real. I hope that you receive the psychological support you will need.

    Also listening to Bach’s violin concerto in E Major, I too will join you in weeping Jon Snow, for what is, but what shouldn’t be.

  78. pervez says:

    Powerful and moving to say the least.
    What you have done in Gaza is more than anyone so far. I Salute your bravery. As unfortunate as it sounds politically nothing has been achieved. The israelis are controlling the biggest open air prison in the world! Picking and choosing who to kill next with badly trained and slightly brain washed young men and women “soldiers”.
    This has to stop!, but who from parliament will stand up like you have Mr snow? and demand for an end to this genocidal – apartide. Long may the spirit of Palestine live.

  79. ToughZionist says:

    13 years rockets were fired on southern Israel and traumatized kids. The world said nothing. Jon Snow of Channel4 could care less.

    1. A Siddiqui says:

      Your name says it all

    2. Monique Buckner says:

      I could not disagree with that statement more.

      We in the west have been conditioned to hear Israel’s version repeatedly on mainstream news with Mark Regev’s mouth contorting about as he reads off his scripted hasbara. It’s just pure coincidence that he sounds like a racist white South African justifying the Sharpeville massacre.

      We do not hear that Palestinians are being occupied. We do not get told about the 7/8 years long siege on Gaza by Israel that is killing people slowly as they can’t get the treatments or medicines they need or equipment to purify their water to make it safe, or other problems.


      We do not get told that Israel is practising apartheid both within Israel and the occupied territories.


      We do not get told that Israel gets handed $3 billion per year in aid from the US and that the US consistently vetoes any motions against Israel at the UN: just recently a motion for an inquiry into alleged war crimes in Gaza. The UK wasn’t far behind in this obscenity by abstaining on the vote for an inquiry.


      I agree that children should never have to be traumatised by war and are the innocent victims.

      Now, how do you feel about the fact that the Palestinian Bedouin of the Negev- who are citizens of Israel- are not allowed to build bomb shelters? How do you feel that the Iron Dome does not cover their area?

      How do you feel about the fact that 30 Israelis have died by Gazan rockets over 10 years of hostilities and that this is being used to justify killing hundreds of people in Gaza and level hospitals, schools and homes?


      How do you feel that hundreds of women and children over the course of 3 separate Israeli massacres in 6 years have been blown to pieces by 100 ton Israeli bombs and missiles from land, sea and air?



      A Gazan doctor was explaining about removing pieces of shrapnel a baby’s back and having to amputate arms and legs that had been shredded or blown off the torso. A photo has been tweeted of a baby girl who was rescued from her dead mother’s womb. Other unborn weren’t so ‘lucky’. Dr Mads Gilbert, a Norwegian doctor, has witnessed the flow of casualties and dead in one of the hospitals as he works alongside the courageous and skilled Gazan medical staff- who also have been shot at, bombed and in many cases prevented from collecting the dead and injured. There is a most interesting letter in the Lancet:


      How do you feel about all this?

    3. Oscar says:

      So how many Israelis died from those 13 years of rockets fired at Israel? A dozen?

  80. sloma says:

    So moving. Thank you so much for your reporting. You and your team have done a great job in telling us the painful truth. It’s obvious that Israel is the powerful bully in the world, no human can stop it. those of us who have a religion console our self that there is an afterlife which is just and people will be rightfully punished. Not sure how those with out faith cope.

  81. Dan says:

    Jon, there’s a difference between giving evidence and asking questions. You are brilliant at giving first hand testimony. Israel is acting in a wholly disproportionate way and you have seen it and conveyed the reality. But when you had the chance to hold the Israeli Foreign Minister to account, and the night before another spokesperson, you let your emotion cloud your brain. Who wouldn’t? It’s just the more you lectured them both, the less time you had to put their evasion under the microscope. Why waste time asking about Ukraine and Nigeria for example, was that part of a set speech? Anyway, you are a shining witness of truth, and that’s a lot.

  82. Zahra says:

    Thank you for such a poignant report. It was very moving and helped to paint the picture of the injustice and apartheid, without rhetoric. Where do we go from here? The world stands with the Palestinians, but the governments in Europe and America do not. I have to hope and believe, through our lessons in history that this will not stop good coming through in the end. It is with the valuable work you and others do that take small steps towards this.

    The future of a peaceful Israel (whether one state or 2 state) is difficult to realise though, not just because of the huge tasks to negotiate for peace (bigger than ever due to the growing refugee population, continual settlements, and further land stealing), but I just don’t see how reconciliation can ever take place with the atrocities done to the Palestinian people.

  83. Kashif Nafees says:

    Dear Mr Snow I thank you for writing this article and for risking your life where most won’t and for reporting live from Gaza. Our hearts bleed everytime we watch or hear any news from Gaza. You have always been a great champion of unbiased news; a true journalist.
    Our planet is now ruled by people who are after their own aims and are in no way concerned about what or who they kill.
    Israel and the jews have to remember their history and mustn’t forget their own plight. They must also remember that Islam and muslims had always treated them well and with dignity.
    I would end my comment with a quote from Schindler’s List.. I had wept every time when I saw that movie but we will weep much more for what the Palestinians are going through.

    Stern:   “Whoever saves one life saves the world entire.”

    1. David says:

      “Islam and muslims had always treated them well and with dignity.” Really? I think we may be forgetting a few historical incidents, you know, like consistently since the time of Mohammed, 1400 yrs ago. To wit:



      I just picked 2 articles. There are countless articles, historical documents and so on that clearly and plainly show the aggressive belligerence of Muslim society against Jews (not to mention Hindus and others). The book would be unending if one sat down to write it. So, importantly, let us be careful where we “begin” our history of any situation and look back for causation past a single event. If a man pushes another in front of a train and kills him, who is responsible for this death: the driver of the train (Israel) or the pusher (Hamas and fundamentalist Islam)?

  84. James says:

    Haven’t read ALL the above, but heartily agree with the first comment.

    This atrocity must be stopped and the situation sorted out once and for all… A final solution, you might say… And that means we all need to get behind this idea and actually DO something about this instead of just watching TV and cursing…

    I propose a new border, starting from the coast literally just north of Tel Aviv, running directly to Jerusalem, which should be a circled international city (not under Israeli control). And the border then running east to the Dead Sea.

    Everything south of that line (including what is now Gaza) should be Israeli – everything north should be Palestinian. Gaza would cease to exist – there would also be no Israelis allowed in the area north of the border, so ALL West Bank Israeli settlements would be vacated.

    This will inevitably mean a lot of moving by people from one place to another, but once it is done, then the problem should be resolved…

    Either that or else shift ALL the Israelis over to the Arizona desert in USA and let them live over there.

  85. Nusaybah says:

    Salute to you Mr Snow!! There are very few brave people left in this world and you are the bravest. Thank you for reporting the truth. I pray for your well-being as I can’t even start to imagine the horror you would’ve witnessed out there.

    It saddens me that despite two world wars and many other atrocities in the past, humanity fails to learn from the lessons learnt. I hope and pray for an end to all the horror that’s happening. No one deserves to be killed, especially innocent children over a piece of land.

  86. Sameh Morcos says:

    A very moving report, thanks Jon for your humanity and honest reporting

  87. Claire Holmes says:

    Perhaps if Jon Snow and his team were to present a more balanced programme, giving the news and views from both sides of this terrible conflict – not just the Palestinian side.
    Then ordinary people like me would understand the problem more clearly and be able to form a judgement.
    He is making it blatantly obvious which side he supports – there is no impartiality in the Channel 4 news reporting from the region.

  88. Parvis Tafreshi says:

    A big thank you to Jon snow and Chanel 4 news team,for unveiling the truth about what is happening in Gaza . Other news channels namely BBC ,Sky news should follow channel4 excellent and professional reporting.The Palestinians must now endeavour to resist this illegal occupation at all cost in order to finally bring about peace and security to all.

  89. Zakaria Mahmood says:

    Thank you Jon for just being honest. Praying for a peaceful 2 state solution.

  90. Nisrin says:

    Let me remind you sir that this whole situation was imposed and created by Great Britain, history does not forget nor forgives; isreal was created by a conspiracy cooked by British politicians, the land of palestinians was stolen because of those evil plans to weaken th Arabs, and every single death, hurt, or distruction from that dark day up until this land is won back will be documented and held as the responsibility of Great Britian. History never forgets, and neither will we!!! It is shameful and unhuman that until now the UK and other powerful countries support the oppressors, deny the truth, and even provide Isreal with the bullets to kill!!! The responsibility is equally shared by those who fire the guns and those who provide such guns! We will never forget those facts… So pity those you saw in Gaza but your pity is drenched in their blood

  91. Rudey says:

    I went to Gaza after operation cast lead, and that feeling that Jon describes is the same way I felt , very empty helpless sad emotional, Gaza changes everything !

  92. mary says:

    Jon – as a member of a Palestinian – Irish family I would like to thank you most sincerely for your honest and very insightful reporting from Gaza. You have actually become a real hero for many in Ireland as yours were the only honest, open reports at the beginning of the conflict. Our own Radio Telefis Eireann (RTE) were too busy making sure they were not upsetting the Israelis so their reports were very biased. However, after a huge campaign they caved in to the extent that one morning I heard you being interviewed by them! The BBC has still not changed much. I do not expect one sided reports but i look for honesty, for context, for historical and contemporary accuracy- all of which you alone provided for some time. You were a model of integrity and humanity during your stay there – and your blog completed my admiration for your qualities. Thank you from one who keeps hoping others, particularly governments will begin to exhibit the same honesty, integrity and humanity

  93. Jen says:

    Mr. Snow,

    I have watched your broadcasts from New Orleans with tears in my eyes, both moved by the heartwrenching images you are providing us but also with relief that there are journalists out there like you with the guts to tell the truth about what is going on.

    Thank you thank you thank you.

  94. Liz Court says:

    I have been so moved by your coverage of the plight of the Gazans – and have felt driven to such anger and frustration by the powerlessness that you and I and thousands others feel to change the status quo.
    Channel 4 news is excellent – it is so incisive and so analytical and really brings home the absolute horror of what is happening to the Palestinians.
    I am not surprised you wept – I have wept watching your reports. It is an insurmountable tragedy that the West appears powerless to do anything about. I believe this time it is a game changer . We have to wake up and smell the coffee in the west and realise that the world is beyond our control .

    Thanks you so much for your reports and blogs – you are an excellent reporter.

  95. Tehmina Kazi says:

    Your reporting on the Israel-Palestine situation has been powerful and heart-rending. I cannot thank you and your team enough for your bravery, going out there at considerable risk to yourselves, to bring us these moving accounts.

    The courage and integrity of Channel 4 in broadcasting this footage will never be forgotten either.

  96. Colin says:

    I’m not Palestinian, nor Muslim, but as a human being I wish to say thank you Channel 4 for real courageous journalism. Far too rare, far too dangerous, and absolutely necessary.

  97. Conor says:

    Jon Snow, may you be blessed with health and happiness for your support for the bewildered people of Gaza. I have found your debates with the Israeli Hierarchy very heartwarming. It is impressive to see you telling the story as it is and not being afraid to upset the world super-power (Israel) NOT America.

    I am saddened to see the inhumane reporting and total distortion of facts being beamed into our homes daily, via the BBC and CNN. It fails me to understand how these people who broadcast for these companies can respond to images, like the one with child having half of his head blown off, with the same narrative “it’s the fault of Hamas.”
    “What have we come to as a human race?”

    Keep telling the truth and being impartial because THAT is what will push up the ratings of Channel 4 News.

    I URGE people to post on Facebook and promote the message of Channel 4 and switch to this channel for the truth. I, for one, will be doing everything I can to raise awareness of the Channel 4 News reporting through the social media networks.

    Than you Channel 4 and God bless you Jon Snow for your efforts.

  98. Declan says:

    so how can we help?

  99. carl loben says:

    great blog post Jon, your reporting on the horrific Gaza massacre is like a shining beacon of truth, hope and humanity amongst the obfuscation from other media sources I could mention…

  100. Gerard Green says:

    Summed up perfectly, Jon Snow. Thank you and the channel 4 team for your excellent journalism. It is much appreciated and needed!

  101. Sunem manzur says:

    Ur a Legend Jon Snow! Respect!
    Free Palestine!!

  102. bnar says:

    Thank you for this beautiful and yet heartbreaking piece Jon. Thank you also for your commitment to reporting the truth… you are a credit to your profession. We await your safe return home.


  103. Barbi Rashid says:

    Excellent Mr. Snow…thank you! You are a true journalist!

  104. Tim Martin says:

    Dear Jon , thank you so much for these reports from the great team of c4 news. You have managed to cast some light on Gaza and Israel where it may be easier and more comfortable for many journalists to withdraw from.
    . Giving more light and air to the terrible suffering of all involved can hopefully help bring everyone a little closer to a speedier cessation of this tragedy that is repeating too often with more and more painful consequences.

  105. ray jones says:

    Great article, its time the moderate people on both sides overthrow their leaders and take back the power

  106. Ali says:

    Jon thank you and your crew for bringing to light the truth in what’s going on ! Whilst othet reporters shy Away , you stood up Jon ! Thank Chanel 4 for allowing this to happen please keep up the efforts

  107. Tony F123 says:

    Very touched by your humanity.
    Keep up the good work. Tell the truth as you see it.
    That is your job.
    Thank you,

  108. Martha kennedy says:

    Thank you Jon for your courage in reporting on the nightmare happening in Gaza, my heart is heavy with sorrow for all the people who are suffering dreadful pain and loss. God alone knows how and when it is all going to end, there seems to be no low to which humanity will not stoop, I know that all civilised people will continue to hope and pray for an end to the suffering of oppressed and weak peoples. I hope you have some peace of mind; there’s always a price to pay for the courage displayed by you and your fellow reporters. God bless you, martha

  109. maybe says:

    “It is accentuated by suddenly being within sumptuously appointed Israel. Accentuated by the absolute absence of anything that indicates that this bloody war rages a few miles away. ”

    This was what shocked me the most when I left Gaza. You can acclimatise pretty quickly to the death and destruction around you but coming out of erez and being straight into normalcy was too much for me, I found it truly shocking.

    and I envy you Jon, I couldn’t cry for years afterwards, I was beyond tears.

  110. John Gray says:

    Thanks goodness for Channel 4 news – this is so important at the present moment in view of so much Israeli disinformation and the BBC’s shocking abrogation of its public service broadcasting role. The manufacture of consent is thankfully less in evidence in Jon Snow’s honest reporting than in that produced by the BBC – and paid for by British license fee payers. Keep it up!

  111. Kirsty says:

    God bless you Jon, I am glad that you made out of Gaza safe and sound as we need the honest journalists when mainstream media is telling fabricated stories. At the same time I cry for Gazan people and children who are being bombarded mercilessly. People of Gaza you are not alone,thousands of people with a soul all over the world feel your pain…our hearts cry for you.
    Again many thanks for putting your life at risk to bring the truth. God bless you and your team.

  112. Owain says:

    Jon your humanity shines through, and it is exactly this that is lacking, the humanity by which I mean the empathy to understand and appreciate another human being whether they agree with you or not – so many places in the world right now are on the brink, or indeed already in the abyss, of willful hate and destruction, just when we think we, as human beings, have reached the cusp of genuinely being civilised the naked selfishness of individuals (however expressed including as faith) overwhelms and risks snuffing out the tender flame of love and mutual respect with which we could, as human beings, be so much more on this Earth …

  113. Brendon says:

    I’ve been watching your reports, as well as those of your colleague Jonathan Miller, the last several days. I salute you both not only for your clear-eyed reporting from the ground in Gaza but also for putting your lives on the line to show the world the truth about what’s happening there. I’m not surprised the IDF messed up your laptop: they no doubt ran a huge magnet over it wipe all your data so you can’t spread anymore truth about their inhumane ways. Be well and carry on.

  114. Elaine says:

    What has been/is being done to the Palestinian people is one of the greatest injustices of our time, we are all diminished by allowing this situation to continue. Those “friends of Israel” who will not allow sanction nor hold Israel accountable, who repeat the soundbites crafted to disguise the reality of the situation, are in fact no friends at all. Your reporting on Gaza has stood out for its honesty and humanity. If there is to be a solution to the conflict these values must inform all interventions. Otherwise we are all lost in a very dark place. Thank you.

  115. Taalib says:

    Thank you for genuinely reporting on this story the way it should be told. I sincerely think your efforts alone have garnered substantially more international coverage of the Palestinian story.

    I hope that this can inspire other journalists to report the truth and not take moral shortcuts in order to further their career.

    Thank you

  116. Abdul says:

    Violence of any nature particularly against innocent women and children are unacceptable. I am unable to see any difference between the Israeli establishment and these ignorant so called jihadists who carry out acts in the name if religion. I do not know of any religion that preaches or justifies killing of innocent human being.

    I have had the pleasure of working with people of so many backgrounds and am proud to call them my friends including Jewish people who share no values and belief of the Israeli establishment.

  117. Maria says:

    I think I am speaking on behalf of many people. Thank you so much for your unbiased reports, it is so humbling to know there is atleast one news channel in Britain who are not puppets of Israel.

  118. Claudio Francisco says:

    Mr Snowden,

    I truly believe your honour and bravery in this fight against oppression, both in Gaza and the media, will not be forgotten and will bring about a much needed GHANGE.

    You should be extremely Proud yourself.

  119. DN! says:

    The deafening silence around the Hamas proposal for a 10-year truce:

  120. Tariq says:

    Thank you Jon and the C4 team

    The world weeps for the palestinians, but the politicians remain silent!!

    Ich bin ien Palistinian

  121. Mahmoud says:

    It is trajic and hurtful to see so many westerners arguing and commenting in favor of the palestinian plight for freedom and dignity , yet on the other hand, their governments are complacent and indeffernt to such horrific acts of aggression unleashed at Gaza by Israel’s war machine .

    Israel was born from the agony , the suffering and the rape of palestine and the Palestinians at the hands of the jewish people with the aid of the west and it’s governments .

    It is time that the west should start putting a real and honest effort towards rectifying such a greavous and unjust blunder .
    I thank you for being there when humanity called upon you to witness and report such atrocities .

  122. Jon Heppel says:

    Made me weep too. Just been on Naomi Wolf’s fb. There are already Israeli reports that it was an Hamas rocket at the school and the UN is covering it up. Paranoid madness or what?

  123. ItchyEyes says:

    Thank you Jon Snow. It is heart wrenching to read your words, the sadness, the frustration, the compassion and the realisation that our leaders with significant power are completely letting us down. Despite this we must still stand up, protest, fight for the voiceless and advocate for meaningful change. Keep up the good work. A big thank you to Channel 4 for taking risks and giving us an accurate account of what is happening on the ground.

  124. Tim says:

    You people are completely insane. One person evens says muslims have always treated Jews with respect and dignity !! What awful revisionists you are.

    The leftist media are waging a propaganda war against Israel, and you are the victims. Shake of the shackles and think for yourself for a change. Every country has the right to defend itself against terrorists.

    This ridiculous self indulgent tripe, is designed to whip up more hatred and doesn’t even begin to address the underlying problems of why this conflict is taking place. Nor does it try to come up with a solution. Come on people use your brains.

  125. Otis Idli (@OtisIdli) says:

    It’s a shame this article didn’t have the honesty and decency to attach a proper name to that grievous cancer. The name is theism and the completely absurd, nonsensical, laughable supernatural fantasies from the Bronze/Iron Age that Jews and Muslims fight to defend are the root cause of all this suffering. Every theist in the world has a few drops of blood on their fingers.

  126. Raja Akhtar says:

    Two leading intellectuals (Norman Finkelstein & Chris Hedges) make the legal and moral case for the Palestinian right to resistance by any means necessary:


  127. Mo says:

    Utmost respect and admiration for what you have done, bringing us the truth and a first hand account.

  128. ubaid rahman says:

    Jon snow. Thank you. You prove there is still common decency and journalistic integrity left in certain quarters of the western media. Your humanity speaks volumes and your words I hope will move hearts in the UK. The British establishment and large parts of the media have been hijacked by Zionists lobby’s and brain washed with money and campaign funds to the extent that they forget the very British values which they preach to British Muslim’s daily. All I see when the government rides it’s high horse is hypocrisy and propaganda benefiting an occupier over an occupied people. You have taken a brave stance to be counted on the right side of morality and history. We thank you. Long live Palestine and freedom to the Palestinians.

  129. Mandy Parker says:

    Thankyou so much Jon for your personal courage and for your superb reporting over the past few days.

    I have never visited Gaza but I have visited Israel and the West Bank on four separate occasions. I have never witnessed the kind of terrible scenes you have witnessed this past week, but still my heart breaks for the Palestinian people.

    I find many of the secular Israelis to be very warm and friendly but if you scratch beneath the surface, there appears to be a deep-rooted denial of the injustices meted out to the Palestinians. I think this is largely attributable to the Israeli schooling system and to Israeli politicians who instil and reinforce the notion that Israel is a morally superior country with the “most moral army in the world”. And of course the physical separation between Israelis and Palestinians allows for the terrible dehumanisation we see. I don’t think the current Israeli mindset is going to change of its own accord and so I really hope that the Israel boycott movement continues to gain traction. If our governments won’t act, I think we as citizens need to act and to apply as much external pressure on Israel as we can.

  130. Ali Rahman says:

    Very good. Nice Jon.
    I’m glad to see channel 4 is not following the foots steps of other mainstream media. Namely BBC.

  131. Rosann says:

    Has anyone bothered to ask why the Palestinians don’t leave? Part of the reason is that Israel has a law that if they find a home abandoned, it becomes Israeli property. For a moment, be a Palestinian. You can’t go to Egypt, you can’t go through Israel (because they deny your right to return), if you stay in Gaza and your home is abandoned it becomes Israel’s home. How many of us would tolerate that from our neighbors?

  132. Alaa Murad says:


    Your article made me regain some faith about “us” human.


  133. Rauf Mirza says:

    Where is the Middle East ” peace” Envoy??. The illustrious Tony Blair seems to be keeping a low profile while hundreds are being slaughtered.
    If his unremitting support for Israel us not obvious enough..his appointment to this role was probably the ultimate two fingers to humanity international law and justice.

  134. Marina says:

    Dear Sir,

    Reading your blog just made me cry for the past 10 minutes. I was in Israel and Palestine 2 months ago and met warm and wonderful people – on both sides. The Palestinians we met already had a hard life and I cannot imagine what it must be now… and will be after, for those who are left, if any. The worst part is that there is nothing us, citizens of the world, can do. It is in the hands of politicians and the UN. And I am afraid there isn’t much to hope from that lot…

    One day, please come to Mauritius to meet another lot of refugees, another suffering nation, one that John Pilger wrote about in the same book in which he also wrote about Palestine: the Chagossians, who have been chucked out of their peaceful home country 40+ years ago by the UK government to make space for the biggest outside US military base of Diego Garcia. There too, governments tap dance and the UN turns its eyes away…

  135. Regular guy from London says:

    Militarised murderers enter my home in England. They order me to leave. I refuse. “Where will I go”, I say. They respond with their AK47s and I throw stones in return. But it is my fault because I didn’t leave.

    David Cameron, shame on you! Philip Hammond, shame on you! Ed Miliband and Nick Clegg, shame on you! Obama and Kerry, shame on you! Abdullah, El-Sisi, Nawaz Sharif and UAE, shame on you!

    A big thank you to C4, Snow, Miller and the rest of the team. You had the courage to report the truth. BBC and Sky, shame on you!

  136. sidra says:

    i appreciate your efforts Jon

  137. Suleiman says:

    Mr. Jon Snow, my wife has been very moved and she wrote the following:

    Lament of a mother in Gaza

    I have no voice for you to hear
    Your eyes don’t see my silent tears
    The deaths and blood I see each day
    Now in my soul,
    Oh God hear me pray

    The children of Palestine, whose blood run free
    Down each street, oh please mercy be
    The young, the old, the mothers hold
    But tomorrow’s story still untold

    The world may watch from foreign shores
    With mouths aghast with all our woes
    But the Army that wants us from this earth
    Sews mouths and hearts with all their worth

    If people of this world unite
    Please help us in our weary plight
    We are too weak, our hearts too worn
    As each day you’ll see us mourn

    Our children our brothers, our parents the old
    Maybe through verse our story be told

  138. Hugh Hunter says:

    Thank you Jon. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your compassionate, courageous and objective reporting, under the most horrific circumstances, as you experienced Hell on Earth. I wept during all of your nightly reports, and although Glasgow is 2500 miles away from Gaza, i’ve been holding my 6 year old daughter closer whilst counting my blessings. We will not forget, and for that, we owe you.

  139. MM says:

    Dear Jon,

    I do not doubt your humanity but this story is only half told.

    I have spent my whole adult life watching this great injustice unfold, listening to apologists for Israel in Western capitals, hearing speeches and reading moving reports. And throughout my adult life, I have waited for change. And throughout this time, as a result of deliberate Israeli policy, Palestinians – generation after generation – continue to live in deprivation, die violent deaths, and grow increasingly desperate. And to heap indignity on indignity, their grievance is de-legitimised because they are “terrorists”.

    It is entirely clear to me that Israel is incapable and unwilling to give the Palestinians a just peace. And perhaps brutalised by decades of conflict, the Palestinians are too powerless to negotiate a just peace for themselves.

    In these circumstances, the international community has an obligation to ACT for the sake of both the Palestinians and Israelis.

    This week, I beg you to ask international policy makers:

    – why do they treat Israel/Palestine differently to Darfur/Sudan, Ukraine/Russia, and countless other conflict and humanitarian situations around the world?

    – where are the sanctions and other measures that they are so quick to take against other states, such as Sudan, Russia, Iran, Burma, and countless others when they oppress their people or their neighbours?

    – when will they begin international legal action against war criminals on the Israeli (and Palestinian) sides (for they most certainly already possess the legal opinions to know that this is the case)?

    – when will they mandate the UN to build a humanitarian corridor to the Occupied Territories so that Palestinians are not forced to live in humanitarian need, year after year after year.

    – where is the UN mandate for a peacekeeping force on the ground to protect the Palestinians and Israelis from each other?

    Without this, Jon, I fear that your brave reporting – and our reaction to it as human beings – will amount to little more than hand wringing.

    Unless you ask the tough questions – and we, your viewers, take to the streets and airwaves to campaign relentlessly – for concrete tangible ACTION to end this conflict, Palestinians will continue to die, and their young people and our sons and daughters too will be brutalised and radicalised by this enduring injustice.

    Please ask…

  140. Simon says:

    “both of which target each other’s civilians” – It’s a tragic situation, and Israel may well be reckless, maybe even criminally so, in not doing enough to avoid civilian casualties among Palestinians, but to claim Israel “targets” civilians in the same way as Hamas does is grossly misleading. Hamas deliberately and specifically targets Israeli civilians, and is far more reckless and criminal in the way it treats the Palestinian people than Israel is.

  141. Caryl Churchill says:

    Thank you, Jon, and very best wishes

  142. Uzma says:

    You have given us all hope that humanity is not lost. Hy heart is full of respect and prayers for you.
    I once heard you say in a speech st Islamic relief that you always wanted to change the world for the better…I think you and your team , have tried your best, to make the world see the reality of what is happening.
    This is true journalism and indeed you have played your part in making a difference!

  143. martin fletcher says:

    Jon, I applaud your passion and instincts, which are echoed by so many of your fans. But you are all locked into the Israeli versus Palestinian narrative, which is narrow, misleading, ignores the basic truth, and serves only to popularise a thousand false assertions eg the world supports the Palestinians (says who? most people in the world couldn’t find Jerusalem on the map) and governments do not (aren’t they all calling for an end to the fighting?). There are many ways to define the conflict, but the truest, I believe, is this: The conflict is between those who are prepared to compromise for peace and those who are not. There are plenty of Israelis and Palestinians on each of these sides. The only long-term solution to this hateful fight is to support Jews and Arabs who believe in compromise, strengthen them, and hope that they, over time, become the majority.

  144. Christine Saabi says:

    Thank you for all you have shown in honesty through channel 4. It was obvious that you were moved. The situation feels hopeless – with an Israeli aggressor who attacks civilian population….

  145. Alice says:

    I add my thanks for taking us to Gaza, respect to Jon and C4 for truthful reporting, and my tears for the depravity of the situation. For those who are seeking ongoing truthful and indepth reporting, I recommend this independent daily online news channel – http://www.democracynow.org

  146. Nadia says:

    May your efforts be rewarded. I hope you continue your good work, and hope to see you and channel 4 use your influence to help bring peace for Palestine.

  147. mark adams says:

    John, I once met you in Grays Inn Road and I remember thinking you were kind and had a wonderful energy… i recall thinkin “what a hero.” But what you have done to shed light on this situation over the past few weeks makes me realise how deep that truth really is… you are one of the very best we human beings have among us and I would consider you an absolute hero in the most profound sense of that word. thank you for your immense courage and for speaking the truth.

  148. wendy says:

    jon snow and channel 4 news is back. pity it left us in recent years.

  149. Paul Morris says:

    As a combat veteran I am regularly depressed by the news coming out of Israel/Palestine. I spent 25 years dealing with the effects of war. How long will it take the people on both sides of this conflict to overcome this intense and vicious war? While I hesitate to compare the situation with apartheid South Africa, when I hear Israeli spokepeople, I am reminded of the very insular, laager-mentality of the 1980s South African government.

    John’s deeply human view of the people he met is unfortunately not mirrored by many supporters of Israeli government policy.

  150. Ben says:

    In his hostile interview with Israeli spokesman Mark Regev on Channel 4 News, Jon Snow
    accused Israel of being ‘too cowardly’ to talk to Hamas.

    He was obviously not aware that when Hamas became the democratically elected government
    of Gaza in 2007, Israel, witht the support of the UN, US, EU, UK and Egypt, invited them to the
    negotiating table?

    It sounds as if he was not aware that Israel, with the support of other countries, had made several
    attempts since then? Is he not aware that Hamas has refused point-blank on every occasion?

    It seems he is not aware of the clause in the Hamas Charter (Article 13) that rejects the possibility
    of any negotiations with Israel or, indeed, any other country that stands in its way?

    And is he not aware that the objectives of Hamas, clearly stated in Article 7 of their Charter, include
    the total obliteration of Israel?

    A journalist of Mr Snow’s standing and experience should have been aware of this, especially given
    his previous involvement as chairman in the early days with Independent Jewish Voice, a bunch of
    Left-wing, anti-Israel ‘intellectuals’ in whose eyes the Palestinians/Arabs can do no wrong (a bit like
    the ‘useful idiots’—to use Stalin’s epithet for those who supported him in the West as he murdered
    millions of people). If he was aware of all this but chose to ignore the facts, does this not imply prejudice?

    Ignorance or prejudice? Is never acceptable in a high-profile news programme whose responsibility is
    to ensure that viewers are fully and properly informed of the facts?

  151. Ammana Shaka says:

    Dear Jon
    Thank God that you exist, that you are brave ,that you are so committed to truth and humanity that you risk your life to reveal it. Thank you for the tears I cry because it reminds me that we are all connected and suffering of one is the suffering of all. May God protect you and send His Angels to walk with you. Thank you x

  152. Shujat Khalid says:

    Jon I would just like to thank you for the honesty of your reporting. You, in my opinion have been one of the few reporters who has covered this war with fairness and impartiality from the very beginning. If we had more people like you in the media the world would be a better place.

  153. Anouche Sherman says:

    Thank you Jon Snow. You are A True Mensch. A good person, a peace maker. You are reminding people of what bounds us as human beings, that we are all made in the same way and of the same things- we love our children, we abhor violence, we hope, we get discouraged. And that even under the worst hardship human spirit can prevail and the will to live remains.

  154. Bjoern says:
  155. Aisha Ali says:

    Once again excellent reporting from Jon Snow!

  156. Varda says:

    How come you did not mention the fact that this is not a war against a people but against a cruel organization of terrorists? Hammas does anything possible to murder as many Israelis, mainly civilian. The fact that we have Iron Dome to protect us does not make their crime smaller.

    1. Jeff says:

      You say cruel organization known as Hammas and how it’s targeting civilians. Considering the fact that Israel is run by a militarized populace I don’t consider much of Israel to be ‘civilian’ and many of these Israelis have killed Palestinians with little to no regard.

      Israel has the right to defend themselves yet the West basically says that Palestinians do not. That is disgustingly wrong.

  157. Nathan Umbas says:

    I am deeply greatfull that someone turned me onto jon snow and channel 4. I had grown weary watching the mainstream coverage of the conflict here in canada. I think history will not judge world leaders kindly if they continue to allow the genocide of the Palestine people while our so called leaders of the free world stand idly by and give Israel a free pass to do as they wish to accomplish they ultimate goal of wiping out the palestine people . Again thank you to Jon Snow and the whole channel 4 team for standing up for truth and justice…

  158. Pamela says:

    Thank you for bravely telling the truth about the horrors of life in Gaza, a nation of young children. Your tears are shared by all who read about the constant atrocities they suffer.

  159. Patrick Middleton says:

    [OT] “laptop … sequence of pretty black and yellow tartan-like barcodes” sounds to me like damage to the video card by either overheating or … being X-rayed for much longer than necessary.

  160. Uzma Naqvi says:

    Jon, this is so touching, so beautifully written. I thank you wholeheartedly for being true to humanity in this inhumane world, where murdering babies has become the norm and can be justified by using the words “defending ourselves”.
    I thank you for feeling the pain of a helpless, defenceless and a cornered nation who have nowhere to go and hide, no way of protecting themselves … You have been true to your job, the people of Palestine and most importantly to being a kind human being who has the intellect to see wrong when it’s stating you in the face – there are many all around us who are in denial.

    You have covered this subject with allot of passion and truth and I have so much respect for you for doing that.

    This has nothing to do with being a Muslim or a none Muslim, you only have to be a human to be able to see and feel the pain of the people of Gaza.

    Thank you again,

  161. Asiya Shah says:

    Thank you John

    The Channel 4 news producers and your team for all your reports. You have challenged the Israelis where no one else in the British media or government has been prepared to do so.

    God bless you!!.

  162. Bob says:

    Heartbreaking. Independent media has a duty to save the people of Gaza. There is so much corruption throughout the media it is important that people like you and the C4 team exist because you serve a purpose no government can: Representing the oppressed in a corrupt world. All media is corrupt to an extent. Fortunately there are the good people like yourselves that understand the importance of being fair and making an impact on the way people think in our country. Truth instead of propaganda. The best way to make the news!

  163. Nazia Rob says:

    Jon snow, we salute you. Truly a great, honest man, with a heart that FEELS and eyes which SEE. From the rivers to the sea, Palestine will be free #oneDay #PrayersWithPalestine

  164. Kelly L says:

    Beautiful peice of writing but you really must learn what the definition of “target” is. If Israel targeted civilians there would be virtually none left. They accidentally kill civilians while targeting Hamas militants, but that is quite a different target.

  165. John Mark says:

    Jon, thank you for your honest reporting. As I read your report, I found myself fully identifying with your description of the behaviour of the Israeli border guards. I crossed from Israel to Gaza and back with UN staff a number of years ago. Even though we were travelling in UN vehicles and had all our papers in order, the Israeli IDF guards seemed to take delight in making our lives as difficult as possible. Many of them barely looked old enough to have finished university, and were easily the rudest officials I’ve ever encountered anywhere. They knew they couldn’t stop us crossing, as we were with the UN, but they sure as hell weren’t going to let us cross quickly. We were left waiting for almost two hours, sitting in our vehicle on a blistering hot day, even though not a single other vehicle sought to cross in that time (due to the blockade of Gaza). Most of that time, the IDF officials were chatting and laughing among themselves behind their screens. A small example of the total disregard which most members of the IDF seem to have for others, even if it pales by comparison with the killing of many entirely innocent civilians.

  166. Julia Guest says:

    Thank you for sharing the depth of your feelings about this.. it is vital to humankind, that it remembers its kindness.

    All these seiges in recent years have gone unchecked.. and unfelt too often. This brings back some sense of empathy. It cannot go on, for all our sakes. The Geneva Conventions were drawn up to prevent this.. they need to be upheld.

  167. Rabia says:

    What an amazing heart wrenching first hand account. Thank you Jon snow for been the voice of sanity and for being one of very few to report from the eyes of the children.
    Our thoughts and prayers are with the people of gaza. May the oppression create resilience in those living to keep fighting for what is duly theirs.

    I was wondering if the rumous regarding large gas reserves found in gaza are true??

  168. Joanne says:


  169. Jamela Khan says:

    Thank you Mr. Snow. Thank you Monique Buckner for your responses and links.
    Very enlightening.

  170. Derek Hudson says:

    Jon, your reports from Gaza and this writing have me choking back tears. Those children’s faces are beyond shocking. The insanity is incomprehensible. How do the perpetrators sleep at night? The figures given to you by the courageous Dr. Mads Gilbert simply defy the imagination and worse still they have toppled 1000 dead of which 165 are children at the time of this posting not counting the maimed for life and severely injured.

    We all say a massive thank you for having the courage to leave the studio to get to the naked heart of this calamity to humanity. Your reporting is exemplary in its excellence. Your compassion and level headedness in such mind numbingly atrocious scenes are a tribute to the human being you are. I know just how hard it is to maintain an objective standpoint in these moments and you do your profession proud. Were there more reporting of your calibre on other channels than just rooftop stand-ups the worlds audiences might just begin to comprehend the enormity of this catastrophic injustice.

    You and Jon Miller have shown us what is essential to know, so again, thank you and Channel 4 for bearing witness to the truth.

  171. Alison Orr says:

    Jon – I’m moved by your blog, but I was deeply ashamed by your angry anti-Israeli attitude in the news report posted above, which I watched the other night as it was broadcast. “Now who’s lecturing?” was a very appropriate response. Hamas has a lot to answer for, locating its weaponry in the midst of its population, a deeply cynical ploy. Why not report on the appalling propaganda and brainwashing of children by Hamas and the Palestinian Authority as detailed in Palestinian Media Watch? http://www.palwatch.org It proves that they have no desire for peace. Yes, a ceasefire needs to be negotiated; yes, peace needs to be negotiated, a two state solution is the only way forward, but PMW shows that there’s no desire for this in Palestine, that they want only the demise of Israel. Slamming Israeli spokespeople as if the Israelis are the only ones at fault is bad reporting.

  172. Kauser Jan says:

    Jon, I wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart. I have watched and read your reports. And each has left me in tears. You have put yourself out there not only as a journalist but as the voice of consciousness …many have not been able to do a fraction of what you have.

    The posts above say everything that needs and can be said and I pray God keeps you from harm and that you continue to raise awareness and challenge the obvious bias in other reporting circles.

    Your work and words are so welcome at a time that is so bleak for our Palestian brothers, sisters, mothers, fathers and the oh so many children…. God Bless you.

  173. debbie clarke says:

    I have read with great sadness what is going on in Gaza. Why can people not live side by side in peace. We just seem intent on destroying each other. I hope people open their eyes and listen to the truth being told by people like yourself. One life lost in war, is one life too many. Thank you for taking personal risk to bring the truth and hopefully one day peace will come

  174. Jubeda Khatun says:

    Thank you Jon Snow real and true journalism hats off to you.

    To those writing of Islamist groups and extremism they do not represent any form of Islam. Nor do these Israeli’s that claim they are Jews, they are not representing Judaism they are ZIONISTS and have their own agendas. It needs to highlighted that the Israeli’s are occupying Palestinian illegally for years and now diminished Palestine what about that. You need to look at the facts before writing oh the Islam extremists all the time! It’s a lie created by ZIONISTS!!

    Jon Snow really glad you made it back safe. May you be rewarded for your work inshaa’allah prayers with you :-)

  175. Catherine MacConvilleT says:
  176. Fanni says:

    Dear Mr. Snow, forgive my honest opinion, but I do not believe for a moment that you “weep for both people”. From what I’ve read here, we have another biased and one-sided account portraying one side as a slaughtered lamb and the other as a village villain. “an hour from the steel crossing-point from Gaza, there were three half-hearted air raid warnings. Some people run, but most just get on with what they are doing.” Really? Are you absolutely completely sure that this is what is going on on the other side? Have you been around this region in the last 9 years? When Hamas, which fully controls Gaza since 2005 Israel’s withdrawal from the territories, launches tens, and lately, hundreds of rockets aimed at the most populated Israel’s towns and cities in an attempt to kill as many civilians as they can. There is a generation of children in Israel that grew up under constant rocket fire in the south of Israel. Rockets that were first launched ten days after Israel pulled out of the Gaza strip leaving it to Hamas to rule. No country ever was put in a situation that Israel is right now. When on the one hand it is expected, and rightfully so, to defend its own civilians, while on the other hand is condemned for hurting the civilians on the other side, whose own governing party (or terrorist organization, choose however you’d like to call them) uses these people as human shield. This is to blame a stick, and not the one who holds it. Do you really believe that Hamas is interested in peace? If so, it should have probably spend the funds received from humanitarian missions to build the school, hospitals or defense systems instead of building underground terror tunnels that go straight from under the hospitals and schools to the heart of Israeli towns. Hamas has a many-times, publicly declared purpose- to wipe Israel off the face of the earth, and this is what they are attempting to do using the old known tactics – aiming to kill civilians on the enemy side while hiding behind their own civilians awaiting enemy’s reaction, knowing that it would come, then will come the outcry from the nations of the world, the reaction would be subsided, hamas will win a bit more time and loads of humanitarian-purposed funds, which will be used… the rest you’ve already seen, and can guess.We are witnessing this scenario for the fourth time since 2005. Only each time Hamas becomes more and more sophisticated. Do you still think hamas wants peace and prosperity for its people? Finally, rephrasing Golda Meir: if Hamas disarms, there will be no war. If Israel stops defending itself, there will be no Israel.

  177. JillA says:

    Excellent, human, moving and important journalism John, thank you.
    Also I have to say what you are too modest and too, rightly, focused on the plight of children and families to say, that is that the arrogance of these Zionists and their lack of respect for others seems to know no bounds as demonstrated by their treatment of you – I am astonished and disgusted that such an internationally renown journalist and (apologies) a mature gentleman has been treated with such a lack of respect by Israeli ‘public servants’.

  178. Mus Niwaz says:

    A moving piece Jon . Thank you soo much for what you done we need more journalists like you
    You gave a voice to the people of Palestine .
    Much respect

  179. David Hold says:

    You wonderful bleeding liberal antisemite fulls. A civilian plane was shot down by the Russians, Crimea was taken over by the Russians. The Iranians are closer to manufacturing nuclear weapons, Iraq is over run by terrorists but what you have to focus on is a country that is fighting for its survival. Oh yes the poor Palestinian civilians who before battle get text messages and leaflets to get out of the way. The same way that the British or the Americans or even the French are doing in Afghanistan or where ever the enter. UPS they don’t?. And you have the audacity to criticize the IDF for those poor babies that the terrorists intentionally expose to the battle.
    I would be ashamed even bring the subject out. Do you notice that even the Arab countries themselves like Egypt, Saudi Arabia and rest are quite . They also realize that this are terrorists except you bleeding hearts. Why don’t you just move to Gaza and enjoy the freedom that they provide.

  180. David says:

    Jon, I watched your interview w/ the Israeli minister. The question naturally arises: why did you bother? Your agenda is crystal clear; you are entirely transparent about it and apparently, make no apology about being utterly biased and incapable of looking past the first causation, which is to say, if Hamas didn’t fire 100’s upon 100’s of rockets at Israel, kidnap our people, use all that foreign aid to build terror tunnels, rather than bomb shelters, hospitals, schools, infrastructure, etc (not to mention the destruction of 3,000 greenhouses left by Israel for the people when it pulled out in 2005), its people would have been productive and have built something positive, including an economy that could have been like that of a Hong Kong or a Singapore. Instead, they’ve used that money, money from Western taxpayers, to build terror tunnels w/ the intention of launching massive terrorist raids to massacre Israel’s children and adults in the schools and streets. Their leadership also has used that aid to become multi-millionaires and billionaires. Israel is defending itself against attack. When missiles and rockets, weapons caches and military operational offices are hidden in schools, homes, hospitals, etc, and further, when Hamas uses human shields, people who are warned well in advance (Israeli’s, who have 5-15 seconds when an air raid siren goes off, would love to have 3 minutes, not to mention 2-3 DAYS to get out of the way – the fact that they have Iron Dome doesn’t mean Hamas doesn’t intend to kill 1000’s of Israeli’s; it means we focus on defending our people, rather than expending money on terror tunnels) and there will be collateral damage. You think its so easy to avoid? OK, you explain the technology required that isn’t being used by Israel. You describe the technique that still allows Israel to accomplish its mission, which, btw, is protecting its people from ANNIHILATION. The Hamas Charter explicitly calls for NO NEGOTIATION (yet you require US to sit down at the table in order to reach peace?) and for the MURDER OF EVERY LIVING JEW. As sad and horrifying as this situation for the poor people in Gaza who really don’t want this, and particularly the children, your reporting is thus, intellectually and morally bankrupt. Further, YOU HARM THEM. Because at the end of the day, Hamas is a FASCIST ORGANIZATION THAT FORCES THEM TO BE IN THIS SITUATION, THAT WELCOMES IT TO GET JUST THE TYPE OF WORLD SYMPATHY AND BLAME UPON THE ISRAELI’S YOU TRY TO GENERATE. RATHER THAN A SYMPATHY THAT BLAMES ISRAEL, HOW ABOUT SOME JOURNALISTIC AND INTELLECTUAL RIGOR THAT FOCUSES ON THE REAL PROBLEM: HAMAS? HOW ABOUT CHANTING AS I DO: “FREE GAZA! FROM HAMAS!”

  181. MM says:

    I posted a comment on this at 0700 this morning. I was told it would be put up after a moderator reviewed it. Can you please tell me why it wasn’t put up? I spent more than an hour on it and if you don’t want it, could you please send me a copy so that I can re-send it to Jon Snow as a letter. Thank you.

  182. Uma Sharma says:

    It seems to me real peace is for a recognised state of Palestine recognised with a proper Government. If there is it seems rather weak and if there is fundamentalist groups growing in Israel then there is also in Palestinian territory. Why is Hamas leadership representing on TV Palestinian People where is the Palestinian President? Doesn’t Hamas fire rockets as-well. If there is to be long lasting peace in the region and the benefits of stable government then the region will move forward together peacefully and achieve many things. The consequence of not progressing peacefully is that people live will become difficult and this hardship translated into poverty and death from the periodic infighting in the region. Having visited Israel many years ago I was surprised to find out how local and regional the state it didn’t fulfil my perception created by the media interest from the West. I am sure peace is there for both Israelis and Palestinians. Peace is about discourse and not weapons.

  183. David says:
    1. Shujat Khalid says:
  184. Arie says:

    Sitting in your comfortable chair in your BA flight. Was there a moment that you were irritated with the person next to you? Or standing in line waiting for your passport to be checked, the smell or the noise of the person in front of you?
    We are hypocrites, all of us. We think we can say such righteous things and bash other people, but the same spirit lives in all of us. Writing this article and this kind of comments gives us righteous feelings but who are we? From when we were born till we die all that is in us is selfishness, hatred and jealousy. In big scale in war, in smale scale the fight between brother and sister.
    All this article is about is the fake demand for righteousness, but there are two parties involved. And as long as both will not stand still and put aside their selfish thinking the fight will continue, how awfull each dead.
    This article, the UN, no person on earth has the credibillity to demand an upright thinking and behaviour, that is why we need to fear God and let God be our moral standard. The God who created heaven and earth. Not the God that we people made up, but the God who send His only Son to set a selfish standard for us to follow. Not the God who is portrait in churches, mosks or any type of religious places. But the God who has send His Son Yeshua to die on the cross for all of us.

    1. Steven P says:

      Hi Arie,

      The problem I have with God (Gods) on a practical level is we seemed to have been left to our own devices and have lost our way in some aspects of our human existence; but the world isn’t standing still its moving forward. The problem is instead of sharing the knowledge and resources we have isolated it and come up with ways and means to utterly defeat anyone who doesn’t also believe or is willing to support our own cause.

      Over time, there is always a ‘correction’ – to use the west favourite market phrase.

      But a big but is the division between the wealthy and the poorest which is growing and this will lead to greater instability. The 2nd world war showed the world by ‘film’ what happens when resources are plowed into hatred and what we are capable of but there is hope. Did the German people really believe and did they really want success and economic growth to be driven by annilation, hatred and intolerance: the answer is defiantely No.

      The Nazi regime cheated the people of Germany at a time when they were already weary of war and needed hope and guidance: those who saw the potential of this regime were at first not listened to: they were imprisoned, tortured killed deported and cleansed from the streets. Those left were not free to speak; free to engage in debate or argue where all this would lead.

      But others did speak, others did see the danger and we in Britain melted down our railings and pots and pans; rationed our resources for a common objective because the Government new after the East and West will come Britain: and we as a collective people understood the danger we faced.

      Go to Germany today and you will find that despite everything it is a tolerant society because all individuals are by their very nature willing to try harder whenever failure has occurred: very few give up on life but they do give up on war!

      My Father, once told me the Russians arrogant behaviour was mainly due to the fact they were not allowed out of Russia so how the hell do they know how to conduct themselves when finally they could: it takes time he told me. Human nature is not all based around a desire to outdo by whatever means the person next to you.

      What my father wanted me to know was ‘Son, yes they are a little frightening and intimidating but they wont be like that for ever once they have the same opportunities as you do’: its stayed with me and it crosses over into many aspects of society.

      But I also worked on building sites with Latvians, Polish Ukraines and they all have a deep mistrust of the Russians because they wer basically occupying their land and their country pushing them to be subservient.

      But it did not last even if theres have been a lost generation: the supressors never win in the end.

      The one aspect of Western culture that I guess is something we in Britain are facing is the loss of the Family unit to an ever increasing consumer based society which views all of us (individuals) as potential profit; irrespective of beliefs and social awareness which is I believe increasing the selfishness you mention.

      Children – it appears to me – are at the forefront of all extremism (whether that be Consumerism or Religious beliefs) and we fight constantly to try and protect them from being led down the wrong path in order that they may choose for themselves as adults with a broad empathy, tolerance and understanding: and not reverting to violence at the drop of a hat.

      That’s why we need to hear the voices of reason from those who practice tolerance and are genuine in their understandings of others: we want empathy to be real.

      Capturing peoples interest (in the west) is hard because we have become so detached unless it directly affects us but of course indirectly it does affect us and people like Jon Snow are showing us the consequences which in the end…if we don’t try and do something as a nation and as individuals….will ultimately lead to greater conflicts which increases the potential to a frightening degree.

      I cannot even begin to imagine how the people of Gaza with such hopelessness for the future feel about their homes, their families, their neighbours: when you have no-future to live for, the outcome is surely going to be violent (I feel the same about the Ukraine situation and Syria).

      I want to understand, I want to hear about it I want to be informed and I want to know what I can do for the people of Gaza because its clear whatever – historic view you take – they are the ones suffering and they are imprisoned far far more than Israel: I am not saying one side is right I am simply stating what I see.

      That’s why we need Jon Snows reports we wont take action if we don’t know and we cant be sure its the truth: its his journalistic pedigree and impartiality which will help us in the end move forward. In an over bloated debt ridden west morally defunct society which couldn’t care less about anyone except myself kind of West ….its rare to find such a person who wants the truth to be shown (and isn’t trying to get on the US lecture circuit or publish another book just for profit).

      Just like European Governments creating the European Union to never again have a war of annilhation with such hatred and intolerance (Even if consumerism has now taken over this alliance of countries) I want peace in this region: I would like to visit people I met from Jordan and other areas but I am too frightened to go anywhere in that area (and cant afford it).

      The Gaza people need an opportunity; they need free borders and trade and the potential for economic prosperity because that’s what works and keeps peace (yes we then need to control that consumer society too but that’s anther debate).

      To simply live a life like God told us Aria isn’t something I can personally do: I know far too little to even start. But I do try hard to be a good honest and tolerant person and I hope that you believe me.

      The very best regards

      Steven P

  185. Amena says:

    Sukran Mr Jon Snow

    This catostrophic war against humanity and all that is decent is fuelled by the ARROGANCE of the Zionist régime.

  186. Saj says:

    Hats off to you Jon, you have done what very few journalists that can make a difference have failed to do. Thank you for sharing the true reality of what’s happening in Gaza and bless you for your humanity. The world needs more journalists like you. Journalists have the power to make a difference and make the world aware of what is really happening in the world we live in.. And I am so happy that you are our voice. #freepalestine

  187. Chris Hall says:

    Mr Snow, you are rocketing to the top of my list of respected journalists with the work you do, no small feat considering my opinion of the media, I assure you. I just watched a video with your commentary after returning from Gaza and I am speechless. You are a beacon of light for all that is objective, honest, and forthright in the media, and I hope you continue to bring your perspective to the masses for a long time to come.

    Chris from Canada.

  188. Annette says:

    This is a high profile war but I do not believe in the guilt or inocence of one side or the other. It shows what the pressures of overpopulation and scarce resources do to humans. Instead of constantly covering the battles and atrocities between particular groups of humans, compounded by different colours, languages, clothes and gods, how about the media gives a bit of time to covering what we as a species are doing to ourselves and every other large life form on Earth.

    Through the use of fossil fuel energy we have reached a stage of development where science enables us to do such wonderful things that they verge on the “miraculous” because they are incomprehensible to most of us. Science has also allowed us to wage war in this impersonal, inhumane and mindlessly destructive manner. Do you people who are so distressed by the inhumanity of this situation ever bother to listen to our top scientists who have been telling us for over 30 years to stop the industrial expansion using fossil fuel or we are heading straight into the biggest mass extinction of species since the dinosaurs.

    That includes all of us, whatever faith, creed or nationality we may be. Stop spending all your energy treating the symptoms of the disease – the disease being that we have virtually made the World uninhabitable for ourselves, our children and future generations – and fight for a cleaner, fairer future for all humans. Fight Climate Change, fight the coal industry, fight for renewable energy, fight for the people in developing nations who have not had the “rewards” of our industrialised, consumer driven lifestyles but will be the first to go under.

    So you don’t know or believe what our scientists and the United Nations are telling us about our trajectory into oblivion… what a time to stop believing in science! You who are on a computer, reaping the benefits of science. The carnage is spreading and it won’t stop until we excise its cause – the fossil fuel industry and the corrupt corporations who run it and are expanding it in the face of scientific advice.

  189. Sg says:

    This was so moving. Really. Massive respect to you Jon and the entire channel 4 team for not being biased and showing the true reality of this war. It is a shame there are not many reporters like you in this world. You are a legend. Amongst our community you are the most if not only journalist currently being spoken about. Keep up the amazing work. I can’t believe our world leaders are sitting back doing nothing like Tony Blair enjoying his wife’s birthday bash whilst the rest of the world is protesting to free Palestine.

  190. ralph mguni says:

    Thanks to those like Jon who put their lives on the line to ensure we all see the barbarity of war.

    An erstwhile sympathizer with those who believed in Israel’s right to exist the images from Palestine have led to my complete change of mind. If Israel’s survival is conditioned upon such brutality that for me is a price too high to pay. As history has shown again and again a people that tries to exist through such brutal suppression of others is doomed. In time the tables will turn and the state of Israel will be obliterated, a consequence of the shortsightedness of its leaders.

    What the leaders if Israel should have done, difficult though it would be was to show magnanimity and tolerance towards the perceived or real state if Israel. Thus they would weaken the resolve of those calling for their demise. But their use of might to acquire more territory and impose themselves on the natives if the land has sown seeds of their own demise.

  191. Dj Footprint says:

    To Jon, Jonathan, the cameramen & women, The C4 News production Team – My utter, utter THANKS for your coverage of what has been happening in Gaza since you have been reporting there on the ground – putting yourselves in extreme danger so that we can get a balanced view of what is happening – instead of from the likes of the British Bullsh*tting Corporation (aka the British Broadcasting Corporation for the Conservative party).
    I am both very happy that you are (by this point in time) home safely – but will also miss your extraordinary reports from Gaza – that goes to your entire Team also. For many, many years i have found C4 News to be a bastion of light in the field of Journalism – and recently you have excelled yourself. How you kept your composure whilst the Israeli spokesman repeatedly spoke over you and ranted how his Government and its forces were justified in their actions, was a testament to your professionalism. (I myself was utterly furious!)
    Who will bring us direct ‘on the ground’ first-class postings each evening now? (Or is Jonathan remaining there?)
    I also hope that you are receiving much-needed love & hugs from your loved ones – to help with the fact that in life, there are things seen – that cannot be ‘un-seen’.

    My Thanks etc go to all the many people here that have posted messages of thanks, support, gratitude and information (all informative links i have noted – and will be shared).
    @ Claire Macauley – Petition signed. Thanks very much for the link.

    I wish i could thank each individual poster who has posted a comment by name (as i am apt to do) – but at this point in time, for medical reasons – and a current pain level of 10, plus 48+ hours without sleep, i would find it very difficult). Once again however, THANK YOU SO MUCH for your messages of support etc for Jon & the C4 Team – and let us all hope that peace, justice, fairness – and the return of stolen lands for the people of Palestine.
    #Free Palestine #StopTheSlaughter.

    It is to their own shame that i cannot give thanks of any kind whatsoever to – Bento / Bob / ToughZionist (you slightly gave the game away there with your ‘nom-de-plume’).

  192. Steven P says:

    Dear Jon and the C4 Team,

    I too have been moved by your reports which also bring a deepening feeling of my own ignorance: when I see the destruction, dismanteling and shear ability of one side to destroy the others habitat I ask what can I do?

    As a white middle class child growing up in Leicester I attended an inner City School and my friends were the other children I sat in the class with, played in the playground with and always had fun as children do when time permitted.

    There were Seihks, Indians, Jews, Chrsitians and all manner of different peoples I played with: Sometimes we would tease at each other at our differences in names and culture but never beyond the realms of fun.

    When I left Leicester as a young adult and engaged with the wider world I really had no understanding of racism (the only time I saw or came across it was football in the early 80s – which put me of going to watch and violence frightened me).

    Becoming an adult I soon realised – with astonishment – the ignorance and aggressive racism of totally normal everyday people (often only said behind closed doors but also in the street, bars, coffee shops etc) whom appeared to the outside to be totally respectable towards ethinic groups.

    This confused and upset me because I simply couldn’t comprehend why!

    My point is:

    I know nothing of the depths of this on-going dispute but I do know that Harmony, Peace and Good feeling between all peoples starts with Children. To destroy the lives of so many will foster hatred and take away what all children need in life: stability, education and teaching of tolerance through their own experiences. Religions beliefs in modern times need not lead to conflict.

    What has happened in Gazza in recent days is destroying this basis for Peace and Prosperity and I hope that your reporting will continue to show the human affect because it matters today and for tomorrow.

    May all those affected – particlularly the Gazza residents – be touched by a desire to bring Stability, Peace, Tolerence and some happiness.

    Jon, you are probably the best person to report such matters because of your educated in sight please do not give up bringing us the news that realy matters (both home and abroad).

  193. zahir iqbal says:

    Jon this is a very touching article. I am saddened by the lack of just reporting from our mainstream broadcasting. I hope this is a small step in the right direction. Average age of 17. Incredible. Basic maths shows their adults have simply been wiped out. Genocide?

  194. Deirdre Skilton says:
  195. Julie Ward MEP says:

    Thanks for being willing to do this job in the first place and not to take the easy option. Honest observational reporting from a war-zone is one of the most important services we expect from our media and it has taken Channel 4 to take a lead on this in respect of Gaza. Like nearly everyone else responding to your blog I am overwhelmed with distress that the world allows this situation to continue. I am a newly elected MEP and whilst we spend a long time in parliament discussing the wording of resolutions collectively we should also remember that we, like you, are also human beings, and that we need to be the voice of our constituents and their families and friends. Here in the NW of England there is great support for peace from the Muslim community especially during Ramadan which is a time for generosity of spirit. I have been part of many interfaith and intercultural initiatives that aim to remind people of our common humanity. Thank you for doing the same.

  196. Derek Williams says:

    QUESTION: Why isn’t there any demo for these Syrian kids? http://edition.cnn.com/2013/11/24/world/meast/syria-children-deaths/
    ANSWER: because there are no Jews to hold responsible.

    Yet the number of civilian and child deaths eclipses those that have been killed in Gaza.

    There are only 12 million Jews, but there are over 1 billion Muslims, and if only 10% of them Tweet or email, they could say the world is flat and get their message across to millions worldwide. But just because many people say something, doesn’t make it right.

    Now let us look at the only available two solutions to the present Israel / Hamas conflict :

    1. Hamas lays down its arms and says “we will fight no more”

    2. Israel lays down its arms and says “we will fight no more” and surrenders to Hamas

    In the case of the first, there would be immediate peace and Israel would lift the Gaza blockades, put there to stop arms flowing into Gaza since Israel handed the area over to Palestine 9 years ago. There would be freedom of religion, and a secular democracy in Israel at least.

    In the case of the second, there would be immediate wholesale invasion of Israel by Hamas and a genocide of all Jews living there followed by the imposition of Shariah Law with all the catastrophe that connotes for women’s rights and minorities like homosexuals, put to death under Islam, to say nothing of other atrocities committed in the name of this 7th century religion, like female genital mutilation:


    Pat Condell Opinion Piece:

    Now just have a look at what other Arabic countries think of Hamas:


    The death of children in a war zone is absolutely deplorable, but they’re dying precisely because this IS a war zone. People get killed in wars. The only way to stop it is for a ceasefire to occur yet Hamas broke the Egyptian brokered ceasefire and many before it. http://www.nydailynews.com/news/world/israel-resumes-airstrikes-gaza-hamas-militants-violated-de-escalation-article-1.1867129

    It is not the policy of the Israeli government to target civilians. It is however the policy of Hamas to do so, by placing their military targets inside schools and hospitals, and to that end they have sent over 1,700 rockets over to Israel which would, but for Israel’s Iron Dome defence have killed not hundreds, but tens of thousands of men, women and children. Moreover, Hamas is training child soldiers:

    Hamas indoctrination of children to shoot all Jews:

    Hamas training of child soldiers:

    I get the unmistakable impression that people want more Jews to die so as to even up the score. It’s also clear that there is ignorance of the history surrounding the fact that Israel handed the Gaza strip over to Palestine 9 years ago as an overture of peace. Hamas immediately occupied this land and began military attacks against Israel, hence the present day blockade designed to prevent arms entering the territory.

    One thing is certain, any ceasefire must be bilateral, and in this matter, Hamas has failed to respect the Egyptian sponsored ceasefire, and most other proposals. Hamas is not interested in a two state solution, nor is it interested in the welfare of its own people, because its goal is a global jihadist Islamic caliphate with itself installed as head, and the pernicious Shariah Law as the basis for the criminal code in every nation. The Palestinian civilians are merely pawns in their illegal jihad, and this is why they place their military targets near homes, schools and hospitals.

    The Islamic Supreme Council itself, in its definition of ‘jihad’, has said “any peaceful overtures must be accepted”, and the following points make it clear, at least in these terms, that Hamas’ actions don’t even conform with the faith they claim to represent:


    • Jihad is not a violent concept.
    • Jihad is not a declaration of war against other religions. It is worth noting that the Koran specifically refers to Jews and Christians as “people of the book” who should be protected and respected. All three faiths worship the same God. Allah is just the Arabic word for God, and is used by Christian Arabs as well as Muslims.
    • Military action in the name of Islam has not been common in the history of Islam. Scholars says most calls for violent jihad are not sanctioned by Islam.
    • Warfare in the name of God is not unique to Islam. Other faiths throughout the world have waged wars with religious justifications”

    Stating that “Jihad is not a violent concept” in the same breath as “Warfare in the name of God is not unique to Islam” may make it appear that they want to have it both ways, but nothing in this list supports Hamas’ goals of militaristic jihad and the elimination of Israel.

    While the vision of global conquest and the destruction of Israel as set forth in the Hamas manifesto seem unrealisable at first, how unrealisable did the defeat of the Shah of Iran by the Islamic Revolution seem in 1979? How achievable did the Nazi government of Adolf Hitler seem on his arrest in 1923? Who at that time foresaw the Holocaust? At the point of a gun, you can achieve anything, good or bad.

    “The price of freedom is eternal vigilance.”

  197. John Kurshid says:

    I don’t bloodshed of any type and do believe that Israel’s response is heavy handed. Thinking about this current spate of violence, it seemed to have been sparked by the senseless revenge murder of a Palestinian teenager – which even the Israeli leadership condemned. There was great global public outrage at this and Hamas stepped up the rocket firing.

    My question is , where was the global communities outrage at the brutal murder of 3 Jewish teenager preceding these events. I don’t remember reading or hearing any condemning statements from Hamas or other regional leaders at this heinous act.

    Again I don’t condone bloodshed and I strongly believe in “An eye for an eye will make the world blind” but it does feel this is skewed sentiment.

  198. Tariq Mahboob says:

    It made my eyes well up to listen to your experience in Gaza Jon, these zionists have no heart. How can you not see these images of children suffering and not be moved.
    Britain is a great nation that has stood up to injustice in every corner of the world then why isn’t it standing up to Israel.
    Are business dealings really worth more than innocent children’s lives, how can our politicians sleep at night.
    We are all descendants of Adam and Eve, we are all brothers and sisters and when The Lord will asks questions as to how we treated them they better have damn good answers.
    Israel is using everything in its capability to wipe out the palastinians but it should remember it is weakening up law abiding citizens Muslims around the world.

  199. Pratap says:

    Paul…You are voice of the millions around the world. The world is devoid of “true leaders”.

  200. Scherzando says:

    It’s a contraversial view, but I honestly think they should just move all of the Palestinians the ‘hell out of Gaza and resettle them somewhere else. There is just no point in there being there. Completely cut off in that hellish little enclave. It think that given proper planning and the necessary political will it could be accomplished in a matter of months and the other Arab states should offer them an amnesty. Allah alone knows they have more than enough land in one of the other 56 other Arab Muslim countries. The Saudis & Emirattis can pay for it. It would be painful in the short-term but far the best solution in the longer-term. Otherwise this cycle of violence is just going to go on forever & ever. Gaza is a shit-hole anyway. The Jews however would inevitably do something wonderful with the place in a short space of time.

  201. Judith Jenkins says:

    Jon, thank you.
    Other journalists should read this and weep.

  202. MegHowarth says:

    From today’s Independent: The secret report that helps Israelis to hide facts’


    Time to press for a one-state solution to the Palestine/Israel conflict? A two-state ‘solution’ would surely be no solution at all, rather the political embodiment of apartheid Israel, and a measure of the failure of human decency? Am pleased to see that the late Jewish scholar Tony Judt supported one state.


  203. Rehan Jami says:

    John Snow-Respect
    You stand tall alone among the world of impotent Journalism.
    May God grant you more courage to speak out the truth
    Respect- Respect -Respect

  204. David says:

    This is what radical Islam does to dissenters:


    You call that free speech? Rights? It is a fascist ideology and YOU SUPPORT IT.

    You point out so passionately the horrors of the lives of these people and children. How about instead of sitting there and crying you actually use your position to do something that gets to the root of the issue? How about you educate people on what’s really going on – first by getting your own education on causation here and secondly by taking that message to the world to help them to see the grave danger not only to Israel, but to all of the West (just look at their behaviors in Paris, Berlin, London, Calgary, Miami, NY, Seattle, Boston, Brussels, etc).

    So instead of being one who sees suffering and cries, pick yourself up, get some strength and help the world to change . . .

    Don’t just sit there, “BE the change you want to see in the world.” -Gandhi

  205. Dave says:

    The writer is full of crap if he thinks Israel purposely targets civilians like Hamas does. On the contrary, Israel goes to lengths to advise civilians to flee harms way like no other country on Earth.

  206. william minogue says:

    you lot make me want to puke,,, what will any of you do other than bleat about the suffering of the palestinian people,,,

  207. Sophie E says:

    Jon, a huge huge huge thank you once again, for bringing us the truth. This is a terribly moving and heartfelt piece; if only more journalists had your courage and integrity. 
    Enormous respect for what you and your team are doing. And especial gratitude for your speaking up for the children of Gaza. Keep up the wonderful work.
    Thank you. 


  208. Monique Buckner says:

    ‘The third recipient of the annual Gaza Oxford Brookes Scholarship founded in the aftermath of Israel’s Operation Cast Lead in 2009 is fighting for his life in Al-Shifa Hospital after his sister’s flat was bombed by Israeli forces in the latest assault on the Gaza Strip. Hassan Alhallaq’s 8 months pregnant wife, his 2 young children, his mother and his sister were all killed in the explosion.’


    1. sue says:

      THANK YOU ! Monique , for saying what most dare not to say and I hope it enlightens people and makes them think of the bigger picture of putting human beings first and treating the Palestinians as such.

  209. john chapman says:

    Well done John but please help the BBC and your colleagues better understand the media war.


    Maybe time for 4 to look at what has been said v what has been delivered since 67? And have any Jewish (UN illegal) civilian settlers been killed by attacks ‘though tunnels’?

  210. David says:

    Incidentally, if their moral and ethic position is so strong, why do they consistently lie about just about everything, to the point of telling their people that in all accounts to the press, even jihadists should be referred to as “civilians,” that they create dubbed over false videos of netanyahu saying we are not worried about civilian casualties, but in fact will maximize them – I mean, its ABSURD. And then there’s their form of a protest rally: pogrom! Have you seen what has happened in Paris? The attacks on Jews, synagogues and businesses? It was a mini-Kristallnacht. Yet you focus on the symptom and not the cause. Every single event in the world has a cause and an effect. you only look at effect. Why? Why do you hate Jews? Why do you hate ANYONE?

  211. vickie says:

    Jon Snow you are a true courageous journalist presenting the real truth about the atrocities Israel is committing to children and woman in Gaza. Israel never will accept any wrong doing they present themselves as the victims.

  212. Dr Colin Turner says:

    There is a notion in Islam, that of bearing witness (shahada). You truly are a shahid, Mr Snow, and may God bless you.

  213. toni mundy says:

    Thank you John Snow for what you do. What can I do?

  214. Caroline says:

    Thank you so much for what you have written and the way you have written it. Sensitive and honest.

    I really struggle with the divisiveness that arises in the narratives around this issue and for me you have transcended that. It is very rare and it has helped give voice and language to what I feel (having been in the West Bank and Israel 18months ago and worked on a project alongside both Palestinians and Israelis).

    Thank you.

  215. Joyce Gemma says:

    I feel for the people in Gaza and I have shed tears every day looking helplessly at what is happening to that part of the world. As a Bahai and being in Kenya, I cant hope for nothing more than peace that will transcend the barriers created by humanity. The Palestinians and Israelis deserve to leave in peace. The world need to stop taking sides and look at the holistic picture. My sister lived in Israel for 2 years and she told me horific stories of living under motor fire but she was still able to be sympathetic about the case of Palestinian (lack of) citizenry.

  216. bman says:

    For all the intellect, we know nothing about peace and living together in this world. So long as we treat each other with distain, hate will rule the world…the sadness is the human condition which is impervious to the suffering of young children…

  217. David says:

    Wow, that Independent article, cited above, was just CHOCK FULL of misrepresentations and factual inaccuracies. And it brought to mind something that might be helpful for everyone to watch, Jon, included. http://www.israelvideonetwork.com/the-most-enlightened-women-you-will-ever-hear

    What i really take away from this link is this: question everything. Where did our beliefs come from? Where did we get certain ideas? As adults, how do we “know” what we think we know? Was it just handed down to us or did we read it from credible resources? not some biased journalist, but historical records, accounts from a given time in history, an understanding of the Hamas Charter (which calls for pushing the Jews into the sea, not a 2 state solution, as well as killing every Jew on the planet – does that sounds reasonable? how would you negotiate w/ someone like that if it were you?). One example: I heard an interview on the radio w/ a British MP. He spoke of a number of “facts” throughout. Google is pretty powerful so I did a little research. Evidently, he did not before making his highly anti-Israeli and antisemitic comments. And the entertaining part of it was, what he said was contradicted by BRITISH HISTORICAL DOCUMENTS (he said, “there was not a trace of violence between Jews and Muslims before 1948. There is an extensive list, written by the British (that would be you people, you know, the ones who colonialized all over the place and then left places in an absolute mess – and then come back years later to blame others – heave forbid you should ever look at yourselves and your own horrifically selfish behavior and botched exits from various parts of the world) of a period from 1936-1938 of terrorist attacks by Muslims against Jews, including massacres and all sorts of fun stuff. Try doing the research, Jon, and others, and understanding the situation. And btw, it goes back 1400 yrs, so don’t stop w/ 1936. Oh and don’t forget the Mufti, who went to Hitler and begged him to come kill all the Jews and then sought to go about doing it himself. OR . . . you can continue to stick w/ your age-old narrative of ignorant repetition of the past, resulting in antisemitism and, shockingly, support of a fascist terrorist organization. Nah! too messy to change views. May as well just stick s/ the comfortable old party line that keeps the paychecks coming and doesn’t make waves in dear old (corrupt and completely lacking in integrity) England.

  218. Phil says:

    So, how did you feel about England bombing women and children in Germany after the bombs had been dropped on London? Hamas is committed to the destruction of Israel and the tunnels would have been a conduit for the mass murder of Israeli citizens

  219. Jason says:

    Jon – what Mills and Boon ‘pap’ you are writing.
    And I quote –
    “At that point, the nicest of Israelis, a British-born captain greeted me by name and then moved straight to the aid of the arriving Palestinians.” OMG. What complete sh*t. I just lost all respect in that one sentence for you. What are you doing in that one sentence? You are saying “ooh crap ……I just realised that some of these evil war criminal Israelis are British….so I’m going to remove them from the argument by showing they are the polite nice Israelis and that they are the ones actually helping the Palestinians”. Quite pathetic.
    Why did you not spend a couple of days under rocket fire in the South of Israel? Why do you not look at the Hamas role in all of this? Where is the mention of human shields? Where is the mention of Israels’ practice of multiple calls, leaflets, the ‘knock on the door’ hit on the building roof to say ‘get out now’? What an insult to Journalism. You could spend a day with ISIS in Iraq and come back with stories of brave Arab warriors and Lawrence of Arabia. You are, in short, a complete joke.

    1. Shujat Khalid says:

      Where is the evidence of Hamas using human shields? BBCs Jeremy Bowen came back from Gaza as well and said “I saw no evidence of Hamas using Palestinians as human shields”. Can you provide the evidence?!

      On the other hand here is evidence of apartheid Israel using a Palestinian child as a human shield. And this is not a one off incident I will have you know!


      Applauding apartheid Israel for using a mini bomb on Palestinian roofs as a warning is laughable and the fact that apartheid Israel knowingly bombed a UN school when it was full of children really renders Israeli efforts to spare the innocent a joke.

      Regarding the issue on Jon spending time in apartheid Israel and reporting on their suffering; well, I don’t see how Israelis taking selfies in their basements is going to be in your desire to push Israeli propaganda. Nor would it be particularly helpful for your cause to have more reporting on racist, heartless Israelis watching the bombing of innocent children with beer in hand like it’s a sport. Or the large screen on an Israeli beach showing the bombs rain down,as though they are watching the world cup.

      It has now come out that Hamas wasn’t behind the kidnapping of the 3 Israeli teens and that the government of apartheid Israel covered up that the teens were dead to push the #bringbackourboys movement to start a war.

      There is no defending Israel I’m afraid and in an age of cowardly reporting I’m grateful to Jon for showing courage to speak the truth. If there were more people in the media like him then the world would be a better place.

  220. Ken Best says:

    Approaching my 60th birthday I have watched the murder of women and children on TV from the comfort of my living room, screaming at the series of ineffective reporters who always report Gazans as ‘would be’ terrorists, and Israelis as Holocaust victims, with license to repeat the war crimes of the Warsaw Ghetto in 1943.

    The power of Ch4 News reporting during your trip to Gaza was the best I have seen in my entire life, so powerful I took to the streets and joined Saturdays march to Parliament. Please keep the pressure on Israel, be a counter weight to the BBC and Sky News wholly biased reporting.

    And thank you!

    Ken Best

  221. Al Smith says:

    Why does nobody in the press address the situation that we Brits have political parties that are so craven toward Israel. David Cameron for example fawns like this. Why? Explain this prostitution, please.

    Addressing the chairman of UJIA, Cameron announced: “Brett, in your introduction you said that support for Israel was in the DNA of the political party I lead. It is. But I believe it is in the DNA of the country I lead too.”
    Leaving aside Cameron’s disturbing claim that support for an apartheid state is bred into the genes of the British, his hosts were right at least in their observation that support for Israel is part of the DNA of the Conservative Party.


  222. Saman says:

    When I was child I remember the crisis of Bosnia and I couldn’t do anything about that but not now, I will share every news every report of killing this poor people of Gaza although I know it is so small. God bless you.

  223. Tiran says:

    as an israeli, i must say that your story is very sad, it’s a sad story for both sides, for us israelis and for the Palestinians, the main problem is not with the majority of the Palestinians or the majority of the Israelites, the main problems are you and journalists like yourself on both sides of this sad situation and the terrorists organization, my opinion is that you have the same weight as the terrorist organization has on this conflict.
    If the world would truly understand this conflict it would have been solved long ago, but when people like you go out there and tell half truth you are contributing to this horror movie we are all living in, i invite you and your family to live in Israel for 5 years, i’m sure you’ll change your mind.

  224. David says:
  225. Vic says:

    It is not the fault of either side. For centuries we have been brainwashed by religion. Once we abolish bloody religion from our planet we might start living in peace. I am sick to death of listening to stories about the crusades; problems between muslims and hindus; problems in Ireland; perverted catholic priests who abuse children and helped the nazis in the war. Knock down churches; mosques, synagogues;hindu temples; halls for JW idiots etc and build something worthwhile like hospitals; hostels for homeless; pubs and clubs so that we can have a better society. Never believed in religion but that doesnt mean that i do not care. I might ask you a question; if two babies (one arab and one jew) were accidentally swopped at birth they would be taught to hate their own people. If they found out when they were adults would they swop sides? I doubt it.

    1. Beth says:

      I Love Israel because I took the time to study and I understand.

  226. NiyiOfLondon says:

    I was about to name a certain someone who has created more disabled children on earth than cancer but I read the comment of @Vic, It stops me short. Know what? Israel-Hamas war is child’s play compared to those who wants to eradicate religions of any form in respective of the good people therein. Religion haters harbor more hatred than Israel or Hamas. Religions haters seem to forget the overwhelming majority of mankind, of whom I am one, on the planet belong to one religion or, the other. Talk about the devil incarnate.

    It does not matter how much you care if you care only for your own views and, lumped the views of other people. Jehovah witness ‘idiots.’? JW is meekest religion on earth. JW has never fought any war whatsoever, anywhere. They are the ones usually been persecuted by tyrants. No one ever can reason with you, therefore, I give up on you.

    1. Vic says:

      According to the bible god created the world. Why was it created therefore to be full of bigoted brainwashed people and cancer as you put it. God (if he was to exist) is not a very nice person then) Stop making excuses; You are obviously like all the other brainwashed zombies who believe in this mythical creature called god, allah; or whatever his silly name is. Funny how with all the non-believers in the world this so called creature has never shown itself to prove it exists. 2 things in our world cause wars; religion and greed. Take the Spanish Inquisition for instance; murdering countless hundreds of thousands of people just because they apparently could not prove they were catholics.Most of the people involved carrying out torture were scared of their own shadow due to doctrination. That brings up my feelings for the catholic church. Full of frock wearing perverts who have been corrupt for centuries and got away with it. They have caused so much harm to the world. It would be nice if the Vatican fell into a hole. Maybe drill for gas under it and then arrange “fracking”. Hopefully there would be a hole open up and swallow it.

  227. G Shah says:

    Dear John

    Thank you for such a touching narrative.

    I wonder what prevents our governments from being just and humane. What is the reason for the blind support to zionism even when the public and the reality is against it?

  228. David says:

    Again, if they are so morally “right,” then why do they need to lie? Why do they threaten journalists?


  229. mazhar says:

    Very moving article.

  230. Sarit says:

    Hi Jon,

    Im not sure you will read this seeing there are so many, anti Israel, Anti Zionist, Anti Semitic comments that prelude mine but I fail to see how you have become a journalist when you fail to see the truth, I pity you for your less than accurate understanding of the conflict. I see how you can moved by the death and destruction you have seen in Gaza but what you fail to see as a journalist, as someone whose duty is to report the bare facts, the truths you have clearly failed to see is that Hamas who is meant to protecting these people are killing them, one child at a time. Let me ask you this does Israel have to apologise for protecting its civilians? Will it help if there were more dying Israeli Children on the streets? Would it help if Israel told its people to stand on their roofs when rockets are being fired from Gaza? Would it help if we left intact the deadly tunnels the terrorists have been digging for months into Israel so that they eventuate into a deadly scenario of dead Israeli woman and children? Let me ask you then will you weep for Israel? Hamas was elected to government to protect its people, secure the future for all Gazans, to build an economy and country that Gazans could be proud of instead Hamas have given their people a death sentence. A death sentence brought about by their own government, their own people. Wake up, smell the roses and do your job- REPORT THE FACTS!

  231. Rex Munday says:

    The stated aim of Hamas is the extermination of the Jewish people. Tough luck. They’ve brought it on themselves and the deaths of Palestinian children is the fault of Hamas and their enablers in the Western media; that includes you, Snow. You want dead children to get all huffy about and, hey presto, Hamas delivers them. The blood is on your hands.

  232. Ann Farr says:

    Thank you for your reports – they have been shared widely.
    Can anyone give news of the Holy Church and home fit the disabled and elderly in Zeitun, Gaza.
    They got message to evacuate the area but have people who cannot move.
    No news of them since last night’s terrible onslaught.

  233. mohammed says:

    hi I have to tell u important info about stay away from social media because every society system are with Israeli it won’t make any change because we as public don’t have enough power to rule the truth every leader and judges knows how corruption starts and how to stop it, there don’t react to there rules there want it to be continued that’s there faith in past history but that’s why in parliament party,s react each other of twisting and turning words of duty that had not advised in one specific position. Now it had become a truth war against every country’s to the community leaders who are in control now had broken the rights for many years allowed of terror attack on innocents of not following the step of a law (human rights) so first thing is public living in England need 2 to control of the placements of unhelpful of international killings not has been taken action and shown them selves there not peaceful leaders. We as public need to rise in one country in here need to solve problems by finding a truth media coverage that can spread the words of standing against these name as criminal for many years to innocent painful humanity. Of allowing weaponry to buy inside England and others concept of crimes to increase to publicity damage. still we are weak in our feelings of taking action hopefully we are not the good humans in this world of loved ones and cared to others this punishment will come to us in the future of disobeying moving our heads away from choosing evil

  234. Owen Stevens says:

    There are no tribes, there are no other sides of the fence to stand on there are just children being maimed and killed in the streets. Sectarianism only, and ever, leads to division, which leads to conflict, which leads to more death, more suffering. There are no fences. It is time our politicians stopped sitting on them.

  235. TonyF123 says:

    Few people who hold strong religious beliefs are conscience-free homicidal zealots, please do not tar us all with the same brush. The Zionists’ Holy Bible may well speak of the sanctity of the land of Israel, but I guess it also contains commandments not to kill, not to lie, to show compassion, and not to covet the property of others.

    The Germans had two words they used for justifying situations like those of Palestine and the Palestinians. One was Lebensraum and the other die Entloesung (final solution). What short memories the nation has, even though it was founded after the Second World War and its horrors for the Jews. Do they not teach history nor Bible Studies in Israel?

    With Hamas’s rockets we have a chicken and egg scenario. If the Israelis had not kettled the Palestinians in Gaza and treated them like rats, their desperation might not have escalated to sending futile missiles into Israel. The kettling and inhumanity caused the problem, and everything else thereafter is some kind of symptom or other. My guess is that the Hamas rockets could stop overnight if the Israelis were prepared to offer any kind of freedom + dignity for the Palestinians – but they won’t and probably never shall.

    That the Zionists want the Palestinians out of Palestine is no news to anyone. If they treat Palestinians like rats, it is no surprise there will be resistance. What the Final Solution will be in terms of justice for Palestinians looks bad at present, especially with the funding and support Israel receives unquestioningly from the West to supply such armouries of weapons and look the other way wringing their hands in private.

    1. Nostrasamus says:

      Did you forget than when Israel had its borders open to the Palestinians, they went into Israel and suicide bombers detonated vests in civilian and tourist areas. If Hamas weren’t the cowards they are, they would have targeted military bases and service people, not use civilian human shields to hide behind.

  236. Debbie says:

    Thank you Jon Snow. Reminding us what good journalism should be about, as everyone’s comments prove.

  237. Richard Lee says:

    please lobby for UN & NATO troops in Occupied Palestine to stop the Genocide.

    Notice I’m not asking either Israel or Hamas to stop killing cos history tells us both sides will ignore such foolishness.

    If God intervenes, it will be in the form of UN peacekeeping troops.

  238. Lala says:

    I’ve lost all and any respect I had for Israel! @Jon, may you find comfort in knowing that you’ve done the best that you can in your capacity. Its time government systems of the world were changed. We need a global revolution, otherwise, human race will wipe itself off the planet.

  239. Husain M. says:

    Thank you Joh for your efforts and the courageous report.
    Also thank you Monique Bunckner for the valuable information.
    If you want really to know why Israel is doing this to the Palestinians you need to see this presentation first. The author is Stephen Sizer who spent a valuable time in studying Zionisim. His thesis examined the historical roots, theological basis and political consequences of Christian Zionism in Britain and the USA from 1820. He also published a book that I am going to read.

    It explains everything you need to know.

    Best of regards and respects to all decent human beings

  240. Chris Ingram says:

    The humanity and deliberate naivety portrayed in your appeal for peace, marks you, Jon Snow, as one of the most level headed and principled journalists of our time.

    You know the true reason why the leaders of the world, including that of Hamas and of Israel, don’t stop the rockets and genocide is because neither actually want peace. They only want victory over the other side.

    Yet, you have the self control and principle to play the middle ground of a reasonable humanitarian argument!

    Sadly, in the world we have in 2014, the principled and humanity based argument will never win the day.

    But at the very least, of all the TV news media in the UK, we can at least believe, every single word you write and say.

    That in itself is a victory for humanity!

  241. Aisha says:

    Thanks Jon Snow for your heartfelt and excellent reporting

  242. Monty Best says:

    I note that the White House condemned the murder of the children in the school a reward for the Israeli Blitz/Terror Attack, with the next breath the Whitehouse informed the world that the USA, Land for the Rich, are shipping new tank munitions, artillery ammunition, Hell Fire Missiles, because Israel is running low in stocks…

    Oh the humanity, Obama has been the worst president in my lifetime, he should perhaps read some of Jimmy Carters excellent writings on the apartheid zionist terror state that is Israel!


  243. Justin Taylor says:

    The war between the Israelis and the Arabs has been going on since 1948, What is the best path, peace no doubt about it. But that will require both sides to agree.

    To support the Palestinian view that they are right to attack and kill the ‘occupiers’ is possibly the worst thing that people could do. Far better to say to the Palestinians that they can have peace when they agree to peace with Israel.

    Just because the Palestinians fail to kill as many Israelis as the Israelis kill of them, is nonsense. They certainly have every intent to kill as many Israelis as they can. If Israel was not under attack, there would be no justification for Israeli action. So long as they are under attack, they have every right to attack the Palestinians.

  244. LindaH says:

    Thank you, Jon, for being a witness and speaking out for the tens of thousands of us who are horrified at this slaughter. For far too long, we have treated democracy in the West like a spectator sport. It is past time for us to demand a boycott of Isreal, in line with the BDS campaign, until Israelis themselves wake up to the crimes they are committing.

  245. Nostradamus says:

    A lot of the reality and full story is missing from the news and there are too many people hooked on Zionist conspiracy theories these days. War is always tragic, brutal, inhumane with many innocent casualties involved. I believe many wars have been sanitized by the media over the last 20 years, so when the realities of war are described in such graphic form and described in this way all sympathize with the unfortunate and terrible casualties of war. No war has ever looked this severe as this is the first time war is being reported properly. The average person does not really understand the real terror of war unless they have served in the forces and have been in that situation.

    What is not being fully discussed is that, despite the extreme force being used by Israel like any other sovereign country would employ, it seems to look like a civilian casualty numbers game of propaganda, where the side incurring the most casualties is the most innocent. This is called exploitation of the dead and not allowing their good names to rest in peace. Had Israel stopped shelling when the first UN building was hit and Israel ceased fire completely, there would be a similar number of casualties in Israel, which would have been a different situation and reported differently.

    Learned, educated Imams who believe in humanity and the wise teachings of the Koran and Islam have condemned Hamas and other fascist radicals for perverting Islam the religion and way of life, using it as nothing other than a political tool of subversion of all the principles that humanity holds dear – the preservation of life, freedom of speech no matter how radical, peace among fellow humans, etc.

    Hamas have used and continue to use civilians as human shields to cause as much carnage as possible. Sadam Hussain employed a similar strategy in both Gulf Wars, but had the allies stopped fighting, in order to protect the human shields, the allies would have been massacred. Bashir Al Assad is doing this in Syria and countless other tyrants and dictators employ the human shield strategy, as it discredits that other side.

    Remember the average Palestinian, cannot tell you that Hamas are fascists, they are keeping their citizens poor and and misappropriating most of the aid to build beautiful, expensive villas away from the Israeli bombing. Hamas has spent approx $40 million in digging constructing 40 tunnels, where some ended up under Israeli kindergartens. The tunnels were found to be full of explosives and syringes, drugs and handcuffs to capture and subdue Israelis. According to Israeli intelligence gathered by capturing the odd Hamas militant, a simultaneous operation to get armed Hamas militants into Israel to kill and blow up thousands of innocent Israeli citizens (not soldiers) was to be excuted on 24/09/14. Hamas could have used that aid to build much needed schools, hospitals, road and improved the life of citizens living in Gaza, like in the West Bank where the more moderate Mahmoud Abbas and the Fatah party have had success. Hamas now have a stranglehold over Abbas.

    In another middle-eastern article, Hamas killed 30 Palestinians that dared to complain that they did not want their neighborhood shelled by Israel and could they fire missiles somewhere else. They were executed as Israeli collaborators to silence them.

    King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia has condemned Hamas and has told Israel what they should do once in this war. However, I am not for one minute saying he is a good example of a moral person, but look to other intelligent, people not biased that understand the middle-eastern conflict as they will tell a different story.

    Good western points of view, which reveal far greater issues in detail are discussed by Pat Condell and Douglas Murray on Youtube. Furthermore, there are many dangerous political agendas for one reason or another linked to the middle-east that tend to remain unheard of, such as the views of Russia, China, Iran, USA and England.

    Baroness Warsi was brave to stand up to her views and is more than entitled to them. However, like all politicians with self-serving politically motivated agendas, some of her facts may contain a lot of bias and this is a great way to fight her Conservative Party cabinet with opposing views.

    I don’t expect anyone to believe anything I have written, so go and have look on the internet and research these stories and you will find the evidence for yourself.

  246. TonyF123 says:

    I am sure I can hardly be alone in being sick to the back-teeth with propaganda like this masquerading as fact supposedly justifying slaughter..

    Even accepting every word of this treatise as believable there remains no moral justification of the slaughter of innocents on the industrial scale carried out by the IDF. Absolutely no justification unless we excuse a nation from any responsibility for civilised behaviour as warm-blooded human beings.

    Please keep quiet and stay quiet if you are unable to come up with some other solutions. Seeing the situation this way makes me no anti-Semite – I would and do feel just the same about other nations and groups who deem themselves entitled to butcher their neighbours.

  247. sposi says:

    You’ve made some good points there. I looked on the
    internet for more information about the issue annd found most
    individuals will go along with your views on this site.

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