27 Oct 2010

Airport security: So was I right?

Regular Snowbloggers will know of my obsession with the bonkers airport security regime in this country, and beyond. Totally inconsistent, littered with absurd, ineffectual, intrusive, and inconsistent checks.

Well, the chairman of British Airways no less, has weighed in. Martin Broughton has now said what I’ve been saying for months and months.

Many machines at UK airports can check a laptop inside a bag. Some American screening systems can’t. So the Americans want our laptops checked outside the bag. But then you discover many internal flight checks in the US never check the laptop separately.

Shoes must be removed. According to Mr Broughton, American security is inconsistent on this one too. And then there is the ludicrous liquids check, which some airports check and many don’t, particularly in the US.

Mr Broughton tells us that almost all the most intrusive and inconsistent measures are demanded by the American authorities who do not carry them out on their own domestic flights. Broughton, addressing the UK Airport Operators Annual Conference has called for an end to allowing the US to call the shots on security.

OK, so some bloggers have hobby horses…there goes mine on airport security galloping away in a cloud of dust. I little thought to see the Chairman of Britain’s national airline in the saddle!


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