Published on 24 Apr 2009

24 April 1989: big hair, shabby tie, posh

Today I shall have completed 20 years presenting Channel 4 News – there’s one crazy thought for you.

It’s amazing to think: Thatcher was still on the throne, the Berlin Wall was tottering but still standing, Mandela was still in jail, and Britain wasn’t bankrupt.

What’s more, Brighton & Hove Albion weren’t quite as perilously poised in the Football League as they are today (thank goodness they beat Bristol Rovers on Tuesday night).

So in thinking about key moments thus far, I’ve come up with four.

The first is a harrowing revisitation of my first ever programme, on 24 April 1989. Big hair, mouse brown, shabby tie, and extraordinarily clipped upper-class intonation – jolly hockey sticks isn’t in it!

But surprisingly confident. I suppose 15 years reporting on News at Ten must have given me that. But very dull.

More highlights from the last 20 years to follow later today.

See the whole of Jon’s first 1989 show here.

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19 reader comments

  1. Britt_W says:

    Congratulations, Jon.
    Look forward to seeing what tie you will be wearing whilst presenting C4 News in 20 years time!

    1. Dennis Junior says:

      Congrats on the first 20 years at C4…..20 more are in your future….

  2. lucia says:

    you’ve improved a lot. ;-)

  3. f2point4 says:

    Congratulations, Jon. For the 19 years I will have lived in the UK in October this year, you have been my favourite news presenter.

  4. Mark David Moran says:

    Congratulations Jon – when I moved to Sydney last year I didn’t realise that one of the only things I would miss would be Channel 4 News… keep up the good work (and Krishnan too :-)

  5. Ray Turner says:

    20 years, that’s quite an achievement. Congratulations Jon.

  6. Peter Nolan says:

    Many congratulations. I wish you the best in the next twenty years.

  7. Kerrin Tansley says:

    Congratulations to you and well done. You are now entering your prime!

  8. David Pollard says:

    Jon, you (the best presenter) still lead the best news programme available on TV. Congratulations on your 20 years!

  9. Zinoviev says:

    Congratulations – that’s quite an achievement! Looking forward to 20 more!

  10. Anne Clafferty says:

    Congratulations! Jon, you are even more handsome now than 20 years ago! A great advert for cycling. Channel 4 news is the only news prog I watch.

  11. CeCe says:

    Informed.. challenging….witty…and always humane. Thank you.

  12. Nathan harris says:

    Despite yoru flowing coherent speech and lovely voice and appearance, how could you get a job without finishing your degree at Liverpool?

  13. Adam Newman says:

    A great presenter on a great show. Never retire! Congratulations on a great milestone and I hope the tie/sock combinations get even more extreme!

  14. Chris Bennett says:

    Congratulations on 20 years of great commentary, interviewing and broadcasting!! keep up the good work!!

  15. Fredo says:

    A belated Congratulations…..

    You are still the best!!!

    And thanks for keeping up the standards….
    All the others seems to have forgotten..Hey?

  16. Mike Lancaster says:

    I can only add to what others have written. Congratulatons Jon on a fantastic job over the last 20 years, you are the best in the business and I too hope you keep going for another 20 years, though I daresay you’ll deserve a long and happy retirement.

  17. Dennis Junior says:

    Sorry, for the late Best Wishes…Jon!

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