24 Apr 2009

1989-2009: inauguration day dawns

Perhaps inevitably, my final highlight from the last 20 years is from the day an African American man became president of the United States.

I was out on the streets early in the morning encountering the people from near and far who’d come to share in the moment.

See the whole of Jon’s first show as main presenter, on 24 April 1989, here.

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  1. KJ says:

    My favourite news presenter since I came (back) to the UK in 1995!

  2. Nathan harris says:

    I browsed at the first braosdacst on 24/4/89. Can you show more archive footage of when he started to wear his jazzy ties, his hair started to turn white and his tummy growing rounder? Did he only start wearing bright socks when there was no table covering his lower half? He might have read the news in his boxers in those days. He’s still my favourite newsacaster. I prefereed yopur open planned studio.

  3. Britt_W says:

    I just love the way you run alongside that bicycle, with a mike in your hand. Reminds me of your equally impressive legwork during C4’s flooding debate in Tewkesbury Abbey in 2007!

    I can well understand that this Obama moment represents one of the highlights in your incredible career – so far. You can actually see the euphoria reflected in your face. It must have been very special to be there on the day.

    I was following the actual voting night, whilst lying in a hotel bed in London. I had the remote in my hand, ready to turn off and sleep – but I just couldn’t. It was too exciting. Sleep finally got the better of me (at about 3am) and I woke up – remote still in a tight grip – to a TVscreen saying “Obama won”. Amazing feeling – especially when having read his book.

    I sincerely hope you will experience many more such memorable moments in the rest of your career!

    My own memorable moments take place every evening at 7!

  4. Sumaiya says:

    It doesnt refer to this, but it is pertinent to write that Jon Snow should have got the Bafta award.He is smart,quick-witted and confident. If this comment is not included,can we please have another place where we can comment on the Bafta awards.

  5. Alan says:

    Damn, I was 5 when that 1989 broadcast was first shown.

    What’s most interesting to me is seeing Cheney in action as part of Bush Sr’s administration.

    So he has always been evil then?

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