Jane Dodge

  • Published on 14 Oct 2017 Sections ,

    Key US allies, including Britain, have split with Donald Trump over his plans to scrap the Iran nuclear deal.

  • Published on 6 Oct 2017 Sections

    It “shames our generation”. That’s how Environment Secretary Michael Gove described the killing of elephants for ivory, as he announced plans for a near total ban on trade in ivory in the UK. The government insists the plans are driven by concern for elephants, but it could also be a big vote winner. Research shows…

  • Published on 28 Aug 2017 Sections ,

    The EU’s chief negotiator Michel Barnier has warned the British Government that it needs to take withdrawal talks seriously. Mr Barnier said he was “concerned” about British ambiguity regarding key positions like the Brexit divorce bill. But the Brexit Secretary David Davis insisted the British position in the third round of talks in Brussels were…

  • Published on 27 Aug 2017 Sections ,

    In a dramatic shift in policy, Labour says it would keep Britain inside the single market and customs union for a transitional period. They said the Government’s plan to take the UK straight out of the arrangements for the moment Brexit happens would be ‘highly risky’.

  • Published on 26 Aug 2017 Sections

    Six men and two women have died after two lorries collided with a minibus on the M1 near Newport Pagnell in the early hours of the morning. Three others, including a five-year-old child are in hospital with life-threatening injuries.

  • Published on 25 Aug 2017 Sections ,

    They’re not quite as driverless as you might think, but the Government is spending £8m to test out convoys of ‘self-driving’ lorries on British roads by the end of next year. The lead vehicle will control things like acceleration and braking, and there’ll still be a driver in the cab to operate the steering. Ministers…

  • Published on 30 Jul 2017

    US President Donald Trump says he is “very disappointed” with China, claiming they are doing nothing to stop North Korea’s weapons programme.

  • Published on 29 Jul 2017 Sections ,

    Reince Priebus leaves the White House after the shortest ever term for a presidential Chief of Staff. Priebus said “the president wanted to go in a different direction”.

  • Published on 25 Jul 2017 Sections

    New plans to ban the sale of new-build homes in England under leasehold have been unveiled, as the government called it a sign of the “broken housing market”. Buyers have been caught in spiralling costs and fees, which can make homes virtually impossible to sell.

  • Published on 9 Jul 2017

    Huge crowds have packed central Istanbul at a mass rally in Istanbul to protest against President Erdogan’s rule. Tens of thousands of people joined the demonstration opposing the government crackdown which followed a failed military coup last July

  • Published on 8 Jul 2017

    Jeremy Corbyn has told cheering crowds at the Durham Miners’ Gala that he would challenge the “economic orthodoxy” of austerity – and take on Donald Trump over climate change – if he was in Number 10.

  • Published on 14 Apr 2017 Sections

    After months of delays, an evacuation deal between the Syrian regime and the rebel opposition to swap residents of four besieged villages is underway.

  • Published on 13 Apr 2017 Sections

    England’s schools should be open to all – and help students from ‘ordinary working families’ – the education secretary Justine Greening has said today. She insists a new generation of grammar schools will do more to attract pupils from less affluent backgrounds.

  • Published on 9 Apr 2017 Sections , , , ,

    In a deliberate echo of presidential phrases, Russia, Iran and Hezbollah today issued a joint statement condemning the US missile strike on Syria as having crossed “a red line”.

  • Published on 8 Apr 2017 Sections , , , , ,

    The Foreign Secretary, Boris Johnson, has cancelled a planned trip to Moscow tomorrow, saying Russia’s continued defence of President Assad after the chemical weapons attack was “deplorable”.