14 May 2013

Why do some grown men think child exploitation is acceptable?

At times, listening to the evidence in the Bullfinch trial, it was genuinely hard to believe anyone could mete out the sort of brutal sexual violence these men were accused of carrying out, against girls as young as 11.

The girls were raped, beaten and burnt with cigarettes. They were urinated on, one was branded with a red-hot piece of wire. Another was assaulted with the handle of a meat cleaver. The list of appalling abuse went on and on.

Perhaps naively, for me, almost as shocking as the nature of the abuse itself was the fact that it wasn’t the preserve of one man, an aberration, a freak. This was the way these girls were treated by many, many men – not just the seven in the dock convicted of a string of offences of rape, trafficking and organising child prostitution, but by the scores, possibly hundreds of men over the years who travelled the country to come and buy sex with them.

Sex with children. Girls of 11, 12 and 13. Girls who were often emaciated because the men who held them captive and sold them often never bothered to feed them.

One of the girls told how one “customer” would choke her until she would pass out. Other men would make the girl scratch herself until she bled. Groups of men would circle an individual girl before raping her one after the other.

There are many questions being asked about the ethnicity of the men involved in this trial and others before it.

A pattern seems to have emerged which shows a disproportionate number of Pakistani Muslim men involved in gangs carrying out this particular way of abusing girls.

Alyas Karmani, works with young men from all backgrounds and from across the country, who are at risk of violent or sexually exploitative behaviour. He acknowledges that there are issues within his own Pakistani Muslim community which need to be looked at, around being more open to discussions about sex, less willing to turn a blind eye to suspicions of abuse.

But he says across the board, what he’s seeing are men and boys of all races who have a profoud and disturbing attitude to young girls. A view, driven by ready access to aggressive pornography, that violence is an integral and acceptable part of sex. That girls and women are simply up for the taking.

Police face record reports of child abuse allegations this year. And clearly much more needs to be understood about the men who’ve featured in these trials… but so much more is also unknown about what makes grown men think it’s acceptable to exploit and abuse a child.

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  1. John Ham says:

    There’s always some white middle class apologist spouting this rhetoric. So indoctrinated by the PC brigade they refuse to acknowledge what is happening in front of their faces. Smugly accusing their peers of “ignorance”. The truth is, they are the ignorant ones.

  2. chavez says:

    “what makes grown men think it’s acceptable to exploit and abuse a child”

    Is this question ever asked about non-white rapists. Anyone ever question why white gangs, or about the recent spate of celebrity abuse that was discovered. Does anyone ever ask why, or feel the need to dig deep in the community when the perpetrators are not white? We know the answer.

    At least we can be sure that the pitifully low conviction rate for rapists will not be so for any Asians who are caught. But still, is being locked up in prison a fitting punishment for men who have destroyed so many young lives.

  3. Laz Chauhan says:

    Whilst I admire most of the news coverage on Channel 4, for those evenings that I am able to catch it on tv, I was disappointed with Jon Snow’s imprecise questioning in yesterday’s leading news story.

    In interviewing for the disturbing stories of sexual grooming of vulnerable girls by sadistic men in Oxford, Jon repeatedly kept referring to the perpetrators as “Asian men”. The imam was more accurate and in all his answers he used the term “Pakistani men”. Whilst a lot of mainstream media use the term “Asian” very loosely to really mean “South Asian”, I expect Mr Snow to show greater awareness.

    Even the more accurate term of “South Asian” would cover at least 4 different countries, 3 major world religions and hundreds of languages. Your investigations claimed to be asking whether race or culture may have a bearing on the causes. “Pakistani and North African” does not mean “Asian”

    Will Mr Snow be more exact in future?

    1. Andrew Dundas says:

      At least two of the convicted were from North Africa.

  4. Andrew Dundas says:

    You asked: “Why do some men…?”

    It’s complicated. Perhaps an answer lies within Shakespeare’s script of Romeo & Juliet? Rather than the sanitised romance we get served up with these days.

    You may recall that Juliet was still 13 when that scene was laid. Her Dad wanted her to get married just as soon as Juliet got to 14, and had a man lined up ready for that purpose. Sex & breeding are, for some humans (incl Juliet’s Dad), what women are for. R & J is a story that shows how cruel and tragic that approach can be. Both sets of feuding parents are devastated when they come across the bodies of their children: dead in their family tomb.

    Most of us hardly know how ‘uncivilised’ life used to be before affluence and technologies changed everything. In many parts of the world neither technology nor our soft affluence has yet changed ‘natural’ behaviours.

  5. Thomas Poovathinkal says:

    Why do some people think the answer for every problem is in the head?

    1. reanna says:

      This has been a long time problem but its not just Muslim boys. People say Muslim but these boys are dragged up not brought up. Their actions prove they are not religious because true religious Muslims do not act like this. The west ignore rape incest and abuse of Muslim women within their own comunity so therefore the problem was bound to seep out. Even in the caucasion women in domestic violence isn’t given has much support. This issue is hyped more because of the abusers not the victims. The victims are being used to encite race hate towards all Muslims. I have no sympathy for these dirty boys who come in all races throw the book at them make an example out of them so that others will fear going down this path. The victims have also been neglected by their caters. Most Muslims educate the girls to keep away from men and to be wary of their intentions. Their has to be real issues in the home if girls so young are fighting their parents to go out with gangs and be raped. It does not make sense. Abuse within the family is different a little girl is trapped but not outside continously. Seems like any issue regarding Muslims is grabbed and hypened continously to agrivate hate tensions towards all Muslims. It’s unfair that if a Muslim does something then where all made to pay for it. I raised my sons not to respect all women of all races and they are gents far from what’s being portrayed. Muslim parents need to take their lads in hand and not spoil them. Don’t teach them that women are beneath them. The gang sex is not rape if the girl goes back out to these guys. If my daughter was raped and went back to those guys! The complaints are made years later….that’s strange. Personally I’m against any man going out there and not accepting no from any person even a wife. But these poor girls have been let down by their guardians and the system. You can’t change every man or guarantee rape won’t happen buy let’s start courses on educating school girls on protecting and holding onto their virginity. Being cautions of poachers . I don’t believe young girls should be sexually active. To hold off till they are sure and understand what they are doing. I’m so ashamed and embarrassed of these type of lads. But they do come in all races.

  6. reanna says:

    Lots of Muslim girls have been raped and put themselves unknowingly in vunerable position for fear of meeting someone I’m public and they would be less likely to report it because they realise their familys would hold them responsible. It’s a different culture. Most men are not expected to control their sexual appetite and little girls are wrongly forced to carry the blame even if they didn’t want it and didn’t go back again. Married Muslim women and parents could not stop nor had any right in saying to a young underage caucassion girl keep away from Muslim boys. There would of been riots if these girls where told no. There also has to be some responsibility. Iv seen so many young caucasion girls Chase flirt and constantly turn up looking and searching for freebies and attention and these poor girls underage are trading sex for cigarettes money attention. Iv seen young men not interested and reject them. It is usually the worst bad boy from this culture…will tread this path and these boys have no boundaries. Some or all of these lads have or are capable of sexually abusing little females in their family. Its the type who either have no faith or use the faith to hide behind and do sickening acts. These lads all have a pattern. They have very little education smoke drink some…well most but being true Muslims no they are not. So it is wrong for others to label a faith when cleary islaam does not teach rape or gang rape. Infact if sex is done 100 for fornication and stone to death on adultary. This is not based on rape or seduction. Most. of these girls complain of the guys not marrying them or taking them has genuine partners. A lot of parents have neglected to raise their sons and daughters in the Muslim community but I guess that’s a problem in every culture. No decent guy would consider someone underage. The girls from these run down poor deprived areas do lie about their age. To think some poor girl will be forced to marry these lads who have been around. We women from the Asian community have been conformed to accept being so undervalued so much that some women don’t see it till they do something which their husband is so against.

  7. reanna says:

    The explanations reasons of how and why this all happened is so in depth. So many factors on both sides. So many mistakes for years Asian and white underage girls and underage Asian girls have been doing this….apart from the gang thing. No one had a problem with it before. So its time now to re educate. Your allowing men into this country without wives and divorced men…. its going to cause problems there are far more victims in the Asian women’s culture. Thousands more.

  8. reanna says:

    If you get in a car with a number of lads definetly somethings will happen. I’m shocked these girls are going through complaints of being raped and still going out there allowing the same thing to happen and still getting into cars with all lads. I wonder if this was all Muslim girls getting into cars with gangs of white lads would it get this far? Secondly would we keep hearing about it being hyped over and over? Because rape and domestic violence of women has been allowed and not strongly contested that its sent a message to these boys its allowed and these lads saw this has consent by the girls. How could a girl know 101 names of the men who raped her. You would of had to socialize quite a huge amount to know and remember all these years. I’m pleased with the arrest it will send a message out hands off! But I still believe this is used and the. Victims are used.

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