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Channel 4 News Political Editor gives his take on the latest news and gossip from the corridors of power in Westminster and beyond.

Gary Gibbon has been Channel 4 News Political Editor since 2005. He gives his take on the latest news and gossip from the corridors of power in Westminster and beyond.

Gary has worked on four general elections for Channel 4 News. His interview with Peter Mandelson in 2001 triggered the Northern Ireland Secretary's second resignation from the Cabinet.

In 2006, he won the Royal Television Society Home News Award with Jon Snow for the scoop on the Attorney General's Legal Advice on Iraq. Gary also revealed details of Blair's pre-War meeting with George Bush n 2008 and won the Political Studies Association Broadcast Journalist of the Year award.

  • Published on 13 Nov 2017 Sections

    In a major concession by the government, MPs and peers will get to debate and vote on a special bill setting out all the terms of Brexit including the transition period and key issues like citizens’ rights when they are finally agreed. Labour’s Keir Starmer called it a “significant climbdown from a weak government on…

  • Published on 2 Nov 2017 Sections ,

    The unexpected resignation of Michael Fallon as Defence Secretary yesterday has been followed today by the equally unexpected appointment of Gavin Williamson as his replacement. The elevation of the chief whip, who ran Mrs May’s successful Conservative Party leadership campaign but has never held ministerial office, has provoked disbelief and anger among some MPs.

  • Published on 2 Nov 2017 Sections

    New Defence Secretary installed in ‘House of Cards’ reshuffle

    Theresa May was under pressure to promote fresh faces who might be considered for the highest office.

  • Published on 25 Oct 2017 Sections ,

    Brexit secretary David Davis said today that the deal could come at the “59th minute of the 11th hour”, meaning MPs would only get to vote on it after Britain had left the EU. That was contradicted by Theresa May at Prime Minister’s Questions, but Labour MPs are still furious.

  • Published on 24 Oct 2017 Sections ,

    What happens to the border between Northern Ireland and the Republic is one of the three priority issues in the Brexit negotiations. The Prime Minister has given assurances there’ll be no physical infrastructure at the border after Brexit. But others have claimed a hard border is inevitable. Former Taoiseach Bertie Ahern gives his view.  

  • Published on 23 Oct 2017

    The Prime Minister has told MPs that last week’s EU summit resulted in important progress on Brexit negotiations and that the two sides are within “touching distance” of a deal. Meanwhile, European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker has denied leaking details of the summit dinner with Theresa May after a German newspaper published a story that…

  • Published on 23 Oct 2017 Sections

    Juncker warned Selmayr: This won’t leak

    As Theresa May and David Davis were leaving the dining room at the Berlaymont building last Monday, Jean Claude Juncker made a point of saying, within their hearing, addressing Martin Selmayr: now we won’t have any leaks of this will we Martin? Some in No 10 are unconvinced by Mr Selmayr’s denial that he is…

  • Published on 20 Oct 2017

    There could, at last, be some thawing in the frozen Brexit negotiations. The key issues remain the divorce bill, the Irish border and the rights of EU citizens in the UK.  But the 27 EU leaders suggested they’ll start talking among themselves about a post-Brexit trade deal with Britain. In turn Theresa May hinted paying…

  • Published on 20 Oct 2017 Sections , ,

    Warmer words intended to bolster May as she returns to Westminster

    Many here in Brussels are under no illusions how difficult it could be for Theresa May to deliver what they are asking for.

  • Published on 19 Oct 2017 Sections , , ,

    Europe’s leaders put on a show of friendship and support for Theresa May at the European summit in Brussels this afternoon. But underneath the bonhomie, the tough message remains the same – cough up.

  • Published on 19 Oct 2017 Sections ,

    EU summit dinner: rogue states on the menu

    There’s a bit of diplomatic Jenga going on at this summit. Angela Merkel and others want to extract money, tens of billions of it, from the UK, ideally without toppling Theresa May. So you see tough language from Mark Rutte, head of the newly formed government in the Netherlands, a traditional British ally, spelling out…

  • Published on 19 Oct 2017 Sections

    What does Theresa May actually want?

    Theresa May comes into this summit deeply disappointed at the EU’s lack of haste in talks and its stubborn refusal to move on from discussing exit terms to trade talks. But imagine this. Theresa May is sitting in the dinner tonight and when her moment comes to address the other EU leaders makes a compelling…

  • Published on 18 Oct 2017 Sections , , ,

    Tomorrow Theresa May sets off for her second trip in a week to Brussels, where she will address EU leaders on Brexit. In the Commons today she insisted the option of walking away without a deal must remain on the table. But her visit comes as her government’s EU withdrawal bill, which transfers EU legislation…

  • Published on 17 Oct 2017 Sections

    Brexit Secretary David Davis has told MPs that the UK is reaching the limits of  “what we can achieve” without beginning talks about trade. And he urged EU leaders to give his counterpart Michel Barnier the green light to do so at this week’s EU summit. This followed Theresa May’s EU dinner last night, after…

  • Published on 16 Oct 2017

    Theresa May and Brexit Secretary David Davis rushed over to Brussels this afternoon for dinner, and Brexit talks, in the European Commission.  The surprise meeting with Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker and chief negotiator Michel Barnier is part of a big diplomatic push by the Prime Minister to try to break the deadlock in the negotiations. She wants…