27 May 2014

Vince Cable, from Beijing, attacks friend for plotting

The Vince Cable attack on his close friend, confidant and some-time adviser Lord Oakeshott could help Nick Clegg‘s position. Many activists who want Mr Clegg to go, want a contest not the anointing of Dr Cable that Lord Oakeshott is now revealed to have been plotting.

Lord Oakeshott could be drummed out of the Lib Dem peers grouping. One MP said he thought it a pretty seedy thing of Lord Oakeshott to give thousands of pounds to a pollster to help with a leadership coup in April during the actual campaign, when local parties might have killed for resources to help them fight the elections.

The Lib Dems categorically deny Shirley Williams’ claim on Channel 4 News (see above) that Nick Clegg considered resigning after the European parliament election results. Here’s the transcript of the exchange:

Q: You think he considered resignation?

A: I’m sure he did.

Q: He says he didn’t.

A: No I don’t think he decided to do it but he certainly considered it. But he rejected it on the grounds that it would do the party no good at all.

Q: Which might be why he looked so drained and exhausted yesterday.

A: It is possible to spend the night up thinking about it.

Q: You have it on good authority that Nick Clegg considered going and was persuaded to stay

A: Correct

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