8 Oct 2009

Tory conference is livening up

Livening up a bit now – they love the stuff about don’t you dare lecture us on poverty, Labour. But I still think, just on the atmospherics, this is a little bit flat. Partly the hall – very difficult to play as others have found all week, and no match for Birmingham Symphony Hall last year – partly intentional, partly the nature of the man.

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  1. margaret brandreth- jones says:

    Couldn’t listen.. I will trust your judgement. I have been bludgeoned by arrogance of the professionally hurt,’Even when they are down they live in a martyrs world of some perceived aristocratic collective beheading.They dont seem to realise how we have been professionally hurt and still are. The attitude just doesn’t change

  2. adrian clarke says:

    if you cant listen ,dont comment . that is the attitude of i “know it all”

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