7 Oct 2009

Tories make nearly £1.5m profit from conference

The Tories have revealed they’ve made a profit of nearly £1.5m at this conference, mainly flogging stall space to corporate Britain. And corporate Britain is using its time wisely here.

A great chunk of it is trying to bend shadow ministers’ ears telling them how the private sector can help with the deficit reduction.

More private health work inside the NHS, private companies operating custody suites… ideas buzz around and shadow ministers talk about a revolution in public sector delivery but not much, really not much at all seems to have been agreed.

This is work very much in progress.

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Locked outside the Tory conference

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4 reader comments

  1. Carly says:

    Gary can you please tell us how much the Lib Dems and Labour made at their conferences, in the interests of balance.

  2. easynow says:
  3. Steve Willis says:

    Cash for what? What does business want to get out of this? Access? Inflence? Contracts? Peerages? A big cuddle?

    He who pays the piper calls the tune.

  4. Ray Turner says:

    That’ll be a first: Private Sector reducing the deficit.Look at all those PFI Hospitals we’ll be paying through the nose for, for decades to come….

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