Published on 5 Feb 2013

Tories give Lords a signal to create trouble over gay marriage

Looks like David Cameron failed to get a majority of his own MPs in the gay marriage vote. Some 139 Tories voted against him. Around 30 abstained. Only 132 I’m told voted with the PM.

That’s at the worst end of expectations and is a giant signal to the Lords to create trouble when the bill gets there. It’s a massive piece of disobedience to the leader’s call to arms and will feed into growing perceptions of the Tories as divided.

When David Cameron told one Tory right-winger recently he felt he’d bitten off more than he’d expected with this business, he was – perhaps a little late in the day – spotting the problem.

Critics in his party will say he’s tried to copy the Blair apprpoach – taking on your own party – without checking if he could win.

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3 reader comments

  1. Paul says:

    With all the quotes from Jesus and the Bible this was more like a church sermon – without the hymns. Christians do not have a monopoly on religion. The Bill is about marriage, NOT religion. Whatever happened to the separation of Church & State?

  2. Chris Jeynes says:

    Seems obvious to me that the Lords will chuck this out! Or is there a majority there for it?

  3. J Glenville-Dowling says:

    Hopefully this is the start of the end of the road for Cameron who has no Conservative principles and seems delighted to be in coalition with the Liberal Democrats whose politics are far closer to his own.
    Where Clegg rails against his coalition partners at every opportunity, Cameron imposes Liberal Democrat policies on, and castigates, his own party.
    He is only ahead of his party in the polls as a result of deliberate spinning by his apparatchiks to paint those with true Conservative principles as narrow minded bigots.
    If steps are not taken soon to oust him, the Conservative Party, as such, will cease to exist.
    Better that the party seems to be split and a true Conservative replaces him than allow him to gradually erode all that distinguishes Conservatives from Socialists.

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