13 Jul 2016

Theresa May takes control of her Government


At 5.23 pm and 58 seconds, David Cameron’s car left Buckingham Palace. At 5.24pm and 32 seconds, Theresa May’s car swept in.

Much may be unknown if not chaotic in British public life, but this passing of power was precision stuff.

David Cameron’s family were on camera in Downing Street for an emotional farewell, there was a group photo on the doorstep followed by a group hug to steady the nerves before the five of them set off for Buckingham Palace.

Theresa May in Downing Street has now been given the briefing by the head of the armed forces on Trident. She may well have spoken to President Obama if the diaries coincided. And she has given George Osborne notice to quit – he’s just been seen leaving Downing Street by the back door.

In his place comes Philip Hammond.

Coming up the road soon I’m told are Liam Fox, who left government in 2011 and David Davis who never made it into David Cameron’s government. Both would no doubt describe themselves as committed to social justice but their public persona is probably more closely identified with being on the right of the party and longstanding critics of David Cameron.

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2 reader comments

  1. stephen collier says:

    Mrs May has certainly played the referendum game to perfection. If only Mr Corbyn had stuck to his principles and took the other route he would now be king of the hill. Being part of the EU has cost us dearly over the years – our industrial and manufacturing base mostly shifted to Europe and beyond – millions of jobs lost. Then, on being elected to Labour leader he changed tack. Why? God only knows. Foolish man. Very foolish man…..Or is there something we are not being told about?

  2. Alan says:

    Dark days ahead if you don’t hold a British passport, don’t want war and wish to be tolerant.

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