19 Sep 2016

Theresa May’s UN message on refugees

The Prime Minister could have used her speech to the UN General Assembly tomorrow in New York to paint a bold picture of where she sees Britain in the future. Instead she looks like she will produce a few small sketches: on anti-slavery, counter-terrorism procedures in airports and on the refugee crisis.

On that last area, a big theme of the gathering of world leaders in New York, Mrs May will stick to her line that Britain is not about to up its numbers for refugee places. Like her predecessor, Mrs May will emphasise that the solutions lay in the regions where the refugee crises are at their worst. When she meets the Turkish President here as one of a series of bi-laterals, she may well hear just how much pressure regional powers think they’re under. President Obama is expected to up the numbers of refugees the US is taking by a third, though he of course is nearing the exit door of frontline politics.

Having delivered her mantra about how post-Brexit Britain is open for business at the G20 summit in Hangzhou, Mrs May is bringing different messages to NY. She’ll reprise those economic arguments for some business leaders she meets in NY tonight, but in her main address to the General Assembly and her intervention in the refugee summit, the PM will stick to UN-related issues.

The PM seems at the moment to be in the dark about what happened in the allied attack on Syrian forces. She told me it was an accident but that investigations were under way. You can see the brief exchange here.

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  1. Alan says:

    For Mrs May not to understand what occurred in Syria either shows her exclusion from intelligence briefings or undermines that areas ability. A plea of ignorance at her level is insulting.

  2. Philip says:

    I might add that appearing to wash Britain’s hands of our responsibility, through our military engagements in many of the areas where refugees come from, is unlikely to go down well with those countries, or those in neighbouring countries – not least Turkey, but also Greece & Italy – who have to deal with the fall-out.

  3. T Phillips says:

    I am afraid she won,t last long if she does not start moving immigrants out of our country We are over crowded and have been for at least twenty years ,the infrastructure cannot deal with the numbers, it seems the people knew about it long before the idiots who we pay to know about these things did ,hence the vote to save our country before we become ruled by immigrants ,.
    Mr. Enoch Powel told us what would happen years ago and he is proved to be right, afraid politicians cant see any further than their next paycheck, but they will before much longer.

    1. Richard Maclaurin says:

      Britain insists on paying the bare minimum, for everyone who is at the bottom of the social and economic scale , which includes refugees. So long as the british government refuses to invest in its people , in any meaningful, job promoting manner, then we have a population problem .
      Bring in the refugees , but get rid of the exclusivity of the principle of Toryism , which excludes such productive social investment ……..so long denied , and thus creating our present destruction , on all social levels , except those exclusive and tiny minorities that hold the economic reins in Britain .
      Bellyaching about refugees, and waving the union jack , achieves nothing whatsoever, but simply condones the present social and financial destitution Policies.

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