18 May 2015

SNP land grab as Commons meets for first time

The Commons is meeting for the first time to vote in Speaker Bercow and then swear in MPs.


The SNP have bagged the front rows of the Labour benches and nearly nabbed Dennis Skinner’s much-prided place. There were in at 8 trying to finesse their land grab.

Labour MP Kevan Jones spotted them and plonked himself in Mr Skinner’s seat, refusing to budge even when the police came in to do a security swoop of the chamber.

Dennis Skinner now sits like a Labour Gibraltar clinging on at the edge of the SNP  land mass.

No sign of Nick Clegg or Ed Miliband for this moment. But both will have to show their faces (tanned presumably in Mr Miliband’s case) in the next few days to be sworn in.

David Cameron struggled with his short speech welcoming the Speaker back to his chair. I understand Mr Cameron has a bug and had to postpone some meetings today.

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12 reader comments

  1. Henry Bruce says:

    Lovely to see Dennis Skinner sitting with a party close to his own beliefs, come on Dennis you know you’ll have a great time with Alex and the 56!

    1. Andrew Dundas says:

      Dennis is a socialist. I doubt if he approves of SNP’s plan for cuts in corporation taxes and air passenger duty, because those only benefit wealthy people at the expense of low income people. Nor would he want to align himself with freezing Council taxes that inevitably benefit the rich more than the poor.
      And all because the SNP’s record is far away from Labour’s priorities.
      Unlike the SNP (elected by only 1.45 millions), Dennis supports a party with over 7 million votes in the May election.
      Bad manners is a characteristic of the SNP. That behaviour is not appreciated by most Scots.

  2. Quarmby says:

    Skinner actually has more in common with the SNP social democrats now sitting alongside him than he does with the neoliberal Tory-lite perversion calling itself the Labour Party.

  3. Andrew Dundas says:

    It’s much more comfortable up in the Strangers’ Gallery. Wouldn’t that be more appropriate for a large party that achieved less than 5% of UK votes?

    1. Chris says:

      5% of UK votes? Yes. Considering SNP only stood in Scotland rather than the whole of the UK, it is a massive amount.

  4. Lewis says:

    Glad to see the SNP making waves. The attempt to claim a place to sit is all about making sure the Westminster parties realise that the SNP has a democratic right to make sure Scotland’s voice is heard.

  5. Richard Livermore says:

    They should allow Dennis Skinner his seat out of respect for him. He’s one of the few principled Labour people in the Commons.

  6. Andrew says:

    Kevan Jones refused to move out during a sniffer dog inspection of HoC? #BritishValues???

  7. Philip says:
  8. David Hynds says:

    Labour had threatened to not allow SNP to take the LibDems seats (for the 3rd largest party seats), hence SNP took theirs, none in the SNP have any problem with Dennis Skinner, he is old Lab and effective against the Tories (though he is treated with yawns from the Lab Blairites)
    Are the press are on a campaign to split the opposition (so far we have the newstatsment and telegraph, where the former has quoted D Skinner in a way which is very hard to believe?

  9. John Cameron says:

    Ill-mannered nobodies from Braveheartland.

    1. Chris says:

      Ill mannered nobodies? They were trying to sit were the 3rd party always sit. Where is the ill manners there? As for nobodies, the good people of ‘Braveheartland’ don’t think that … as Labour found out :)

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