25 Jun 2012

Better Together at ‘Dottyville’

At the Craiglockhart campus of Edinburgh Napier University, gazing out at a sun-baked Firth of Forth. Here for the launch of Better Together, the pro-union campaign. This building was once a military hospital caring for shell-shocked officers.

Siegfried Sassoon was sent here after his 1917 “Soldier’s Declaration” denouncing the war as a war of conquest and aggression. There’s a small exhibit including this letter written when he was a patient here – you can see he’s written “Dottyville” as the address at the top.

The pro-union team is emphasising this, unlike the “yes” campaign launch, is a celebrity-free zone – ordinary folk will push out the message that independence is a one-way ticket to an unknown destination. And if that sounds negative, they haven’t even started.

I predict there will be positive messages to buy a licence to go furiously negative as the campaign goes on. More later after the launch.

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