27 Jun 2016

There will be no second referendum, cabinet agrees

The Cabinet agreed this morning there would be no second referendum. David Cameron will spell that out in his Commons statement this afternoon.

They don’t want false hopes or complications beyond the ones already visited on the country.

Oliver Letwin is overseeing the “scoping” exercise on what is and isn’t possible in a negotiation. The idea of Michael Gove being lead negotiator dates back to when, a touch unrealistically, he and others on the Leave side thought they could persuade David Cameron to stay put for longer.

Boris Johnson just emerged from Downing Street to state again his support for a points based immigration system combined somehow with access to the single market.

One Tory MP said it was more of Boris Johnson’s cake policy, “pro having it and pro eating it” and he would have to “sort himself out.”

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  1. Sandra drysdale says:

    Give this country and the people a second chance at repairing this tremble situation we’re in.

  2. andy says:

    here, here, we had the result now just knuckle down, stop the petty squabbling and work together to make Britain a better place.

  3. Gloria Leverett says:

    Will the government be taking us out of EU via the 1972 agreement (much better than article 50, a clean break! Theresa May is not the person to lead as she sat on the fence throughout the whole referendum, it should be someone from the Leave party! Its about time you guys started doing something positive for the people who wanted democracy and not trying to cover your own backsides. Fulfill the promises of the Leave campaign or risk losing it all at the next election!

  4. David Wilcock says:

    I’m not sure why it isn’t a given we have a 2nd refferendum when so many people were swayed by lies that have now been exposed as such. Any voting process should be based on facts not lies.

  5. Martin Murray says:

    I await the statement from the Commons. I would prefer that we repealed the 1972 EC Act.

  6. Mark Green says:

    No 2nd referendum. Please can we have a General Election to sort this all out?

  7. David Parsonage says:

    There is no question that the UK is in the driving seat when it comes to negotiating a Free Trade Agreement. The UK represents a significant market for the 27 Nations left in the EU. EU Industry will dictate this not the Junckers or Merkels of this world.
    On Immigration it is obvious that other Nationalities here already with jobs and relationships will stay, in the same way as those British Citizens in the EU. New entries would be viewed as Tourists with a 90 day stamp at point of entry. A ‘Points’ system for all Immigrants has to implemented and Citizenship based on a quota system, perhaps similar to Japan or Thailand. An ability to speak English would be a pre-requisite in all cases apart from Tourists.
    The UK should avoid an arrangement like Norway or Switzerland. It is big enough and should be tough enough to negotiate its own terms-having your cake and eating it as the article puts it.

  8. Hanuman Chalisa says:
  9. Robert Jamieson says:

    Good. No second referendum, now let’s get on with it.

  10. Martin Smith says:
  11. Kevin Powis says:

    I’m pleased to hear this as I have been very disturbed by elected officials making obscure comments in the media that seemed to support a second referendum against the will of the people. When the people of this country have just rejected an undemocratic EU in the face of everything Project Fear threw at them, to then tell then that UK democracy was not sovereign and their wishes would be ignored could only result in civil unrest. MPs like Tim Farron, David Lammy – and initially Anna Soubry – need to apologise to the British people and make sure they are crystal clear that we have democracy – without that we have nothing.

  12. Dorothy Reid says:

    Of course there are going to be those who belittle Boris Johnson what ever he says and it wont matter to these people if it is the right thing to do I wont if these MP’s even know what debt the EU is in- well if they don’t I’ll tell them that on one site it has now gone upto wait for it over eighty trillion euro’s and they are running over 90% in debt to the GDP so when the Euro goes belly up (even the architects say it is o seriously flawed it will happen) what will that mean simple your kids, grandchildren, great grandchildren and so on will be paying it back if we had stayed in. Thank the Lord for those who voted leave.

  13. Robert says:

    Common sense prevails, rule Britannia.

  14. Victoria Pankhurst says:

    Not including Nigel Farage in any exit negotiations is foolhardy at best and dangerous at worst. Mr Farage, as an MEP, is fully conversant with the inner workings of the EU, as well as being the person most determined for Brexit. He must be included.

  15. paul lloyd says:

    I totally agree with Boris and so DO 17 MILLION OTHERS BESIDE ME

  16. Howard Varley says:

    If we can have our cake And eat it would someone like to tell me what is wrong with that?

  17. Jack says:

    Why is this the only website/news portal to suggest this?

  18. Desmond Davies says:

    The British citizens have voted on the referendum for brexit
    The government must now put in place the brexit plan
    If the new conservative government don’t deliver on their promises given to the citizens they will find they will be voted out at the next election.
    It’s very clear from the referendum they need to govern for all the citizens north ,south. East. West
    The under privelaged and the rich alike
    If not conservatives will find they will be out of government for a very long time
    It’s also very clear that Nigel Farage involvement has been very instrumental in the out camp wining the referendum
    Mr Farage should also be involved in the exit negotiations with the EU Unelected Commission
    Being It seems he speaks for the working class citizens within the UK
    We can be very sure ukip will be taking a lot of the labour seats in the next general election
    If the conservatives don’t give Mr Farage the respect he deserves they will find they will also end up loosing Seats in the next general election
    It’s also clear from the referendum result politics has changed big time so the conservatives need to be very careful
    They need to be seen to be governing for all the citizens .
    All politicians need to answer questions with a yes or no and stop dodging giving truthful answers
    They will then start getting respect from the public

    Kind Regards

    Seats in the next general election

  19. jim White says:

    I am not sure that Boris knows what comes next. If he becomes the leader then given the state of the Labour party, God Help us.

  20. Anthony Mortlock says:

    The stitch up continues…unless there is a rerun as Mr Farage has already suggested in the event of a narrow remain win, this country will be even further divided and support for any Govt will be eroded.
    So many brexit voters now feel conned and want a chance to rectify this appalling situation.
    Mr Cameron..do at least one good thing and give the electorate this opportunity.
    Also if there’s no General Election after a new leader is appointed our Democracy will be a shambles and our mistrust and loathing of our politicians will sink even further.

  21. Teresa says:

    Boris said there will be a points system that is why l and a lot of others voted to leave .And to leave eu not cling on to it . He as let us down .

  22. Mr Magoo says:

    The people have spoken.
    Never have we been more divided but this is due to progressive bullying over the last 30 years and even now, people (MP Tottenham Lammy et al) still will not accept the people’s decision. We use the balance of probability in our civil courts (51%-49%) so 52% is good enough. It will not change and the more you luvvies squirm, the more divided we become. London is proof of the bullying as many of us don’t live there any more, nor want to.

  23. Dan Hikamly says:

    This is a good thing. I’m 21 and I voted Remain, however I don’t want a second Referendum as I find it an insult to Democracy. To block the current result or re-vote is an affront to Democracy and an insult to our country. I hope Britain can pull through and I will continue to support my country.

  24. mark says:

    Oh dear this doesn’t bode well David Cameron saying there won’t be a second referendum means of course there will be one!! However, at your peril do you do so The British public voted out and out it is despite what the losing side feels. how can you run a country by who screams loudest? every time someone loses the toss just throw your rusks out the pram has a tizzy and poor darling you’ll get what you want .. I think not however we do have a nicely divided country

  25. Maureen Brierley says:

    What happens to the application for another referendum signed by nearly 4 million people. I was under the impression that not reaching a certain percentage of votes could trigger another referendum.Farage was quoting this when he thought the remain side would win.I also thought that we voted for In or Out not yes or no. Many people hadn’t a clue what they were voting for. Changes in passports, existing funding (never explained) all the emphasis was on how much we paid in, nothing about how much we got out. I am a 78 year old grandmother and I am appalled at what has been unleashed for our children and grandchildren to have to deal with in years to come. There is also the safety aspect of being together.Russian planes have made about 18 flights over British airspace. I AM NOT HAPPY.

  26. Brian Peacock says:

    The leave faction won in a democratic elelection;that must stand

  27. john says:

    Good. The people have spoken, a second referendum should not even be considered. It would be a mockery of the voters.

  28. Fabian says:

    well, apart from this being great for showing that it was a democratic decision, the thing the media doesnt seem to get, is that (on the video) if youre trying to “challenge”someone, doing it when theyre about to get in a car to go somewhere probably isnt the best idea, because the chances are, they actually do need to leave

  29. tony nicholson says:

    Cameron is PM now he should do as he was instructed and trigger artical 50 instead he is stalling the process, once he triggers artical 50 no matter whtat happen in Parliment the process to leave will begin as instructed by the majority.

  30. Ben says:

    “The markets have stabilized and the pound has stabilized”? What on earth is he talking about? Wake up, UK. This man is a loser.

  31. Marc Jacobs says:

    I’ve made a petition – will you sign it?

    Click this link to sign the petition:

    My petition:

    Do not accept an E.U that is an undemocratic process. The people have spoken.

    The E.U is not democratic. The people don’t vote the politicians in. It’s an elite club. Cameron promised the big society, claimed leaving the E.U would make us unsafe (Nato?), promised to bring immigration levels down to the tens of thousands amongst other lies and fear mongering.

  32. Stephen Carnell says:

    Boris Johnson , you would be a fool if you don’t listen to the British people , the people voted out on a variety of things one of them WAS imergration, please do not ignore the British public , look what happened to the last P M .

  33. Terry says:

    How can this failing Government ignore the 4 million who feel that the gap between Stay and Go was so small and prompted by false and in accurate information?

  34. Gillian Mosely says:

    The cabinet may agree now but what happens if and when huge swathes of the country vote to leave the UK in favour of remaining part of the EU?

    16 million people may have voted to leave, but as has become evident from the last few days news, many if not most of them did so on bases that had little or nothing to do with the EU, including belief in proven lies, and 15 million people voted to stay.

    How does the cabinet intend to manage a disgruntled populace of almost half of the voters?

  35. Mike James says:

    What kind of democracy foists a complicated technical question on an electorate without being in a position to explain what it meant. Where are these democratoc processes defined and decided on and vetoed? In the minds of a tiny group of one political party ? That is sham democracy the kind on which the Nazi’s rose to power.

  36. John Evans says:

    The Government needs to sort its thinking out: if it is going to deny another Referendum, then it must mean that Parliament is still the sovereign body. If this is the case, then Parliament will decide ultimately on whether to “press the button” or accept the terms, or, indeed, to refuse to repeal the European Communities Act of 1972, and thus cancel the whole process.
    If this is not the case, then another Referendum is inescapable, as the Government has handed over “democratic control” to “the people” away from Parliament.
    Which is it to be?

  37. Anthony Cox says:

    The EU refererdum should NOT have been held, we pay our MP’s
    to make these types of decisions for us. The general public does NOT
    have the time to study all of the implications. We need another process
    involving the MP’s to finally decide after the negotiations

  38. Dean Buffin says:

    The Vote for OUT set the format for leaving the EU, any alterations to that will be seen as a betrayal of trust by the majority of British people. There must be a break from Brussels{OUT is OUT} anything less is sheer fraud.. No one person can now start back tracking and changing the format to alter the referendums Outcome. As regards Scotland, surely they took part in a UK referendum NOT a Scotland referendum. There was NO Welsh, Irish nor Scotland Referendum only the one for the whole of the UK, Scotland should never have taken part in a referendum if they had no intentions of accepting the outcome. If the vote had been for IN i would have to accept that decision,{as before}

  39. TU says:

    Very few people fully comprehend the implications of pulling out of the EU in terms of policy, strategy, legislative framework, regulation, trade, migration, funding, cost, or even sometimes culture… it’s complex. How were people supposed to know how to vote, especially with the media messages being so loud, oversimplified, and in some instances plain wrong? We need to educate people on the history, structure and function of the EU, provide alternative models and policies — inform voters so they have a real and fair choice. Not just throw out polling cards and hope for the best.

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