14 Sep 2009

Parties in phoney war before the electoral storm

Strong efforts in a three-hour “political” Cabinet this afternoon to inject some enthusiasm into Labour’s campaigning.

Commentators, activists, MPs and union leaders have been reporting pessimism bordering on despair.

So the briefing from Labour is that Cabinet ministers today were “up for the fight”, ready for the “fightback”, “showing real fight”.

Gordon Brown pushed the line – expect to hear it tomorrow at the TUC and at Labour’s Conference – that the country faces a “big choice” election.

George Osborne will be talking about why some cuts should come now, not later. Vince Cable will wade in with an attack on public sector pay, bonuses and pensions.

The last couple of months have been reminiscent of trenches being dug before the drawn-out battle. But the two main parties are still shelling with rhetoric at the moment… The heavy numbers come later.

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  1. Ray Turner says:

    Why on earth do the morons in charge of the country have to think in terms of being “up for the fight”. That straight away tells me they are not fit for office…

    What they should be thinking about, is what is fairest to everybody. They could start by pushing interest rates back up again. Savers are still losing out whilst those with the big debts are being let off those debts and are living the life of Reilly on all the interest they’re not having to pay…

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