15 Apr 2010

Mandelson’s weapon of choice – a stick of rock

We wandered down the motorway from Manchester this morning to Blackpool, to test the voters’ mood and the appetite for debates.

There are key marginals round these parts which is why Peter Mandelson’s here too, handing out sticks of rock with “A Future Fair for All” written through the middle and dancing in the Ball Room.

Peter Mandelson on the dancefloor

He’s saying that Gordon Brown thinks David Cameron is “glib” and “trivial” but will be careful to hide that in the debates.

He told me his boy is “match fit” and he, Peter, won’t be biting his nails on the ringside tonight.

Peter Mandelson with stick of rock

All that fun apart, here’s a day the innovation of the TV debates have yanked to their own self-promotional purposes.

They had better prove useful for the access and debate they are losing us.

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3 reader comments

  1. adrian clarke says:

    Well i can’t suggest where Mandelson should stick his rock.So his man is “match fit” is he .Now from one proven liar about another where does that leave us???/

  2. Konnolsky says:

    What has Brown say Lord Mandelson, “Thou art Peter, and upon this rock I will build my victory?”

  3. j hill says:

    Complete hysteria from the media, as their favoured man (Brown), eclipsed by Clegg.
    Why do tv commentators not ignore all the spin doctors who brought Britain to the mess we are in, and take the cameras out ro REAL PEOPLE???
    THEY will tell you how good Labour/Bliar/Brown/Balls/Mandelson et al have been for Britain!!
    I have stopped watching the election specials as there is such a sickening sucking up to Labour it is disgusting.
    The media are gagging for a hung parliament, (because it was they who first began to story about there being the poss.of one.)
    BBC should hang their heads in shame, at the partial reporting there is.
    One report, right after the shambolic and controlled leaders debate, actually stated that Brown was ahead.
    What will happen if Cameron wins? Will Beeb be grovelling to the tories as much as it has done to New Liebour???

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