14 Dec 2010

Lib Dem Lords falling into line on fees

Lib Dems don’t expect their Lords rebels to muster more than single figures in tonight’s vote on tuition fees.

If Labour confounded their expectations and got its way and won the vote the Government would have to come back with another resolution and get it through the Commons again in the New Year.

Universities want to issue prospectuses with new prices in the Spring ready for 2012 entry and a Whitehall source says that timings would get “very difficult.”

The Great Unknown in tonight’s vote is the Crossbenchers, but a significant proportion of them have university posts of one kind or another and their university friends are thought to be leaving them in no doubt that they want tonight’s vote passed.

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  1. Mudplugger says:

    It is quite sad that this non-issue is consuming so much attention at a time when far more important challenges remain outstanding.

    The student fees issue is simply being escalated by vested interests in the unaccountable world of academia. In practice, it’s only about optional education, where token debts may be accrued by some, where they may eventually be repaid by some, but in many other cases will be written off (i.e. paid by the rest of us). And all to support a few years of post-adolescence work-avoidance with added alcohol.

    With the financial fundamentals crashing about our ears, with our troops engaged in unwinnable wars, with fanatics of every religious persuasion using bullets and bombs to promote their own way to their own imaginary heavens and the very basics of our democracy being corrupted at every turn, there are far more important things to cover than the puffed-up self-pleasuring of academics and their kind.

    Why not close half the so-called universities and see what we lose ? Precious little, I venture.

    Let’s hope the rest of the Bill passes quickly so that we can get on with addressing what really matters in the world.

  2. Philip Edwards says:


    No surprise there, then.

    The elderly, suited up spivs are just as bad as the ex public school boy liars and cowards in the Commons who have introduced this additional theft of national wealth.

    But don’t be surprised in a few years when these same ConDems are whining once again about “social disorder” and “scroungers,” the same old blame-the-victim cowardice of economic thugs, the sort instigated by Thatcher and her suburban hypocrites and spivs.

    We have been here before. We know the tragic social consequences. There can be no more excuses. Now we know (if it needed repeating) just how much of a lie is the ConDem “Big Society.” Josef Goebbels would be proud of these low lives.

    No surprise, then, to see today’s unemployment figures rise to 2.5 million. In one year’s time the figure will be much higher and much worse. I predict by then the ConDems won’t be referring to society at all.

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