4 Jul 2016

Leadsom opponents try to label her ‘Ukip candidate’

Tory MPs say their constituency associations are being inundated with emails like the one below from Leave.eu followers, who’ve been urged to wade into the Tory leadership contest in support of Andrea Leadsom.


It’s all part of the efforts of Ukip donor and Nigel Farage close ally Arron Banks. Mr Banks believes Mrs Leadsom is the best bet for getting as much distance between the UK and the EU post the referendum. He’s throwing his campaign machine behind the former Treasury minister who unveiled her campaign today.

Many of the emails coming into Tory MPs’ offices are from Ukip supporters. They often use a formulation about the “Conservative family” needing strong leadership.

Mrs Leadsom also has the man who managed some of Nigel Farage’s media contacts during the referendum at her side, Nick Wood.

Theresa May supporters are jumping all over this and saying that Mrs Leadsom is “the Ukip candidate”. This evening’s hustings for Tory MPs will probably see her opponents making more of this.

Mrs Leadsom’s supporters insist they have received no money from Mr Banks and the Ukip donor himself is clear that he hasn’t spoken to her or donated any money. But he’s giving help that he hopes could make the difference.

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7 reader comments

  1. Ted AShworth says:

    We need a fresh person untainted by decades of political rhetoric to lead us.
    A person who has fresh ideas, clear vision and one who has no drum to sound but that of the people of this land who want out from the EU.

    Andrea Leadsom is no UKIP person – she is sound, reliable and honest.

    Ted Ashworth

  2. ssb says:

    I’ve been a Labour voter all my life, I would vote for Leadsom if she was PM. Her performance on the EU Referendum debates was phenomenal. Very cool, calm and collected.

  3. Philip says:

    I’d like a prominent Leave campaigner as PM too – as a Remain voter, I’d like to see someone responsible for our present situation being held accountable when the chickens come home to roots. It’ll be too easy for Teresa May to duck out from under.

  4. More Silent Majority says:

    let see, gove – the backstabbing lying toe-rag is out. now between a lying remainer may and a decent brexiter leadsom, the choice is obvious. is the party however, smart enough to actually skip over may who is the choice of the remaining remainers?

    now if only the labour party would get rid of their lying do nothing no good maoist leader.

  5. More Silent Majority says:

    may’s ‘clean’ campaign has been decidedly nasty, siccing her media goons on leadstrom to entrap her in saying something that could be wildly misquoted to make her look bad.

    we need a dedicated leaver, not a luke-warm remainer dragging their feet. we need a fresh face, not the same tired old may and corbyn remain losers.

  6. Glenna Lynch says:

    Nick Clegg only wants to delay triggering Article 50 as it gives ‘Remain Voters’ enough time to overturn the Brexit votes so that Article 50 never gets triggered!

    Nick Clegg, what does he stand for? Can we believe anything this man says? Look what he did with the ‘STUDENT’S TUITION FEES!’ Now he’s saying the people who voted to leave the EU does not have the intelligent to understand why. Clegg and the other MP’s that voted to remain in the EU are hoping to reverse the democratic votes of 17.5 million people who voted to take back control and protect their borders. Nick and those politicians are hoping to have soft Brexit so that the UK stays in the single market and that means free movements.
    If it means coming out of the single market so be it, as long as we take back control of our borders, the majority voted to leave so we should leave; we can trade with other countries around the world. We need to control our laws instead of allowing EU Bureaucrats dictators to control our laws. All these MP’s that voted to remain in the EU are only looking after their interest, it those MP’s love Europe so much they should go and live there because they haven’t got the UK’s interest at heart.
    That’s what I say: “I’M not sorry… I’M not sorry….I’M not sorry… I’M not sorry…”

  7. Glenna Lynch says:

    Why doesn’t Lily Allen go to the five wealthiest Muslim countries, such as Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and the United Emirates? Because if Allen had criticised these countries, she would now be penniless and on the street, in prison, or be killed. She wants to think herself lucky she lives in a country that allows free speech.
    Why on earth did Allen apologise for the British people and why is she complaining about Britain not doing enough for immigrants and refugees? British people are kind and tolerant.
    Report reveals. Britain spends more on foreign aid than any other country in Europe, and according to figures from the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development, the UK gives more in international aid than any other developed country apart from the United States.
    According to report the 13-year-old Calais migrant who moved Allen to tears and compelled her to apologise on behalf of Britain is the son of former Islamist fighter. So that same 13 years might be in the UK now!!!

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