8 Oct 2009

Is there a Tory Plan B for Europe?

Very brief mention of Europe in Cameron’s speech but here’s what we’ve learnt this week.

The Poles named the day for signing the Lisbon Treaty today, the Czech prime minister said yesterday that the Czech signature would go down before Christmas.

The day is fast approaching when David Cameron will have to tell his party that the referendum here is cancelled. This week, comment sections in the Daily Mail and The Sun gave him the go-ahead to do just that. Most in his party will give him the credit to do that too.

He will then announce Plan B at some point and as things stand that will involve a major push to repatriate powers on social and employment law.

One prominent Europhile told me last night that he could live with that, and that “we hardly take much law from Europe” on this area (something some Euro sceptics would hotly contest).

Repatriating justice and home affairs powers are expected to be part of the same move. A referendum would be threatened to the rest of Europe … don’t let me open these discussions and I will consult the British people.

All very sticky potentially for relations with Europe but President Sarkozy for one is letting it be known that he is pretty relaxed about all this planned table-thumping and sure an incoming UK Tory government wouldn’t rock the boat too much.

Calm-ish for now then.

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  1. Ray Turner says:

    Remind me Gary. When did Britain sign-up. I presume it was on a good day to bury bad news….

    I’d understood that Gordon’s argument for not holding a referendum was that we didn’t need to because the Irish had already sunk the treaty. But as the Irish have now changed their position, shouldn’t the current UK Governments position be changing too…?

  2. Steve Willis says:

    Send for Derren Brown – master of misdirection.

    The British Public will do as it’s misdirected. It always has – otherwise, how did any of the current crop of Parliamentarians ever get elected?

    Plan B – where B = Betrayal.

    It could also be B for Bullingdon or B for Bidet :-)

  3. Alan says:

    Prolly cause it’s a good thing, all hysteria aside.

  4. margaret brandreth- jones says:

    The postive views from Europe from Spain and Norway expressed in the Labour Conference made Europe the only viable possibility available..

    The forward looking Europeans lead the way. We are no more that small Island of Brits who can afford to live in the fantasy land of ‘Andora’

    I love GB and long for my roots, but alas ,we need to all pull together in Europe.

  5. adrian clarke says:

    the labour government are euro freaks and would have us agree to anything on the argument we are in the centre of europe.They know the british people would vote against the treaty so ignored their promise of a referendum . For that alone they should be destroyed at the polls as they are destroying british sovereignty

  6. albert Rout says:

    At last blair has been told he has BLOOD on his hands by a person who had good reason to feel that way.
    I for one would not want to shake this mans hand, he has shown to the Nation just what his family priority is,how many houses can I have and how much money can I make, he now says how religious he is, well a thought for him.
    It is easier for a Camel to go through he eye of a needle than it is for a rich man to enter the Kingdom of Heaven.
    Money and power is his game no compassion for the lives he has LOST, he has Blood on his hands, he will be judged when his time comes.

  7. albert Rout says:

    David Cameron has made a promise to the Nation on a referendom, one however that has so many get out’s for him it is not true.
    A good 80% of the Nation do not want to be in the EU as it stands he needs to consider his position on this subject.The EU is full of people that are filling there pockets at the public expense and with no AUDIT of its books, how come are they above the Law/????

  8. margaret brandreth- jones says:

    I don’t know what all the fuss is about. Economic convergence has almost happened, we can’t cope on our own now and if we decided to withdraw at some stage that clause is also written into the treaty.????????????

  9. adrian clarke says:

    since when have we been european?Since we were sold down the river by heath? or since we have been beheaded by blair in his quest for presidency or brown in his arrogance?

  10. adrian clarke says:

    i support the tories on their views but if the treaty is ratified before the election , thus denying us a referendum , the only party representative then would be UKIP

  11. Janet Davies says:

    Those people repeating tired old eurosceptic cliches need to up their game and get real. A world where little old Britain could stand alone has been long gone. When I hear a rational, well thought out argument about us being better off out of the EU, I might take notice. Until then the endlessly repetitive script churned out by the sceptics is just sooo boring.

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