12 Nov 2009

Brown ‘gets it’ on immigration: from expenses, to extremism?

Gordon Brown’s phrase “I get it” on immigration is an intriguing echo of David Cameron’s mantra on MPs’ expenses.

Number 10 is worried about a fusion that happens between the two issues of immigration and distrust of politicians.

It can lead and shows signs in recent polls of leading to extremism.

Although Mr Brown says immigration is not and must not be a “taboo” subject this speech is an acknowledgment that there is a vacuum in the public debate on immigration and that the government has not been doing enough lately to fill it.

Gordon Brown’s intervention follows Alan Johnson’s recent speech acknowledging policy failures and you should expect to see the home secretary out and about talking about this issue much more in the months up to the election as Labour’s research suggests voters trust his blokeish qualities on this issue.

Trust on immigration issues, as Labour’s chiefs are very conscious, is not in great supply amongst British voters.

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6 reader comments

  1. adrian clarke says:

    So Gordon Brown gets it on immigration. He certainly should get it .The chop that is.
    Being part of the Labour government , according to Labours chief advisor, that deliberately opened the doors to uncontrolled immigration ,In an experiment to promote a multiculteral society.An experiment that there was no mandate for, no strategic planning ,and no control.
    It has placed intolerable burdens on the economy, the tolerance of the people and has given rise to the extremist group the BNP.
    Everything the Labour government has done over the past 11 years has moved towards the destruction of the British IslesIt has bought closer yhe chilling warning of Enoch Powell , of rivers of blood

  2. Ray Turner says:

    I remain to be persuaded that Brown “gets it”. The phrase “Brown gets it” is a pacifier. All he do is talk to us in the usual patronising terms and nothing will really change…

    We need to see a comnplete change in the way the Government thinks about immigration and all sorts of side-issues, before we can genuinely say that “Brown gets it”.

    The BNP and UKIP seem to “get it”. Its about time the three main parties did. Something urgently needs to be done and if they don’t sort it out properly and soon, we’ll get an extreme solution…

  3. Mudplugger says:

    No-one will ever trust Labour on immigration because it is, and always has been, based on gerrymandering. They know that the ‘dependent voter’ is a Labour voter, so simply set out to create as much dependency as possible.

    Trouble is, they’ve been rumbled and, unsavoury as they may be, the BNP will continue to hoover up votes from those negatively affected by the scheme, and those bright enough to have spotted it.

    And it’s not just Tory voters – check out the percentage the BNP got in Barnsley (aka “The People’s Democratic Republic of South Yorkshire”) in the June Euro elections – close on 1 in 5 ! Translate that into a general election and the psephologists will be scratching their heads for months.

    But the real answer is for the two major parties to hear (not just to ‘listen’) and to promote policies which actually address, and solve, the vital issue which all those frustrated voters are trying to raise.

    Because, if they don’t do it at this coming election, that frustration will inevitably boil over into forms of civil disobedience, the consequences of which are too terrible to contemplate for all sections of society.

  4. Jonathan says:

    Gordon Brown does not get it. Closing the door to people outside the European Union is not going to help this issue.

    The problem is having the door wide open for the whole of Europe who can come with no VISA requirements and apply for a job, and I expect usually get the job on lower pay than a similarly qualified UK national who could take that position, hence so many are here and that is what everybody is complaining about. (And I’m not talking about illigal immigrants – no matter where you are from, if you are actually ever caught here without permission you should be sent home)

    People outside Europe have to go through extensive vetting and really do have to be “worth their salt” before they can get a work permit. The real issue is we have been completely opended up Europe and now have no power to stop people coming – so to look tough the politicians impose more restrictions on people who actually need a VISA – this is not the answer but what can we do now??! I’ll agree Gordon get’s it when I see some restrictions on Europeans coming to the UK – but I suppose that would that be unpatriotic now…. :(

  5. adrian clarke says:

    Jon your interview with Phil Woolas tonight let him completely off the hook .Blatant lies , Blatant avoidance of the question.He was even allowed to suggest the Tories had to answer some mythical question.I really thought that for once you were about to attack Labours achiles heel, but no .Perhaps next time . I live in hope .By the way loved the socks lol .

  6. Ian says:

    But what else is he going to say when votes are on the line ? Can you see him standing up and saying “I just DON’T get it”

    Politicians can be predictable when votes are concerned.

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