15 Jul 2010

GMB union backs Ed Miliband

Ed Miliband has got the nomination of the GMB. Just what that means can depend on how much glossy material is sent out promoting him to members, turnout, the lending of phone banks. Unison nominates on 21 July, Unite on 26 July.

The expectation is that both of them will nominate Ed Miliband, but there will be strong voices for Ed Balls too on account of past ties and a lively, Duracell-charged campaign.

Camp David (Miliband) says it’s not unduly worried and that Ed M risks looking like the unions’ candidate, slightly captive. We shall see.

Union nominations are, when given with gusto, thought by some to bring 40 per cent or so of voting membership with them. But there is no science to this. Ed M’s team will be hoping it brings profile and momentum.

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