22 Apr 2016

Farage says Project Fear is working

Prince Philip (95 in June)  is probably the oldest person ever to have been entrusted with driving  a US President.


The Duke of Edinburgh drove the Obamas and the Queen from the lawn where the President’s helicopter had landed a few hundred yards up to Windsor Castle.

As they pulled up at Windsor Castle, The Queen said to President Obama: “You cannot get in and out. ”

Was it an echo of the Queen’s intervention in the Scottish referendum on independence when she said in a carefully managed aside that she hoped people would “think hard” before voting?

Not quite. The Queen, the day after her 90th birthday, was referring to the difficulty of getting in and out a Range Rover.

This Presidential visit ends a two-week barrage of Remain artillery which has left the Leave campaign winded and divided.

This was a two-week bombardment that has long sat in the Remain campaign grid. It started with the government document to every home, followed by contributions from the IMF, from Labour figures, a Treasury doom-laden assessment of Brexit, culminating with the arrival of the US President.

It might seem a bit far out from a vote that’s still nine weeks away. But the Remain strategy is to frame the debate on its terms: fear, the economy and big name endorsements.

Vote Leave sources admit that this propaganda onslaught, especially the government document and the Presidential intervention, have had an impact.

One source said there was a real concern that Remain had stolen a march but that Vote Leave, after a lull in hostilities around the elections in England, Scotland and Wales in two weeks’ time, would be pushing back with its own attacks on how the £350m it claims the UK pays to the EU (for statistical health warnings, see various FactChecks) could go to the NHS and all we get back from the EU is a net inflow of 250,000 people putting pressure on the NHS.


Nigel Farage, whose preferred campaign team didn’t get the designation last week as official Leave campaign, said the Remain barrage “has had an impact and people are a bit scared”.

He said the Leave campaign “problem” is that “there aren’t enough voices” from outside the Tory Party. He said Vote Leave “have been defending their goal” not “getting into (the other side’s) half of the pitch” and haven’t been pushing immigration hard enough.

Nigel Farage also spelt out something Boris Johnson opened up his Sun newspaper article today, a sense some critics here detect that President Obama isn’t as attached to the UK as previous presidents.

Mr Farage described President Obama as “the most anti-British American President there has ever been.” He said President Obama’s “grandfather grew up in Kenya in the old days of the colonies and I do think he bears a bit of a grudge”.

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9 reader comments

  1. trefor.g.jones says:

    Your reporters must live in the same Westminster village as Cameron and indeed Boris because out in the real world – i.e. the UK outside of SW1A 0AA. Obama’s intervention will only strengthen our resolve to Exit the EU. Farage need have no worries – the UK citizens who will vote know full well that Obama will be meeting Merkel next week. Why? because he already knows who pulls Brussels strings and having moved on from the UK and supported puppet Cameron he quite rightly will always want to look after the USA’s best interests and if that means cozying up to Merkel instead of the UK so be it – so we – the “ordinary voter” unlike Cameron and his “Chamberlains -I’ve gained significant protection for the UK” will not be fooled – we will vote for securing our independent future and those of our Children and Grandchildren outside of what is the economically disastrous Euro and the planned Federal States of Europe.

  2. Linda Welsh says:

    Taken from a Facebook post> Obama read this:

    Obama writes in the British media that outside the EU there would be no immigration control, no protection from terrorism, the US would pull all it’s fiscal contracts, but then comes the cheap shot, and one that’s so far off the mark as to make everything else he says to be ridiculed. The cemeteries of Europe are where tens of thousands of American soldiers who gave their lives for a unified Europe, a vote to leave will be an insult to these men. Bulls***, those men fought and died to release Europe from becoming a single state, they fought and gave their lives, alongside our own, to push the borders back to where they belonged. Germania, Adolf Hitler’s dream, was a borderless continent, ruled from a central government, for the memory and respect to those men and women that repelled that ideal, their lives and deaths should not be used in such an absolutely disgusting way. It shows why he’s one of the least popular presidents on his own ground, nothing gets in his way, a typical self centred leader (of which there are many) And let’s be right, Merkel is succeeding where Hitler couldnt

  3. J Smith says:

    Yet another comment from another useless American politician, Obama. He knows nothing of the real world since he came from nowhere to somewhere through affirmative action.
    As a real Englishman I hate outsiders and other EU and non EU personnel sticking their noses in our business. I can’t even understand why Gibraltar are being given the vote when they are not of British descent or the Irish for that matter.

    1. John L Bell says:

      Re: J Smith’s comment, ……’As a real Englishman’

      Was there an unvoiced word ….. er ….. ‘White’ ….. between ‘real’ and ‘Englishman’ there, Young JS, ….. or do you JUST have a ‘thing’ about ‘Johnny Foreigner’ and inhabitants of ……. (what WAS the term that UKIP plonker used ?’..- ‘Bongo Bongo Land’ ………….?

      I humbly …………. ponder!

  4. Philip says:

    I fear that Farage is wrong on both counts. I suspect there were several 18th & 19th century Presidents who were considerably more anti-British than Obama….always accepting that he is anti-British (which I don’t). As for the Kenyan slur, there is of course no evidence for that whatsoever. It’s just the only bit of denigration Johnson & he can think of – and it shows another reason why the Leave campaign is beginning to flounder. Apart from people starting to realise that claims like the “£350 million” and the ease of opening up new trade post Brexit don’t stand up to close scrutiny, unwarranted personal attacks like these show them up as both desperate and xenophobic, if not actually racist.

  5. Alan says:

    Do the sources exist, does the story have any basis? Who knows, who cares, well done Mr Corporate newsman another piece of writing that contributes zero to our understanding.

  6. ruth condra says:

    Obama is trying hard to protect his TTIP deal which would see mostly American Corporations given the right to overturn the laws of sovereign democracies if those laws adversely affect a corporations profits.
    So corn syrup couldn’t be banned here, for example, or tobacco. We couldn’t introduce emissions standards or fuel efficiency standards which American cars couldn’t meet.
    We would be forced to open our NHS up to private American healthcare companies because the ‘Free at the point of use” will be successfully argued in court to be protectionist and unfair. There will be nothing we can do about it.
    Germany is pushing for a repeal of the Dublin treaty and wish to introduce a quota system for migrants. Quota based on ratio of populace.
    Of the 2 million migrants who entered Germany in the last 3 years, 70% were young men with little education or understanding of western culture and equal rights, most are still unemployed and many are adverse to integrating.
    Hardly any were actually Syrian, or children or women despite what our biased media attempts to push, via pictures of distressed children. I have YouTube and an Internet connection. I also have friends across Europe some of whom are terrified of what has happened to their once peaceful locals. YouTube will show the real picture of immigrations effects in Southern Italy, german and Sweden etc.
    Many of these migrants were not refugees but economic migrants from Somalia, Ghana, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Eritrea and Morocco.
    Once they receive there European passport we cannot legally restrict their movement and Cameron has been told that is a pillar of the EU and will not be changed. 27 countries would have to vote to change it and they absolutely will not.
    These leftsremist policies are causing a rise in the right across Europe from Austria, Germany, Sweden, Norway, Greece and Poland. Is this the plan to support fascism?

    Obama and his ilk have no interest in the UK, he is interested in striking a deal with Merkel on trade before he finishes up and clears his desk.
    Merkel Inc decide what happens to all of Europe.
    Obama has a brass neck bringing up WW2, he should be ashamed of himself.
    The UK and her allies fought AGAINST a European superstate ruled by a German dictatorship. Seems America has changed her mind and now thinks we should be dictated to by Germany.
    If we vote to stay in we will be punished, we will no longer be able to opt out of working time directives, or the social chapter. We will have no control of our borders. We will be an offshore base for the USA’s continued sabre rattling at Russia.
    We will have zero credibility.
    You get the government you deserve they say, we will get the federal superstate we deserve if we vote to stay…
    all that will be left will be the remains.

    1. Philip says:

      When someone as important as Obama comes out plainly against what is dear to your heart it obviously hurts. But it suffers from several delusions – not least that Germany can dictate to the rest of Europe. The UK and other EU countries have already made clear their refusal to be dictated to about numbers of migrants to their countries. Germany cannot compel other EU countries to repeal the Dublin Treaty. We can veto it. This idea that Germany can tell the rest of the EU what to do is nonsense. In any case, even if all these migrants become German citizens – in at least the 8 years minimum it takes to qualify, why would they come to the UK? They will have had to learn German, will presumably have jobs in the strong German economy and will be settled there. If ISIS or some other terrorist group want to place terrorists in the UK, they just have to indoctrinate some of the indigenous population – NB all the terror attacks recently have been carried not by nationals, not migrants.
      As the Tories have been the most gung-ho about TTIP and if we leave will be desperate to sign any trade treaty going, why do you believe that we’ll avoid the TTIP if we leave. Only with like-minded people in the EU can we work against it, as it has already been watered down.
      America was our staunchest ally against Nazi Germany. But comparing the position of Germany now in the EU to Nazi Germany is absurd and, to my mind, despicable. It rests on the utterly false assumption that the Germans can dictate to the rest of the EU. All the evidence is that they can’t.
      Furthermore, the idea that if we stay the EU will punish us is nonsense on stilts. Why would the EU do that? Apart from the fact that we have a veto on many important issues, what would be the sense in punishing a EU country that had decided to remain? The only possible outcome would be to push us into a further referendum. As they claim to be eager for us to remain in the EU, why would they do that. This idea has zero logic.
      “Merkel Inc decide what happens to all of Europe” is utterly wrong and, as it forms the basis for most of this post, reduces the post to a rant against someone influential who wishes us to remain in.

  7. Andrew Dundas says:

    The Leavers believe their ace is public concern about high levels of immigration. Which they say is linked to our membership of the EU.
    But it’s a delusion. Because the larger public concern is to continue our trades with the EU. Which requires that the UK would continue to allow the free movement of people throughout the EU’s trading areas.
    That ‘free movement’ is an integral part of ‘free trade’. The two go together like fish n’ chips or Morecombe & Wise. Associate Membership would leave us with no say over EU policy, and continuing immigration of EU citizens. Not much of gain there, then.

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