21 Sep 2013

Ed Miliband has his work cut-out on economy

Labour’s started firing off policies in Brighton: promising access to childcare for all parents of primary school age children and rises in the minimum wage for some.

The only costed announcement today is the decision to abolish what Labour likes to call the “bedroom tax.” Labour says its childcare policy is to require schools to offer childcare where parents want it – the fees paid by parents would cover the costs incurred is the suggestion.

The Labour Party Annual Conference

On welfare, Labour’s said it would knock out some of the coalition’s policies – tax concessions to hedge funds and rights for shares swaps included – to pay for reversing the spare room policy but, privately, Labour doesn’t think it’ll come to that.

The party’s convinced the spare room subsidy policy actually saves the government nothing so when the official figures come through it’ll be able to score a free policy hit.

Miliband wants to start to convince voters at this conference that things can get better for them and an Ipsos MORI poll for Channel 4 News shows how much work he has to do.

There’s a huge sense of pessimism about living standards improving out there – only 22 per cent think the Tories would make them better off, 23 per cent think Labour would and a thwacking 52 per cent think neither will help them.

Miliband’s other big task is to win back some credibility for economic management. The Ipsos MORI poll show Labour’s ratings are lower now than their lowest point after the banking crash.

The Tory ratings are improving: 38 per cent of voters saying the Tories have the best policies for managing the economy and 20 per cent say Labour does (the Lib Dems are on 5 per cent).

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3 reader comments

  1. Robert Taggart says:

    Milibund has his work cut out – Period !
    What were Liebore thinking of ? – electing a boy to do a mans job ? !

    1. Philip says:

      Can we possibly keep the childish name-calling out of these C4 discussions please? I think you’ll find that “liebore” applies to virtually every politician. Indeed, if you follow the excellent FACTCHECK, the present Government seems to have picked up the mantle of the previous one in the use of lies, misleading information, etc. And those who don’t support the Government can easily retaliate with “Lord Snooty” & Gideon Osbore.
      One might also add that the present Government has done rather well in getting Labour blamed for the economic crisis, when George Osborne supported the previous Government’s policies right up to 2008, at which point it was obvious it’d gone horribly wrong. But The Government has the advantage of having the support of most of the media in the UK (with the exception of the BBC & C4 – which is why the right hates them so much).
      As it happens, I agree with your main point. Like William Hague, Ed Milliband has allowed his ambition to run ahead of his experience and probably his abilities. He struggles at the strategic level, because he’s essentially a tactical politicial, quite possibly tainted by McBride and/or Draper. If he really believed in the good of his party & the country (by offering a serious radical alternative to the present government), he’d resign.

  2. Robert Taggart says:

    LIErs – the lot of them ? – AYE !
    But… some more than others !!
    Name calling ? – not by the standards of Campbell, McBride or Whelan !!!

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