Published on 26 Aug 2009

Downing St is told Megrahi will not be Libyan guest of honour

The Justice Secretary Jack Straw, at a Guardian seminar, has implied that he would not have gone to visit Mr al-Megrahi in prison if the decision had been his.

It’s a nudge towards criticism of the Scottish Justice Secretary Kenny MacAskill, going slightly further than other Cabinet ministers have dared to go in public.

There has been a lively discussion behind the scenes in government about whether to attack the SNP… I hear that the Scottish Secretary Jim Murphy in particular has been chomping at the bit to go for the SNP administration but has been reined in by the PM and others.

As for where this story goes next, No. 10 believes it has received assurances from Col Gaddafi’s son, Saif, that the Lockerbie bomber, Mr al-Megrahi, will NOT be turning up as some kind of guest of honour to be feted at next week’s 40th anniversary celebrations for the coup that brought Col Gaddafi to power.

The Prime Minister’s foreign policy adviser, Simon McDonald, has spoken to Saif Gaddafi on the phone. Number 10 now waits to see whether or not that assurance collapses like previous ones.

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  1. Dennis Junior says:

    I have my doubts still; with MEGRAHI being a Guest of Honour in Libya….

    =Dennis Junior=

  2. Evie Murray says:

    Firsly I urge you to read this….

    Secondly, Why does Gordon Brown have to attack the SNP? To create more instability to his position? Lets back G. Brown into a corner, entice G.Brown into another row…G. Brown is subject to a vicious & brutal political bullying tactic, let G decide how to run the Country and let G. Brown decide what appropriate words he would like to give. In any other avenue of society you would not be permitted to force someone into saying something. Oh, I hear your counter claim, he has a duty, he is the leader, he should set examples, surely this is exactly why he should not be bullied. I mean what does it say of us as a Nation. There is a great problem within the political system and how the media report on their issues, the world has changed and its high time the media and political debates caught up. You have a duty to the children who grow up in families, families of which openly discuss these views over the dinner table. Can you then see how you might contribute towards developing a culture that is truely unhealthy? A Nation of Nasties!!

    People learn through imitation, so what is being taught in current times? To attack or bully individuals for society and its structure.

    I’m proud of K. MacAskill

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