23 Nov 2009

Did the Queen give Jack Straw a Paddington Bear stare?


I think what you see here is a royal version of the Paddington Bear stare.

The Mail on Sunday suggested that the Queen was less than thrilled that Lord Chancellor Jack Straw didn’t come high enough up the steps in front of the throne as he presented her with the speech last Wednesday, forcing Her Majesty to have to lean forward.

That reminded me of a puzzling glare that I thought I saw the Queen direct at Mr Straw on the day. You can watch it here and judge for yourself. 

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5 reader comments

  1. Anthony Martin says:

    I think the lady to Jack Straw should have given him that Santa Clause hat, it would have livened up an extreemly boring pompous old system. Maybe even given ‘ol Ma Lizzy summat to laugh at!
    As for Paddington Bear stare, I think it was because he’d forgotten the jam sandwiches.

  2. Andy S says:

    Not exactly news is it? Is that it for today on World Politics? Not wanting to teach my grandmother to suck eggs but If you want more interaction with Joe Public you will have to have something with a bit more substance and impact.

  3. jemzilla says:

    Actually having watched the Queen’s speech every year, it would appear that Jack Straw went as close as he is supposed to get to the Queen – as in previous years. Perhaps you should watch them all back on youtube and then submit a posting?

  4. adrian clarke says:

    What i wonder is was it worth it anyway?
    If there was a hard stare it could have been because her majesty knew the contents and thought ,”do i have to go along with this joke”

  5. Jim Flavin says:

    I would imagine that there are more important issues to discuss than Queen and the slimey Straw – presume as such he will soon be made a Lord .

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