19 Apr 2015

David Cameron attacks SNP on The Andrew Marr Show

David Cameron looked well hacked off on The Andrew Marr Show just now. The prime minister complained that Mr Marr was repeatedly interrupting him and doing it in a way Mr Cameron said he hadn’t in his previous interviews with Vince Cable and Nicola Sturgeon. “We’ve both been enjoying this interview.”


“I will be taking to the streets,” the PM said, in what sounded like a change of tack and a sign that the party needs to pull some other levers to get where it thought it would be already by now in the campaign. There’s no sign yet that Ed Miliband’s campaign is ready to take that risk so if he does the street routine Mr Cameron will have it to himself.

The main thrust of Mr Cameron’s interview was an attack on the SNP: “these people,” he said contemptuously, “who don’t care what happens to the rest of the UK” will be dictating life in England if they are propping up a Labour minority government. Andrew Marr said the PM was beginning to sound like an English Nationalist, which went down pretty badly.

The news that YouGov’s Peter Kellner has switched his forecast will strike particular fear in Tory high command. He’s a seasoned and very reliable follower of the British political scene who until now has consistently said he expects Mr Cameron to stay in No. 10. Today in The Sunday Times he says he now thinks Ed Miliband could take charge. It will add to nerves at the top of the Conservative machine and make them wonder what other stuff they need to dig out apart from the tea crate.

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  1. H Statton says:

    It sounds like young David threw his toys out of the pram. Westminster has had its day treating Scotland as if it is just a northern constituency across the border. It certainly looks grim up north for not just the Tories but also Labour. Tory support was always poor, but the SNP has disembowelled Labour.

    I suppose the joke about Pandas being more popular in Scotland than the Conservatives rankled slightly: “Edinburgh Zoo’s Tian Tian and Yang Guang outnumber David Mundell by two to one.”

    But with Scottish Labour leader Jim Murphy set to lose his seat Labour can’t be all that chuffed.

    Following Nicola Sturgeon’s comments during Thursday night’s debate saying Miliband would not be forgiven for letting the Tories back in, Alex Salmond has also issued a warning to Miliband saying: “Mr Miliband had been “foolish” to rule out a coalition with the SNP”

    It seems Scottish voices are resonating everywhere and the Old Etonians don’t like it.

  2. Noah says:

    Gary, we are all “these people” or “you people” to the Tory High Command – the commoners in servitude to the elite.

  3. Denice says:

    I agree Andrew Marr – who I admire – was particularly aggressive in the interviviewcwithbthe PM. Perhaps because he is Scottish. Will we ever have a non biased news casting station?

  4. Philip Edwards says:


    If I hadn’t actually heard a TORY say it I wouldn’t believe it: “…“these people…don’t care what happens to the rest of the UK.”

    This from a party that set out to destroy the economy of millions of lives and their communities, towns and cities outside the London ghetto. And steal national wealth from everbody else to fund the ghetto.

    If it wasn’t so tragically hypocritical it would have you rolling around laughing on the floor.

    More to the point, it has probably reinforced the Scots in their drive for independence. Every time a tory opens his/her mouth on this subject he/she manages to dig an even deeper electoral hole.

    Actually of course the present state of affairs became all too predictable (and WAS forecast by many) when that tenth rate tin pot Boadicea, Thatcher, fronted the assault on social decency and fairness. Since then there have been only minor variations by successive neocons. Quite rightly the Scots trust none of them. Sooner or later this will become the dominant feeling throughout ALL of the country outside the London ghetto.

    The sooner we are rid of tory and neocon spiv culture the better. It long ago cost us national unity. Now it may even cost us the country. The tragedy is it was all so avoidable. All it required in Westminster, Whitehall and Canary Wharf was a core of talented people with a sense of what is right for the WHOLE COUNTRY, what long ago used to be called a vocation for public duty.

    Instead, all we got was a gang of cowardly, lying neocon politicians, corrupted institutions and criminal “businessmen.”

    The record speaks for itself.

  5. John Harvey says:

    It seemed obvious to me that Cameron was losing his cool on the A M show He did not have the guts to face Ed Miliband in debate last Thursday but Andrew could not shut him up in the studio ! He should not have been invited.,

  6. Peter Jones says:

    Pretty poor choice for the English. Vote for the main parties and we get more of the same, ex-public school politcal leaders with no experience of the real world, supported by minority parties with very narrow and non-UK focussed Agendas. What has happened to English votes for English laws -who does speak for the English

  7. Fraser Jilin says:

    One of the things I have been irritated by during recent interviews of the main party leaders, when they answer questions relating to any possibility of a coalition or other arrangement by saying ‘we are, of course, fighting for an absolute majority, blah,blah’, is that these are the same people who derided the YES campaign during the Scottish referendum for not having a ‘plan B’ on a number of policies. One might say now that when every poll in the land seems to predict a hung parliament it is the height of arrogance and hypocrisy to state that they, themselves, have no ‘plan B’ or are not willing to discuss it with the electorate.

  8. alfred hesketh says:

    If only the labour party had nicola sturgeon as shadow prime minister they would win with a landslide
    she reminds me of clement attlee and anthony wedgewood benn rolled into one.

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