5 Oct 2009

Continued confusion over a Europe referendum

It was a bit of a walk and talk and he didn’t want to stop, but I think Ken Clarke just told us that he thought it was the settled policy of the Tory Party to have a referendum on the Lisbon Treaty and nothing else.

The leadership is clearly thinking about a referendum on “something else” and this story is not going away.

UPDATE: We now have Ken Clarke’s words in answer to the question: “should there be a referendum of some kind even if Lisbon has been ratified by all the countries?”

Mr Clarke said: “I thought we were debating the perfectly settled policy of having a referendum if the Treaty isn’t ratified. That’s the only policy we have.”

He refused to answer the question if he had sought assurances that the party was not edging towards some sort of referendum on Europe even if Lisbon had been passed… but he sounded like a man who had done just that.

Inside a fringe meeting on Europe, Mr Clarke said: “I think the policy on the Lisbon Treaty is settled. We will have a referendum if it is not ratified when we come to power.

“If it is ratified before we come to power it will not rest there. That is a settled policy with which I am wholly content and I do not think it would be remotely sensible to seek to change that policy in the course of this conference.

“And I know that for a fact with my complete approval it will not be changed during this conference.”

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3 reader comments

  1. Steve Willis says:

    What does the Bullingdon Club think about this?

    Cameron should get off the fence, remove the splinters, be honest and irrespective of the Lisbon Treaty commit to a referendum on whether we wish to be in Europe or not.

    If the answer is yes – the commitment should be total including; adopting the Euro and becoming just another region.

    If the answer is no – we should withdraw completely within one year; re-establishing our 200 mile limit, regaining control of our borders and ceasing to pour UK cash into an organisation which hasn’t had it’s accounts signed off for over 13 years due to the substantial irregularities/fraud.

    Will Dave be brave enough to do this?

  2. Anne Pasco says:

    Re the stated policy on the referendum on the Lisbon Treaty, I am driven to the conclusion that Cameron and Co have agreed to this having realised that with only two countries remaining to ratify they are very unlikely to have to go ahead with it. I shall eat my (proverbial!) hat if we have a referendum!

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