23 Sep 2014

Commons to vote on IS attacks

Parliament could be recalled as soon as Friday for a vote on military action against Isil in their Iraqi and Syrian bases. The government is increasingly confident it has Labour on board.

Both main parties are convinced they have legal backing for the attacks because of the threat posed by Isil. They have the authority of the Iraqi government to act against Isil on their territory and sufficient grounds not to consult the Syrian government because of massive challenges to its authority.

David Cameron had been nervous about whether he could rely on Labour after the way its support for action against Syria over chemical weapons flaked away.

He’d been nervous about getting the words “British forces,” “attack” and “Iraq” in headlines at the same time as the last stages of the Scottish referendum. Many voters in Scotland cited the Iraq war of 2003 as one of their motivations in turning to independence.

Both those worries now seem to have been pretty well cleared. The British can join in military action and the vote in the Commons is not expected to produce much opposition at all.

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4 reader comments

  1. Alan says:

    ISIL or Syrian regime change? Given war is being waged with our lives and money one would think we had a right to know. Duplicity appears to be the name of the game.

    1. Rui de Oliveira Lima says:


      It seems like this is what our global political/religious/military/economic and social leaders and influencers are here for… and fascisticly wants us all, human kind, to do too -_-


  2. Philip Edwards says:


    “Both those worries now seem to have been pretty well cleared.”


    At least where us citizens are concerned.

    As usual, the Westminster gang will be disconnected from the reality of what people want and they will misbehave accordingly. As modern history shows, they will do so even if it makes them war criminals.

    The attacks on so-called IS are merely a presage for an assault on an independent Syria. All the other Middle East regimes are far worse than Assad’s dictatorship but of course mainstream media – including C4 News – ignores the internal terrorism and torture of Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Iraq, Qatar, Oman, Kuwait, Yemen and Jordan. All of the new “allies” are puppets of the West.

    But once IS is defeated there will be a new dynamic in play. They are as bound to lose a military conflict as any other “army” that drives round in pick up trucks in a desert environment.

    The new dynamic will be growing internal resistance to the puppet regimes. When it reaches sufficient strength it will overthrow them. That is the inevitable lesson of Western invasion and terrorism in the East during the last century.

    How many more examples are needed for the corrupt, evil morons in Westminster and Whitehall?

  3. anon says:

    what’s all this about the Queen purring down the phone to Mr Cameron? Is he quite sure someone else wasn’t listening in on the conversation? perhaps the Downing Street Cat?

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