22 Apr 2010

Clegg leaves debate the happiest – but there’s one more to go

I don’t think anyone has taken a real slice off Nick Clegg and that was what David Cameron needed to do.

I don’t think DC did enough to make himself sound like “the change.”

GB got a lot of his agenda in but in that dogged way that may not have people listening. So, given where we started after last week, I think Nick Clegg leaves the happiest.

There has been no killer blows though he has been bruised a few times in a way he wasn’t last week.

David Cameron did no howlers, performed better, seemed more relaxed, but does he come out of this more clearly as “the change?”

He keeps saying that GB is trying to “frighten” people and he’s “fresh” but I don’t think the programme he was talking about sounded that fresh.

But there’s another one of these to go. A more watched one. And their last chance.

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  1. Saltaire Sam says:

    Last week, the pundits agreed that Clegg won because he looked into the camera and spoke to the people at home.

    This week after 20 seconds talking to the questionner, Cameron gazed into the camera like a lovelorn puppy.

    Is there anything about this man that isn’t created by a PR machine?

    1. adrian clarke says:

      Saltaire , your man didn’t tonight is that because he was struggling on Europe and Defence . I noticed Gordon really tried to go for him .and was quite successful

  2. dave says:

    Considering the 2 main parties have been the
    only ones in power in recent history surely
    there is only 1 option for change?

  3. adrian clarke says:

    Gary that is so biased .Brown was absolutey abysmal .The first 30 minutes he appeared in a blue funk and though he steadied himself later , he really only destroyed Clegg .As for Clegg himself he was like Cameron last week , on the defensive and came across badly , particularly on Europe and defence.Cameron without being brilliant shut Brown up several times and out witted Clegg,At least tonight he looked a leader.

    1. Martin says:

      Really surprised, but I thought Brown won. He had the most memorable lines and had the best answers for the ‘Pope question’, which in a funny way was the best question of the night as it was leftfield.
      Cameron improved from last week, but rarely landed a hit. Clegg played it quite shrewd, by not dominating the debate and fended off awkward questions well.

    2. adrian clarke says:

      Martin did you see his joke was prescripted??????

  4. Ray Turner says:

    Cleggy was only seriously put on the ropes once, when the immigration amnesty and regional immigtration cropped-up.

    And Gordon was openly called a liar.

    Both of which were little victories for DC, who fared a little better this week.

    But considering the debate overall, Cleggy looked the inspirational breath of fresh-air, Barrack Obama type figure that I think many people in the country seem to want…

  5. Joe Bloggs says:

    It’s definitely a lot more amusing following the debate on twitter than watching it on telly – came across http://www.election10.net and was fascinated to see the political hacks being far more candid than they are in their articles. The politicians come across as grasping and fake, the polls as biased or bought and the general public as skeptical as ever. The spin afterwards is incredible and you even get photos from within the press room.

    Fascinating stuff, the internet and reality tv have made elections so much more interesting. The only real winners are the lib dems of course as otherwise they wouldn’t have the tv coverage they get and Clegg seems to be seizing his opportunity. Will we have an Obama style surge is the big question??

    1. Ray Turner says:

      Spot on Joe.

      I’d add that if you’re tweeting whilst watching you’re actively engaged in the debate.

      I think that’s a good thing, and encourage more people to do so.

  6. Susie Young says:

    David Cameron did no howlers?
    I beg to differ. His “Politicians shouldn’t say lies very often” comment when taking about claims made in some election leaflets, must be the slip of the tongue of the evening. So it’ll just be the occasional lie you’ll be telling us then, David?!

  7. Charlie Jones says:

    appallingly biased sky coverage. why did boulton step outside his role by asking clegg about the telegraph article and kay burley’s breathless plugging of a yougov poll putting cameron ahead (without mentioning that it was paid by her bosses). brown was stronger but unappealing, cameron so awkwardly trying to redeem his credibility that clegg again looked the most natural, rational and frankly electable.

    1. Saltaire Sam says:

      I agree the Sky coverage was poor. Even as the bottom of the screen line showed that 2/3 of poll had Clegg ahead, all they said was that Cameron had won.

      And Boulton’s intervention was very strange, not even put as a question and with a rather smug smile. Next time it should be ITV BBC and C4 – after all they are terrestrial channels

      Sky is England’s Fox News and should be approached with great caution

    2. adrian clarke says:

      I agree with you Saltaire .The presentation was awful .The questions allowed were terrible too.It was supposed to be foreign affairs.I do disagree about Clegg though .He was on dangerous ground and didn’t appear to like being in the centre

    3. Saltaire Sam says:

      Gordon will do much better next week, Adrian. He was obviously uncomfortable on the left and will prefer being in the centre :-)

    4. Martin says:

      That’s a good point about Boulton mentioning Telegraph. No one has picked up on that – is it against the rules?
      Personally I think the Tory Press onslaught will backfire, as print medias powers are waning and the new media rising.
      Quite funny to see all these press barons getting tetchy.

    5. adrian clarke says:

      Saltaire , Gordon is staying on the left.The official reason is his eye but it could be because he is a supposed socialist.I suppose Clegg should be even lefter

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