8 Oct 2009

Cameron’s speech: low key for a potential PM

All pretty low key in hall for a leader potentially on edge of power. Doubt Thatcher in 78 was like this – though bits of the message are similar (talk of enterprise and entrepreneurs etc).

I know Tony Blair in 1996 was nothing like this. If the intention was to look workmanlike and not euphoric/presumptuous maybe it works .. With one or two exceptions he doesn’t go for Brown. That’ll be different in the Commons next week.

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  1. mac manchester says:

    Uninspiring, predictable and nothing new in this speech. I still don’t trust him, this was Cameron’s last chance to convince me Tories have changed, but when he drags failed leaders such as Ian Duncan- Smith back into frontline, it does make me wonder whether there is anything new in the Tories. They haven’t changed, I am not convinced after that and the uninspiring speech. Britain is not Broken either. It also has no way near the national debt of some of the other big economies. Tories will plunge us into a second recession with their cuts plans. Cameron has failed to convince me to switch my vote to Tory.

  2. Tony Simons says:

    I feel very let down by the speech. It was uninspiring, boring and dull. Will he stop keep telling us how a multi-millionaire feels the poors pain. To keep repeating begs the question does he believe it himself. Also how come he started talking like a chav “government got too big”, he is supposed to be talking to adults not kids.

    Very very disappointed.

  3. Andrew Dundas says:

    Cameron is out of his depth in a financial situation he neither understands nor can find any but the failed remedies of Thatcherism. More cuts creating more unemployment, rising benefit spending, and inadequate health care and poor schooling leading to systemic failure. Panic cuts and poverty don’t help anyone – they just lead to bankruptcy and misery.

  4. adrian clarke says:

    how do you consider we are not bankrupt now .If you or i were in as much debt we would be facing prison

  5. adrian clarke says:

    thatcherism gave rise to the financial boom squandered by so called new labour and in particular gordon brown

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