11 Feb 2014

Cameron: money no object (for mopping up)

On the A3 out of London on the way to Chertsey there were some stretches of the road that looked like the causeway to Holy Island or the road to the Florida Keys.

At Chertsey fire station we bumped into Philip Hammond as he toured his water-logged constituency. The army – Gurkhas from Folkestone – were here, police water search vans pulling dinghies, a fire engine from Nottinghamshire. But you still find residents of homes under water nearby who say they haven’t had a single visit from anyone in authority since flooding first happened here on 7 January. Now it’s back with a vengeance and threatening to get worse soon.

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Philip Hammond disputed the suggestion that he’d been at the sceptical end of the market on climate change. He may have declared the war on the motorist over when he took up position as transport secretary but that was not incompatible with his position on climate change. What is that position? He believes there is a “human component” to climate change but other factors like “natural rhythms and solar rhythms” contribute too.

Just round the corner, Nigel Farage was talking to flood victims. I asked him if he still believed, with water lapping round his feet, that “we may have made one of the biggest, stupidest, collective mistakes in history by getting so worried about global warming”. He said he had no idea whatsoever whether climate change was responsible for the current floods. .

David Cameron’s top-line message for his press conference after two days visiting flood damage and victims was “money’s no object.” If you listened carefully you heard he said that was “money’s no object” for mopping up. When it comes to preventative stuff, money is very much an object.

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  1. Neil craig says:

    Its our money that is no object to Cameron.

    Anything to try and hide the fact that these floods are nothing to do with “climate change” or God’s will – they are 100% deliberate actions by the government run Environment Agency. It is these parasites, acting on the instructions of the politicians, who deliberately decided to drown this land. Them who ended the dredging. Them who decided that when the EA were taking half of their £1,200 million for salaries and pension funds they would cut routine maintenance down to £20 million and claim they didn’t have enough.

    It is not just that the corrupt parasites running our government were unable, with modern equipment, to maintain defences built by hand 3 centuries ago – it is that they had deliberately decided to let them collapse and to take all the money for themselves. Not just the Tories & LD’s fault – Labour have been up to their armpits in this theft for a generation as well.

    But you won’t find C4 reporting that all 3 of those parties did it and only UKIP have a record of honesty – that would be far to truthful for this state broadcaster.

    1. Philip says:

      Or not.
      I suggest you read Simon Jenkins’s article in today’s on-line “Guardian” for a more balanced view of the world.
      Because your response above is an evidence-free rant.

  2. Philip Edwards says:


    How odd.

    The tory half of the Two Headed Boy has been telling us ever since he got his behind into Downing Street that there’s no money for anything (well, except bankers bonuses and tax gifts for the rich, that is).

    So where did all this dosh suddenly come from?

    1. SimonB says:

      I was confused until I realised, money is no object for millionaires like him.

  3. SimonB says:

    I think Farage is evolving. He looked very frog-like when he answered your questions.

  4. Sarah Lausch says:

    I am disgusted with the decision by David Cameron to not accept help from the Dutch, to help with flood defences, etc. These are the people most qualified to help, who have the equipment and the expertise, and know how to help defend our homes against flooding, and they’ve been doing it for decades, even just having sand bagging machines that fill up thousands an hour. We are so woefully inadequately supplied, as I can see, just by hearing from news broadcasters reports from people interviewed, some have never seen a sandbag, let alone seen anyone who can help them. The sandbags that are supplied to people seem to be few and far between, and not nearly enough, sometimes just 2 for one home, which achieves nothing..
    Their also seems to be a total lack of co-ordination between the authorities that are helping out too. Why are some receiving help, and others say no help by any authority has been given, or seen to be… They are doing wonderful job, but there are to few of them helping out.
    Why not have a facebook page for people to go on to, who need sandbags, etc. Just having a phone line for the Environmental Agency sounds inadequate. The police must be inundated with calls. Surely there has to be a better way to co-ordinate help, and be able to ask for it. David Cameron says money is no object, but only for the Firemen, Army, and Police, and Environmental Agency, like dredging and flood defences, within the policies he agrees to. Not for anything else. He like us, also know there is going to be a general election around the corner, so he has to be seen to be making all the right noises.. especially around the Thames area where he will probably get the most votes..

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