8 Oct 2009

Cameron is still hampered by the Conservative brand

David Cameron on Webcameron says this speech has got to answer the public’s questions: “Why us? Why now? Why me?”

They seem to be relatively happy with the “me” bit… it’s the “us” that remains a dragging anchor on the Tory polling.

A senior Tory strategist was explaining to me that he is convinced that the party has stuck at 40-something not 50-something in the polls because of the Tory brand drag.

The public seems to like David Cameron but still thinks the Tories haven’t changed.

In his view the Cameron project, trying to compress Labour’s 18-year journey to detoxification (well more like 14 if you start it from 1983 when Neil Kinnock comes in) into four years has, inevitably, meant they’re not in as strong a position as Tony Blair was just before 1997.

But they hope that momentum on their part, demoralisation and disintegration in the government, will help them to a surge in the coming months. Speech is due at 2.15pm.

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  1. Simon Gardner says:

    No. Of course the Tories haven’t changed. And the fizzing with fury over the Lisbon Treaty amongst Tories is illustrative of that. In many ways Tories have got worse.

    We have news that the Czech Republic will indeed go ahead with Lisbon before the end of the year. What now Mr Cameron? What now?

    I have no doubts whatsoever that it’s the same old Tories.

  2. Steve Willis says:

    Don’t underestimate the ‘Politics’ brand drag. I feel betrayed by all political parties because of the things Parliamentarians appear to be getting away with: expense claims unsupported by receipts, claiming for mortgages that didn’t exist, reneging on a European referendum.

    If we’re all in it together where are the prosecutions an ordinary member of the electorate might expect? Do the police need to be reminded of Blackburn vs Regina?

    Continuing my rant…

    Why isn’t the Data Protection Registrar looking into the shredding of Blairs receipts? The receipts are personal data and therefore should be recoverable – one of the guiding principles of Data Legislation is compliance with the recoverability of personal data.

    Why are Quango heads being reappointed without their jobs being readvertised?

    When will we be seeing an advertisement for the role of European President? I’d prefer to see a sleaze free, honest applicant.

  3. Ray Turner says:

    Well that’s certainly true Gary. Exactly how I feel about the Tories and I’ve commented to that effect here and elsewhere. I have to say that DC and Osborne would have my confidence if elected. The real problem with the Tories is the Grass Roots Tories. On the whole, they’re a bit OTT and very uncompromising…

  4. Mark Gradwell says:

    Interesting idea. I think however the real way to destroy Tories is to get them talking about Europe. They relish the fight and fall upon each other like rats.

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